We all need a BIG “WHY”—what’s YOURS?

It’s a bit edgy for me to share this:

Do you know your “WHY”? I mean, WHY you want to help others – what drives you? Will you share it below?

If you have a copy of the book, it’s also now time to go and ready Chapter 3 and discover your WHO as well. I’m curious to read your replies.

Together we form a global mastermind—let’s help each other,


803 Responses to “ “We all need a BIG “WHY”—what’s YOURS?”

  1. Custom avatar Celia Dias says:

    My why, my BIG why is people are hurt out there and there always someone in need of a opportunity to see that there are other ways to live other than what they are living.
    And is my responsibility as part of this marvelous creation to contribute to ones development and enlightenment. And plus, I love people to much to see them suffering.

    PS.: I want my Financial Freedom too. I don’t believe any government, anywhere in this world will pay for my house on the beach and my sale boat when I retire.

    Much Love to you all

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  2. Custom avatar Carla says:

    Omigosh – there are quite a few reasons, that all got collapsed because of one originating event…

    I’m Four Years Old, and I’m sitting outside on the milk box. I’m bewildered, confused and almost sick to my stomach. My beautiful and enchanting Mom just brought me out here and sat me down so that I would be out of her way! She had chores to get done, ya know! How silly of me to think that it was okay for me to follow her around and laugh and sing with her! Clearly I’m a menace, a bother, and pretty stupid for not seeing that on my own! I can now see that My Mom doesn’t really love me after all, and that I had better just stear clear of her the best I can from now on!

    Well, I didn’t leave that feeling behind – rather, I let it gain momentum! “Being Unlovable, a Bother and Stupid” has impacted my relationships with friends and family, employers and employees, spouses and lovers, and most importantly, my daughters and my self. David, I can really relate to your wife’s comment – calling you a “cardboard cutout!” I was just such a great pretender, though, that other people didn’t know that I wasn’t present or available! I got told frequently how optimistic and loving I was! Being a chameleon comes in handy sometimes!

    The reason why I’m a coach is because I’m committed to having people really get “themselves” as early on as possible! When we see that who we are is perfect, whole and complete, and that we just have barriers to the fullest expression of that, whole new experiences of life become possible!

    I am here to have people really experience love, for themselves and for others, and that their gifts of love given to others really get accepted and experienced!

    Thank Heaven for Coaches!!

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  3. Custom avatar Helen says:

    My “why”: I like to teach what I need to know, or what I wish I’d had at a certain point. After I’d been a liturgical folk musician for a few years, I created a grassroots publication to fill in the blanks that I’d experienced starting out, and carrying through.

    I’ve been around a long time. Turned 68 on my last birthday. I grew up second of five living children, “the little mother”, and have been filling that role ever since. The fourth baby died at nine months of age, leaving a gash physically and emotionally in our family structure. I can’t say when, exactly, I became the little mother. It happened organically. So helping others is like breathing to me, anticipating needs and helping them find ways to fill them.

    Like many post-depression families, especially big families, finances were tight. Mother stayed at home to care for us, Father worked as a writer for various governmental and non-governmental agencies. “Poor but honest” was our family’s motto.

    Well, I am honest, and I don’t want to be poor anymore. So with respect to my parents and their parents and the ancestors, I choose a new paradgm. I deserve to Get Paid for who I am, and choose it NOW!

    So my next goal is to wildly increase my income so that my last decades on this planet are filled with the freedom that gives. My goal is, again, to teach what I need to know, with just a slight edge. I have started working on my ebook toward that end.

    While I am doing that, I’m also resurrecting my Writer’s Success biz, coaching writers through the writing, publication and marketing process, and professionally critiquing manuscripts for writers. I’m working on getting the website back up and will let you know as soon as it’s relaunched — planning to have that done by the end of Sunday, May 9, 2010.

    Hold me to it!

    What a great group to be in! Love y’all!

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    • Custom avatar Helen says:

      Ooops! Paradigm, not paradgm. Shoulda re-read!


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      • Custom avatar Carla says:

        Hello, Helen – thank you for writing about your “WHY,” and about your new commitment to get back up and rolling! I’m responding to your request to “hold you to it!” So – I’m cheering you on, and am wondering how you would like to be “held to it.” What would make a difference for you?


