We all need a BIG “WHY”—what’s YOURS?

It’s a bit edgy for me to share this:

Do you know your “WHY”? I mean, WHY you want to help others – what drives you? Will you share it below?

If you have a copy of the book, it’s also now time to go and ready Chapter 3 and discover your WHO as well. I’m curious to read your replies.

Together we form a global mastermind—let’s help each other,


803 Responses to “ “We all need a BIG “WHY”—what’s YOURS?”

  1. Custom avatar Carmelita Brown says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you for pushing me to explore, reflect, and realize my why. Why I am drawn to the underdog, the less fortunate, and the lost.

    After thought, My heart tells me I have been and in some aspects; I still am a version of all these things.

    Blessings to you. A,aste 🙏🏽❤️

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  2. Julia says:

    David, What a courageous act to share so publically the moment that defined your life. Thank you!

    I am unwilling to have as a coach anyone who is not able to be present and vunerable as you.

    Now to answer your question, what is my why. At about 16 months I did something that sent my mother into a rage at me. I was scared and angry. I emotionally separated myself from my mother at that moment. Within a year, because I was cut off from my mother emotinally, an uncle began molesting me. This lasted for 10 years. As a result of both of these experiences I built wall upon wall around myself only letting in a very few carfully vetted individuals. I slowly began to see how cut off I was and at 28 went into incest counseling.

    I know how lost I was, how alone and cut off. And I know how available, present and compassionate I am now. I know it can be done and I live to guide others in seeing through the misunderstanding or our childhood perceptions to stepping into freedom, happiness, ease and peace.


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  3. To make life worth living, reason to live

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  4. Why do I want to help others? Simply because they deserve it.

    People are unique in almost everything except the fact that we all deserve something good from someone else. Life may vary from one person to another. Some are overwhelmingly rich while others can’t even eat in a day. Still, this are not reasons to stop us from lending a good hand to anyone passing by – rich or poor.

    I may be young still to make a name for myself. I may still be immature in the real world. But I am not blind and insensitive and I can make a difference.

    I can make a difference by helping others, inspiring others and making other believe that life is worth living and everyday becomes a hope for a better life.

    Why do I want to help others? Because in helping others, so I am also helped by others. I can help others think of a positive life and others can help me live reality.

    If we only try to help a single person each day with sincerity, in a few years, we can make this world a better place. (Domino effect on the helping idea)

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  5. Cheryl Bates says:

    My whys are financial freedom, freedom from factory work, to spend more time with family. But above all, I want to write not only about life experiences and help others with abuse, but also self-esteem and self-actualization.

    Who knows, maybe even inspirational fiction.

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  6. Cheryl Bates says:


    Hi. My name is Cheryl.

    I just read your why for getting into “Get Paid For Who You Are” and I think it’s great! More power to you!

    I never grew up with severe abuse, but I did get a lot of the verbal stuff growing up (name-calling, criticism, ‘never amount to anything’, etc.) with very little praise/compliments. They went with birth order; I’m the oldest of three kids.

    I think you have a lot to share with the world. Go for it.

    P.S. I even clicked on ‘like’ about your story.

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  7. Custom avatar Lola T.S. says:

    Wow David. I just watched the video and I must say I felt for the 7-year-old you, as well as all the living you lost prior to your awakening at 24. I have lost several people over my 45 years as well, one every 5 years or so, but the one that I believe really affected my living was losing my best friend at 20 years of age to a murderer. It was “easy” to accept loved ones lost to accidents and disease but I found it very difficult to comprehend someone taking someone else’s life. Over the years I have been looking for guidance, books, etc to help me try to understand this tragedy and not being very successful. This is my why – this and 2 beautiful daughters who I never want to face such a horror. I am on a spiritual journey and perhaps your University would be a way to guide others as well on their spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing David.

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  8. Meri says:

    Whew. Okay, it’s taken me 3 weeks to post this response. This topic intrigues and inspires me, as I have so much to say, yet I’m unable to say all of it–must stop myself before I reveal too much! (I’m sorry to say, I’ve had a rather unusually tragic, chaotic and difficult life, though I trust that is all about to change because that is what I am working towards.)

