Its Not You Its Them (Putting the *I* Back in Victim)

We've been taking responsibility for too long, rise up and blame!

“It’s Not You, It’s Them” Part 2 (have your say!)

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What’s YOUR overwhelm experience?

(Note: here’s MY experience, and then below I’d love to hear yours)


I’ve been wanting to create a new niche for several months now, but it just seems so overwhelming!

I mean – what will the website look like? How will I get traffic? How will I build my email list? Who would I joint venture with? What product will I create? Will it even make any money?

I finally realized that what there is to do is: follow the steps in my own book!

First step – get a Freedom Buddy! So I have someone to report to each week, and help keep me on track.

And here are some other steps I’ve come up with (not exactly following the book as I have a head start):

2) Borrow (with permission) someone’s report or audio or other useful download, as a freebie download. This will be the incentive for people to sign up to my new email list for this niche.

3) Create a squeeze page (web page) where people can register for the newsletter or mailing list, and collect their free download. I’ll also gather a little information such as name, email, country, and whether they are interested …

Say What You’re Scared to Say

(Official Web Site coming soon)

What are YOU scared to say?

What freedom might be possible in your life if you COULD say it?

What did you think of the video; what did it spark?


Download link: where to start!

(Note: the download link below expires in 3 days)

Many people get a little lost when they contemplate sharing their gifts with the world and charging for them.

I mean – we’d all love to make money from our own business, but where do you start? WHAT do you charge for?

What are your strengths and skills?

What’s your niche?

What problem will you solve for people?

Download Link [The download link has expired]

And then I’d love to see you post your results or anything you learn, as a comment below.


Get Paid University

P.S. It’s a four-page worksheet that will help you discover what you have to offer, and what you might charge for. It’s drawn from the materials at Get Paid University.

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