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  4. Denise says:

    Why? Want to help people BECOME AWARE of what’s really going on in our corrupted society of HIDDEN TRUTHS that has been
    (KEPT from us “ever knowing” for decades. I rarely/ever heard of this subject or title of an “eye opener”…have you?
    I say this… because all my life in my years of observation…..I ALWAYS KNEW something didn’t make sense to me..and NEVER FELT RIGHT about it.
    It SEEMS that MOST of (us) the people… NOT EVERYONE THOUGH…..but MOST majority SEEMS to think the SAME WAY, the SAME THING without “pondering to asked themselves questions that are OUTSIDE THE BOX” Most of us (people) JUST going with the FLOW of JUST LIVING THE WAY OF HOW THINGS ARE…rather then…..how things CAN BE BETTER FOR THEM (us).
    The thought of “Well…that is just reality. “When we don’t have to CHOOSE that kind of reality.”
    What are the reasons or excuses we usually say? We’re too busy making ends meet to survive RIGHT? We’re NOT AWARE of what’s REALLY going on around us & under our noses.

    Sad to say…..but it’s not (our) your fault FOR NOT KNOWING…that we
    mistakenly PUT (your) OUR TRUST in THEM…”In who?”(read below in next paragraph) THEY MAY APPEAR to us LIKE THEY CARE about us, and THEY DON’T CARE. They are quietly CONTROLLING us, by doing things, planning their systems, ways, making faults rules for us (expecting us to obey them)…When THEY don’t follow and KEEP IT THEMSELVES to be the GOOD EXAMPLE for us.
    THE FDA, food manufacturers, pharmacy dept, DRUG companies, and I’m talking about ONLY the corrupted individuals of our government, the congressman, senators etc. (I’m NOT saying ALL or everyone is that way….ONLY SOME of them have CHOSEN to work on the DARK SIDE with greedy motives of making high profits as their MAJOR CONCERN FIRST above the people… and above our health and well being.

    I KNOW we do have our good ONES too, who do sincerely CARE about us and have tried to work hard for us (for the people).
    It’s NOT ALWAYS OUR FAULT for not knowing….THESE ARE KEPT HIDDEN TRUTHS FROM US (being going this way for decades…that is why).
    The ONLY time that I would say…it’s our fault….is when you (we) are given the chance or opportunity to hear about this IN ORDER TO BECOME AWARE or “AWAKEN”. But if you don’t take advantage of it, or are NOT willing to KNOW about it with an OPEN MIND…then YES it is (our) your fault.
    For example in one area about the financial situation (Financial Freedom) Basing on how we were taught in living life the “9 to 5 way” working so hard for survival.
    MOST PEOPLE DON’T SEEMS TO REALIZE …that “NOT ONE COLLEGE on this planet”…..TEACH US or EDUCATE US about TRUE FREEDOM along with becoming financially independant CLEARLY in various ways.

    EXCEPT… with ONE type of option that being in business for yourself (where you have to STILL feel like you’re in a job…but ONLY difference is working for yourself NOT for someone else AND at the same time you cannot ENJOY REAL Freedom.
    “WHY don’t they TEACH US ALL various options of “Network marketing.”?????

    QUESTION #1. “Why does ALL colleges on this planet DOES NOT TEACH US (our children) on how to become “financially independant” along with learning to have MORE FREEDOM…. RATHER THEN teaching the students (our children) on how to “get a better high paying job” to STILL work for SOME ONE ELSE or for the biggest corporation for the rest of their lives?

    Another EXAMPLE:

    QUESTION #2. WHY DO ALMOST everyone with their jobs (through their employment…..PROVIDE medical coverages that is ALMOST MOSTLY or ONLY the kind of medical attention from pharmecutical dept, with doctors that gives prescription DRUG medicines and surgeries?
    INSTEAD OF: an EQUAL medical coverage that can ALSO PROVIDE us with SECOND OPTION of Natural Doctors WITHOUT surgery and drug prescriptions medicines?…. so we can ENJOY the benefit of natural meds…the natural way WITHOUT HARMFUL damaging side effects of TOXIC drug prescriptions that causes us to have more additional problems? get more sick..to remain sick! going back & forth to Pharmacy ENDLESSLY!!!
    OF COURSE..it makes sense to me…that it’s true..they tell you ” I’m sorry there is No CURE…”DO you know why????” TOXINS in drugs are poisonous and only weakens/damage your immune systems. Drugs are toxic with fakey SYNTHETICS ingredients “in them”. So in a long term…perhaps within 30 yrs or so your health is going down hill. KNOW THIS…ALL drugs are “TOXIC”…..no wonder…there is “NO CURE” for anything.
    Does that MAKE SENSE to you NOW? The ONLY HELPFUL thing about prescriptive meds is that THEY DO HELP with ONLY discomforts of pain, to become PAIN FREE…you may feel BETTER…BUT…NEVER will be totally well or cure from your health challenges.