    Let’s just say I’d had an unusual childhood replete with abuse so severe that the sound of my own name became hurtful to me. My adulthood has been spent reinventing and reviving my mental health, i.e., “picking myself up by my bootstraps.” I practice yoga and meditation which has helped keep me sane. I put myself through a top college and worked on my interpersonal and emotional skills until I thought I’d completely turned my life around. Playing music, writing songs, poetry, short stories and screen plays and acting in plays and films had soothed my aching soul in times of stress, so I began to believe they were my calling. And so I pursued the artistic dream with an unsinkable passion. Art and creativity saved me from insanity, providing a catharsis for my pain, but they also drove me into poverty.

    Just as I’d started on my journey toward success, having graduated from college and made positive changes in my character and interpersonal skills, confident my life was finally going to be wonderful, the U.S. economy had other plans for me. (I also learned that as a woman, my college degree only qualified me for dead-end, receptionist positions that didn’t pay well enough for me to build a “nest egg”.) With no supportive family available to help me and no resources, I saw myself regressing backwards, toward the pain of my childhood. All my progress seemed to be for naught.

    However, this seemingly never-ending struggle has cultivated empathy and compassion in me for others who are now struggling. I know what it is like to not have resources to help you when you’re down and out. I know what it’s like to have no relatives to write to when you’re out of money, to find out that your “friends” only “loved” you when you were financially successful, to work hard and not receive credit, to not be appreciated for your talents and skills. I know what it’s like to be a child trying to raise yourself because your parents aren’t capable to adequately support you and teach you the right things.

    I’ve experienced social injustice over and over again my entire life. Having grown up in a poor city within a working class family, I’ve seen poverty, cruelty, unfairness, social injustice, discrimination, insurmountable obstacles–and the ill effects they can have on people.

    Did you know that alcoholism, addiction, abuse, crime, mental illness–social problems in general–increase when poverty increases? That money problems are one of the top causes of divorce and suicide?

    I decided that there are lots of other people in the world suffering as I am, so I channeled my angst into making a documentary film about homelessness. I have been writing about and studying poverty and feel a strong desire to inform Americans of the HUGE and ever increasing problem of poverty here in the U.S.

    Many Americans WRONGFULLY blame the poor for their status. Americans count their calories and take their vitamins, but we are deficient in empathy and compassion for others.

    Making this documentary, “Rocky Mountain Homelessness,” has led me to the business I have chosen to start. I am marketing myself as a videographer, writer, and wedding guitarist. But I have been advised that videography is my most marketable skill as (unlike writing and editing) it cannot be outsourced.

    Oh, and I’ve also written a memoir (not yet published) about my financial struggles.

    Well, I hope I haven’t said too much, but there it is. I have learned so much from my struggles–not that I’m glad I’ve experienced them, mind you. But my films, my writing, my music–and more importantly, my character–have all been enriched by what I have learned.

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  9. Custom avatar Richard Bisbee says:

    When I was a kid watching a Saturday morning western, my world came tumbling down. Two old friends talked in a barn. One was loving, caring supportive, the other was frustrated and depressed and was tired of struggling. He just “wanted his fair share” and suggested robbing a bank. Though the loving friend objected, he finally gave in, caring for his friend. They’re back in the barn with the money and the frustrated man wants to rob more banks. The supportive friend, pleads with the man and offers all the money if his friend would give up the idea of robbing more banks. The other man said something like, “You don’t have to give me your share of the money, I’m taking it.” He shoots and kills his friend. I screamed and cried and asked my parents why the good man had to die? It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair”. I was inconsolable for days. I believe that there are no accidents in the Universe, and that everything happens for some reason or purpose. Now I feel strongly about justice and serving and inspiring those that struggle and suffer in whatever manner. After two years of unemployment, I polished a spiritual novel of 30 years and it will be published Fall, 2010, It is called, “Tilenika: Spark of Transformation”. It’s about a planet in crisis, a clash of cultures, personal and social transformation and the need for all to unite in order to survive. Familiar?

