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'Free Month' Offer Has Expired, But As A Book Owner,
You Can Still Get A Massive Discount On Get Paid University!


ou are in the right place.

Are you interested in: Getting Paid For Who You Are?

The secret to your success is within your grasp. It’s inside you. Whatever you’re passionate about, or what you’re good at, can turn into money.
It’s that simple.

The key is a simple internet-based business focused on what you care about most – what makes you . . . well, you.

It is a business you can:

Did you know that thousands of people are every day turning their passion, skill, life experience or hobby into a fun and productive business? Now Its Your Turn.

Introducing Get Paid University

When you join Get Paid University, we will walk you step by step through how to get started on this path. And you’ll learn how you can do this even if you have no computer skills or business experience, or don’t even know where to start.

It's the next logical step once you've read the book.

Below is a list of the resources you’ll find in Get Paid University, bearing in mind that it keeps expanding.

New Monthly Videos

cd New "Look Over My Shoulder" Step-By-Step Videos Each Month (You Get To See Exactly What I Am Doing In My Business And How You Can Use It.

Cutting Edge Members Area Including:

cd Custom Profiles
cd Private Messaging
cd Groups & Forums
3 Live Chat

Tools & Resources Section

cd Bonus PDF's & Audios That I Could Not Fit In The Book

The CoachStart Manual

cd This is my absolute best material. It's what helped my coaches grow their businesses from 'Never Coached' to 'Have Coached Fifty People'. It's how I laid the foundation for a coaching business that ultimately grew to grossing six figures coaching two days a week. And, it's now the foundation for the business building tools used by a major coach training school.
cd You Get It Free When You Join GPU

NEW! Traffic Getting Course

cd A Screen Capture Video Course Designed To Teach You Step-By-Step, How To Get Traffic To Your Website

You Have So Much To Share...

Your passion, hobby, skill or life experience is valuable -- literally. Whether it's being married, or getting divorced. Whether having a child, or losing someone dear to you -- it's valuable. Whether you like stamp collecting, investing, riding horses, parenting, or catering. Maybe you created a million dollar business, or failed at three startups. Perhaps you simply found a way to stick to your diet, or handle an angry spouse or upset child, or make pottery, or can help people find a fishing guide, or any of a myriad of skills, interests, or abilities -- it's all valuable.

If you already have a business, you'll be happy to know this process is powerful for anyone with a product or service: professionals, small business owners, chiropractors, dentists, florists, potters, inventors. You can make more revenue and work less.

How would your life be enhanced if you made an extra $3,000 per month while keeping your day job?

How would it feel to cut back to a job working only two or three days a week because your "how to" CD or book is starting to sell really well?

What would it be worth to you to transition to doing something you really care about and receive five testimonials a week from people you have helped?

People ask me, "What is it that you do?" and the answer changes every time. For many it doesn't fit into their paradigm of what they expect to hear.

I work from my laptop wherever I am. I create and sell information products in 49 countries using the internet. I work from home as often as I like I can take three months off work when I choose I'm a speaker, a writer, a trainer. I'm a traveler having fun with my friends.

I have the great satisfaction and fulfillment of helping people.

It's a life you can have. Its a Life You Can Learn How To Create by Joining Get Paid University.

Get Instant Access To Get Paid
University For Just Forty Seven Dollars Per Month.

Yes David I want you to walk me step-by-step through the exact strategies and techniques used to build a profitable business around sharing my passion with the world.

Best regards,


David Wood

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