    I’m NOT talking at all about the doctors and neither about the pharmacy people (workers). Not all of them know, when they went to school to learn about their professions in their field…I’m sure they had good intention of helping us.
    I’m ONLY UPSET with the drug companies, pharmacy dept, and food manufacturers WHO DON’T CARE about our health EXCEPT their profits.

    The hidden truth (secret of their REAL intent and goals) in order to make/continue making their hefty profits….coming from the pharmacy/DRUG company’s point of view OF COURSE THEY WILL NOT SAY THIS TO YOU…to continuously GET THE PEOPLE MORE SICK, with NEW SIDE EFFECTS…and to KEEP THEM SICK!!!!

    WHY are’nt we GIVEN choices to HAVE???? So that (we the people) CAN BE ABLE to choose for ourselves????…instead of mostly JUST the first one…NOT HAVING any choice with OUR TYPE OF MEDICAL coverages RIGHT?????
    AGAIN…ask yourselves…WHO runs the systems??? WHO made these plans of NOT always giving us choices?

    DO PEOPLE KNOW or DO YOU KNOW that “we are not always FREE to choose our choices” AND THAT WE ARE BEING “CONTROLLED” ????

    PLEASE READ ALL your food item labels before BUYING from the grocery store.

    Question#3. Why is it that almost in fact…ALL grocery supermarkets EXCEPT the WHOLE FOOD stores……has MOST/ almost every of their food products in the stores… CONTAMINATED with some, or a few or MANY of those long “hard to pronounce words” which are: different definitions of man-made variety toxic chemicals & poisoning preservatives and other additives that ARE NOT even necessary or needed to be in the food! Fast food places and even resturants too….gosh! It’best to eat at an ORGANIC resturant or food place, and to grocery shop ONLY at Organic places.
    Notice that we don’t have very MUCH options/choices of those ORGANIC places to find and go to right? AGAIN our choices are LIMITED.

    I know, some of you would say…but it’s expensive to buy organic foods? Maybe it’s cheaper in a long run..if you think of the comparison of all the new different illnesses that is CAUSE from toxic man-made chemicals & drugs in our foods and prescription medicines, ALSO in our shampoos, facial creams, soaps, make ups…ANYTHING that has to do with entering the toxins into our bodies, whether through internally or externally “through your pores outside of your skin & through your mouth to swallow” that will slowly eventually in a long term KILLS us. THINK about how it SAVES US MONEY in that way….that is EXPENSIVE for health bills to pay for later BECAUSE of THESE CAUSES that started your health challenges.
    IF we CHOOSE to help ourselves…at least THAT MUCH we can have the power to control. Don’t WORRY about what we cannot CONTROL.

    AGAIN…the hidden truth/secret coming from the FOOD MANUFACTURES goals for their benefits in order to continuously REAP their hefty profits….OF COURSE THEY’RE NOT going to tell you…”THEY want us to GET FAT…and TO REMAIN FAT…so that we become sick and have to turn to the pharmacy for meds..to make us even more sick! The food manufacturers puts these harmful man-made ingredients into our foods PURPOSELY.

    I’m not upset with our grocery people who works hard at the store and I know they do have good intentions….it is ONLY the drug companies that I don’t like.

    The drug companies works together with the Pharmacy & all food places…our supermarkets, our food resturants, our fast food places…the workers “don’t know” it’s not their fault!
    Now you know WHY they KEEP QUIET and keeping it a secret? If not…then they’ll LOOSE THEIR BUSINESS…if we become smarter and more knowledgeable to KNOW THIS.

    It’s very cruel AND SELFISH how the government don’t STOP this and ALLOWED these things to happen continuously for DECADES!
    I’m GREATFUL for people like these mentioned below:

    We heard of “Whistleblowers and other kinds of certain people that shares their view of things “outside the box” that majority of the people DON’T ALWAYS SEE. Successful people or Leaders in Network marketing who have been very successful, doing well in being financially independant…with the learning assurance & confidence that being shorthanded/low/or without money….CAN NEVER BE A PROBLEM UNSOLVED AGAIN. Natural Alternative doctors with their knowledge of knowing the SIMPLE methods of the natural way for almost/every health challenges that exist “CAN be solved” They are some wonderful doctors “so willing to share with us those information on how to assist your bodies “to be able to HEAL it’s ownself”.