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  10. Soul Dancer says:

    Aloha David and our growing community of awakening souls!

    David! I’m absolutely delighted and thrilled to find this blog post! Here’s my “why.”

    In 2006, I channeled a book. The book title? “Pay Me What I’m Worth.” To my absolute amazement, this book title did NOT exist in the U.S. Library of Congress at that time.

    Long long story – happy to share the ‘short version’ on http://paymewhatiamworth.

    You, everyone who’s posted on this blog entry and I are quickly adding more voices to a global choir! My dream to re-awaken every soul on this planet to their vast array of ‘worth’ well beyond numbers is a life long dream. With each new choir member, this dream grows well beyond one person’s dream – to a global reality!

    My book is all about helping each reader explore in sound, insightful ways the answers to these ancient questions:

    1) Who am I? Really! Right now, here today. What’s the SUM of my life experiences here today!

    2) What am I here for? Really? What lights my fire so brightly it’ll drive me to be that light – no matter what!

    I sincerely hope to connect with you one-on-one to explore how I may add the sheet music I’ve created to your wonderful concert!


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  11. Custom avatar Vivian says:

    I know I want to make things better for others, to relieve some of their stresses and/or pain, if possible. I have ideas for businesses that serve children and their caregivers, the environment, third world rural villages. I love to be a bridge that brings together ideas, resources, knowledge with know how, etc., and to see what can be done to improve the lives of others by connecting. My why? I think perhaps it is because I know what it is like to feel invisible. Perhaps that makes me want to be sure that others are heard, their real needs are met, that they know someone really sees them and is listening, acknowledging their truth and their intrinsic worth, and is willing to be a bridge to hear their hearts and help them get to fulfillment, joy and accomplishment.

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  12. At 19 I became a mother and was in a horribly abusive alcoholic marriage. I have two amazing, brilliant children as a product of that relationship. For seven years I was stuck in a relationship based on the fear of being along and having failed. I didn’t fully realize my greatness.

    In 2000 I was inspired by a summit that included Michael Beckwith, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, Mary Manin Morrissey and many others. I was awakened and reminded of my Divinity. From that point on I have remained committed to expanding my idea of what is possible for my life.

    Human potential and self actualization fascinate me. I have an awesome ability to see the brilliance in others far beyond what they may be able to see for themselves.

    I now am in leadership development within the green economy. I work daily with individuals and families to help them fully activate their greatness, get out of their own way and become their own best friends.

    Do you know your beauty and brilliance?!

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  13. Custom avatar Peta says:

    My dream desire is to make others who come into contact with me a joyful experience, wether it is selling a product or an idea. I see it as a continual circle of making others happy, which brings happiness to me and brings in a subtantial income, and the wheel just keeps on rotating in perfect harmony..

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    • Custom avatar Dennis says:

      I couldn’t agree more, if more people understood the laws of attraction, karma, etc. this world would be a better place.

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  14. Custom avatar Maha says:

    I want financial freedom so I can have location freedom and be able to travel and be with my loved ones whenever I feel like it. This is my first and foremost why. But I also want to help others, my extended family included.
    A couple of years ago a kid came over to my car begging for money and of course I gave it to him, but it was winter and he was freezing and what I really wanted to do was buy him a coat, but even if I had gone and bought him one he wouldn’t have been there when I returned. These kids are very reluctant to divulge where they live, so there was no way I could take a coat to his house. It still haunts me to this day that I couldn’t give this kid something to keep him warm. This is my other why.

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  15. Wow David, thank you so much for sharing! I resonate with you about your WHY!

    However, I didn’t shut down from a loss of someone, not that I have not because I went through 6 unsuccessful pregnancies before I got my 2 beutiful and amazing kids! My life has been filled with what I call signs & signals from the higher being. At age 15, I have a Near Death Experience when my heart stopped beating from a delirious fever!

    I could write an e-book about my different aspirations in the span of my 52 years of life. But what really hit me was when I was living in Perth from 1999 to 2002 was that all this while I had been able to achieve the goals that I wanted for myself because I choose to! I chose to go back to school there and got my degree in two years!