    Doesn’t it makes SENSE to find out the CAUSES of why your health challenges started in the first place? RATHER THEN to ONLY bandage it up by ONLY having your health challenges TREATED??????
    If you get treated for ONLY TEMPORARY pain relief comfort, WILL THAT SOLVE your problem to GO AWAY COMPLETELY? NO! Not at all!
    So if you work with a natural doctor who can help you with finding out the CAUSES..rather then TEMPORAL treatments THEN “YES” it is MORE REALISTC & clearer that “your body CAN BE ABLE to CURE and HEAL it’s ownself.
    Whistleblowers helps us to open our eyes to see “hidden truth” that was kept from us to EVER know about.

    Question #4. WHY do we have laws that “don’t make sense? For example:
    You can’t have your child go to school if you don’t have your children take their vaccination shots?
    What kind of rule is that? Is that giving you freedom? Do you have a freedom of choice, if you disagree to let your child take the vaccination shots?
    This is a typical example of what I meant earlier….when I said that MOST people don’t go far enough to EVEN THINK of asking….and instead they JUST GO ALONG with the FLOW.
    To my opinion I feel like we’re like zombies or robots who just have to do with what everyone is suppose to be doing. Doesn’t it EVER OCCUR to you…if you might have felt with your own intuition…”if something DON”T SEEMS TO FEEL RIGHT? We don’t look further OUTSIDE OF OUR BOXES…but remain sort of BLIND, staying in the BOX.

    Have anyone thought of ASKING…what are the ingredients INSIDE of the vaccination shots that you are taking?
    If you were to find out what ingredients contained in all the vaccination shots….YOU ALL would never want to let your child or neither yourself to EVER touch that THING AGAIN.
    The VERY ONES who agreed with making suggestions or rules in having to take those poisonous shots…..ARE THE VERY ONES not following or listening to their own rules that they made (for us or the people to follow)….because THEY KNOW themselves of how poisonous and grossed it is and wouldn’t dare have their children or themselves take the vaccination shots..NEVER!
    Look into your internet in the search area…find out about it. Type in “Robert Kennedy (Vaccination shots)” Robert Kennedy the nephew of our former President John F. Kennedy…over heard of the discussions in a meeting of arguements back & forth hearing this “of course I dare NOT ALLOW my children get those vaccination shots and neither for myself..no way! But we’ll keep quiet and still PASS the agreement/suggestion to tell our doctors…”to go ahead and LET THEM tell the people that everyone NEEDS to get their vaccination shots! And tell the schools that it is required that ALL school kids should have it too.”
    (WHY is that? Is that TRUE CONCERN for us? (for the people?) NO!
    What’s IMPORTANT for them is THEIR Profits.

    These are JUST some of the typical examples of WHY I felt it’s important to help people…TO SEE WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW & SEE
    I’m not an expert or proven example of a successful person making comfortable income YET, but it has been MY HOPE & DESIRE to want to have a SHARING SUGGESTIONS website where I CAN JUST SHARE of suggestive places or books of who the authors are etc… or where people can do their research…or just give some of these informations myself.

    I DON’T LIKE THE WAY I WRITE it’s always been a terrible habit of writing SO LONG, so repeitiously and SO DETAILED.

    I DEFINITELY NEED HELP on cutting down my repitious detailed writings and PLEASE forgive me for saying/writing TOO MUCH…it’s ridicously LONG! I NEED HELP with writing and TO CUT IT SHORT!!!

    I have GOOD intentions but DON’T like the way I write….that’s why I have never thought that being in business or doing one was possible for me UNTIL I improve in THIS AREA.
    David, if you feel this is terribly LONG for people to read. I will understand and it’s okay, you may DELETE this.

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    • Denise says:

      NEED to add/make a CORRECTION in what I said regarding to the LONG “WHY” reason I wrote:

      What I mentioned so far, it RELATES to and about PARTICULARLY to OUR COUNTRY of AMERICA.

      Each and EVERY country is DIFFERENT. I was talking and reffering about what’s happening in America. It’s totally different. Thanks!

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    • David Wood says:

      lol Denise – you have the record for the loooongest post 🙂

      Ok, I have an assigment for you – repost this, saying what you want to say, in 2 paragraphs MAX.


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      • Denise says:

        Thank you David, for your paitience and understanding.
        I really want to HELP people to KNOW what could MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their lives “if they KNEW” of what’s NOT being exposed to them. Since ALOT of valuable informations were KEPT QUIET IN SECRET from most of us.
        It began with my first original DESIRE (idea) of wanting to help everyone to realize that there’s HOPE “in all things, NOTHING is impossible” I started with the desire of wanting to help people to KNOW from (our health point of view) that our bodies…no matter WHAT KIND OF HEALTH CHALLENGES we may have THAT….in knowing “how to assist” our bodies naturally….it CAN BE ABLE TO HEAL OR CURE it’s ownself. I truely KNOW with confidence that WE CAN GET WELL, no matter what disease or health problems it may be. Also with other additional subjects to “be aware” of too.