    I realise that in all of my achievements, when I set my Intention for a goal, I focus and give full Attention and once I’ve done what I really need to do, I let go and create the No Tension – giving to higher interventions(just like the Passion Test Book).

    This is my WHY to being a coach & why I bought you Coach Start… I want to help people to understand that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to, do whatever it takes and let go once all that needs to be done is done so that the universe can take over…

    I am doing pro-bono coaching now because I’m still working full-time. I learning about Internet Marketing because I wish to leverage on the this tool to reach people of the world! I just got my website up, although its still work-in progress, I’ve got emails from people asking about what I do & I love it! I know now why clairvoyants and spiritual guides told me that I’m a lightbearer…

    Yes, this is my WHY that I want to be a coach although I’m not trained as one..
    Ooops I think I better stop here & let other have some space on this page. (“,)

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  16. Why? Because I had recieved help during my life every time I asked God for it specially in the hardest moments. Now is one of those hards moments and I´m recieving help from you and I can help others with my differents experiences trough hard times. And I am really happy when I Know that I am helping, is a Spiritual moment I can discribe
    Thank You very much

    B.A. Argentina

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    • Suhaima Amade says:

      HI Carlos

      I love your comment and fully agree with you, God is the ultimate Helper and we only need to turn to Him and He looks after all our needs, by the way i am Suhaima from South Africa.

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  17. Hi: Why? I failure many times in my almost 50 years old, lost many things, jobs,money even my wife and keep trying on anything to be happy. Why not this you propose David!! I´m reading your book
    wich is great for me at this moment because the only thing I hadn´t triyed is on my inner wish of helping people.
    So I´m going for it !!
    Thanks from BA


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  18. Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

    Hi guys,

    I just completed creating the first page (Homepage) to my site on weebly.com

    Please feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think.


    Thanks so much for your feed-back.


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  19. Custom avatar Fitsum says:

    I have always enjoyed helping people, whether it be helping an old person cross the road or helping someone get something done. It makes me happy to see my help can better that person’s day or life.

    SO why do I want to be financially free and wealthy? So I can help people, especially those that find it hard to help themselves, I’d like to help my dear friends and family supporting them if they need me.

    I am from a poor country but rich in its own right and history, its culture and beauty. Although, I lived a modest life and went to a good school, I know how hard life is in such a place and I just want to reach out to the farmers, street kids, orphans, elders and help them in any way that I can.

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    • Denise says:

      Fitsum, I admired your way of thinking, I feel the SAME way too. I give CREDIT to EVERYONE here who ALL have a good heart and GOOD intentions of helping people, helping one another. I’m GREATFUL to ALL of you for feeling that way. If every single person in this world thought the SAME, it would be a tremendous world of unconditional LOVE.
      THANK YOU, David for giving us ALL THIS OPPORTUNITY to begin with.

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  20. Easy :
    When I was 15, I had desire and a vision

    when I was 20, I had desire, I had a vision, I had drive but no real direction or support.

    When I was 25, I had less drive, more direction but no support. Real life was starting to take over the desire and vision.

    When I was 30, I basically had no drive left, no direction, still no support, not much desire or vision. Life could be summarized with one word : resignation ( and probably a mild case of chronic depression even though I never would have admitted it back then ).

    When I turned 35, I DECIDED that life was not going to bring me down and I could build something for myself that would allow me the opportunity to show others that there is an alternate way to a life of daily “numbing down”. I decided I was going to lead by setting an example and being the person I wanted to be. There are so many people in need of this it’s not even funny and while I despise a lot of humanity’s collective actions, human beings can have a wonderful nature when they are allowed to shine. Helping more people shine will help humanity shine as a while. A paradigm shift of consciousness can only take place one person at a time and my goal is merely to make the world a better place for future generations. Ego trip ? Maybe… I’d love to quote someone really deep, Dr Robert Humphrey :

    “Wherever I go,
    everyone is a little bit safer because I am there.

    Wherever I am,
    anyone in need has a friend.

    Whenever I return home,
    everyone is happy I am there.”

    If I was to leave this world tomorrow, that is the way I’d like people to remember me : as someone who made people feel good, safe, and cared for.


    It’s funny you chose little Ninja Warriors as avatars, I’ve studied Ninjutsu for over 20 years and teach it weekly. A lot of the values of the Ninja Warrior are closely related to those you’re talking about.

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  21. J.C. Davis says:

    The year was 1973. I was 6 at the time and my parents had been fitting. mom at the top of the stairs and dad at the base. Communication had broken down and my young mind said if you do not do something fast my family was gone end. I became the go between and I thought if I could just keep them talking that some how it would work out. Even though they parted ways, I never stopped ( on some level ) thinking if I could help people to talk and understand them selfs I could some how make it a better world to be in. being a coach made good on that.


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  22. Custom avatar Vivian says:

    If you want something in life then help someone else to get it, planting a seed to create it in your own life. Emotional freedom, financial freedom, health freedom…..

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  23. Celia Dias says:

    Hey David

    I hope you are having a great weekend.

    I want to know why am I seen only one comment out of the 759 posts?

    How can I see the old ones? There are people I am in contact to that I would love to read all their posts. If it is possible, I know there are so many.

    Much Love

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  24. Custom avatar JoAnn says:

    I can’t remember a life without God or music. I always knew I wanted to do something that helped others and used music. Discovering Music Therapy as a career has allowed that to happen.

    As a wife and mother, I have found my family needs to be cared for and supported. That has meant changing paths from being an employee to being a business owner.

    My current journey is one of creating balance in my life while staying to true to myself.

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  25. Custom avatar Elisabeth says:

    Hi David,

    This is a great two-fold question. The one is to get us to focus on “why” we are in action to help others. The second is it helps to reinforce or recommit us to our action(s).

    My why is to help others sort out what is important to them. We have never been in this place before of information and action overload. When I ask people what they want to give up, they look at me like I just sprouted an extra head. People have a hard time saying “no” to opportunities, events, information, etc. Then they get so overwhelmed with this life clutter, they do nothing at all. The feelings of missing out and guilt are tremendous for these people. By figuring out what is important to them, they can enjoy that and not miss out on what is important to them.

    That is my contribution to the global mastermind.

    Have fun,

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    • Custom avatar Elisabeth says:

      I realized I hadn’t actually answered the “why” question. The why of what I do is because I had over 6 thousand unread messages in my inbox of just one email account. I said yes to everyone and couldn’t get it all done and disappointed lots of people. I have been there. I know how it feels, looks and acts to be that over loaded/whelmed/worked person. It was when I disappointed my sister, that I began to get control and begin saying no to things that may be great opportunities, but that don’t resonate with me.

      I just wanted a bit of fun, so I focused on just one thing for a week. It was amazingly successful on personal and professional levels. So for those who are overwhelmed, I help them find what is amazing for them.

      Have fun,

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      • Celia Dias says:

        Hello Elizabeth

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been experience the overwhelmingly effect of online business. And I don’t consider myself a professional marketeer or 24/7 blogger. And I get in the webnars, teleseminar, newsletter , you name it. Then gets to a point I cant’t do it all and I and up frustrated and discouraged, but with this project, David’s book I made a commitment to go all the way to wherever it will take me.

        I had to give up a couple of little projects, because I find this one here unique.

        Thanks for sharing. And keep up with the good work.

        Much Love

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  26. Celia Dias says:

    Happy Mothers day.

    God our Creator, we pray:
    for new mothers, coming to terms with new responsibility ;
    for expectant mothers, wondering and waiting;
    for those who are tired, stressed or depressed;
    for those who struggle to balance the tasks of work and family;
    for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;
    for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;
    for those who have children they do not want;
    for those who raise children on their own;
    for those who have lost a child;
    for those who care for the children of others;
    for those whose children have left home;
    and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.
    Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender,
    and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good,
    living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others.


    It is from my heart. I have a mom who is about 8.000 miles away. Cant wait to go see her.

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  27. Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:


    we are the bedrock of the entire human family …

    Much love,

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