        How’s that David?

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  5. Betsy says:

    Bottom Line: Why do I want to help others?
    Beacause I am alive and part of the human family!
    This came out of the conference call!

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  6. Custom avatar Terry says:

    I’m late to the party, so to speak. Thank you so much for your openness and candor. I’m really moved by many of the posts. I am one of those who shut down emotions early on and fled into the intellect for comfort. It’s a long climb out into the world of feeling adn I’m slowly getting there. (I was an unwanted pregnancy but at least my relationship with my mom is now much better. It’s made me unable to trust anyone adn that’s hard to get past as well.) You are brave and wonderful and inspiring. I will get into the tapping more and thank you so much for your availability!! Terry Arden Pollock

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  7. Ten years ago I wrote a book about my “why”. I was forty then. It was the story of my life thus far, framed as a work of fiction about two women’s journeys: one the physical process of getting from birth to 40, and the other a spiritual odyssey through advent towards Christmas, with a mystical reward for each day and a very special prize at the climax of the journey. I pushed myself really hard to get it finished by my 40th birthday, and sure enough I wrote the last words with only a couple of days to spare. What a sense of achievement that gave me!! I had not only produced a finished novel to my own schedule, but also given myself the perfect tool to exorcise the ghosts of a sometimes very shady and always difficult past. I thought that if I could write out the pain I would magically be free of it because I wouldn’t have to carry it around with me in my memory. I value symbolism, had you noticed that yet?

    Exactly ten years later to the very day I published that book myself on Lulu.com at no cost other than that of one proof copy.

    You may ask why I didn’t publish it sooner, or why I slogged my guts out to finish it by my self-imposed deadline? But these questions become irrelevant when held in the balance of fear. You see, a lot of the material in the book was very hard for me to even think about when writing it, let alone having it publicised for all to see, even though it’s framed in a fictional format with no real names or recognisable places. So why Now? Well, I’m at least 30 years away from the most painful of the events, any of the places or people are now no longer recognisable by any stretch of the imagination, and one of the reasons I wrote it in the first place was as a testimony to life’s ironies and tragedies and the fact that these are only stepping stones to each place that life takes us, and if I can survive them then so can anyone. When you put it like that don’t I have a duty to let the material get into the hands of the souls who need to read it?

    Of course the “why” doesn’t stop there. Everything is in continual motion, our whys must also move with that continually spinning thread of life, and I now have other messages, other novels, other stories that need to be told. The difference is that I now also see the need for finding the means of reaching the audiences awaiting them. The future of publishing is changing daily; not for much longer are the stuffy publishing houses going to hold sway over writers who now have no need to accept the heavy and often rigid editorial treatment traditionally meted out to them by such; now there are publishers like Lulu.com who let the editorial process remain lucid and flowing in the hands of the authors themselves. That’s a whole different ball game!

    So now all I have to do is figure out how to take my vision to those who await its arrival, and then keep them fed on the diet they require … I’m guessing that’s where you fit in with your own vision, David?

    Brightest Blessings to all who are reading this,

    (Cambridge, UK)

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  8. Bonnie says:

    My big why is because I wish I had someone to help me along when I needed it! Also, the other why is that I need to quit my job so I can homeschool my son who has special needs from being abused by his biological family. I’m so grateful for this opportunity! 🙂

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    • Diana says:

      Hi, David.

      I’m feeling some resistance to what you and others are teaching, so would like to get your thoughts on some of my responses. I’m concerned that seeking unlimited wealth doesn’t contribute to community, the environment, to building peace between ourselves and our nations, to living sustainably, to the “small is beautiful” ethos in a time when we need to be looking ahead at what’s best for all of us, to find environmental and social solutions and to find ways to live graciously and beautifully while limiting our consumption.

      I would be fascinated to hear your thoughts, and would love to know if there is a program based on the principles you espouse that would help people to do just that. I have many ideas about these issues, having contemplated them and tried to integrate them into my life for many years.

      All the best,


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      • David Wood says:

        I don’t remember saying you should go for unlimited wealth – perhaps you have me confused with someone? 🙂

        I think you SHOULD go for sustainability.

        And – why not be paid along the way?

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      • Celia Dias says:

        Hi Diana

        I understand your concerns, but it is up to the person to use the best way possible its wealth. Wealth has nothing to do to spending in frivolous things, selfishness, destruction of the environment. What I see that David is proposing is for us to be able to earn our living by doing and Being what we love. And when our purpose is to do something with our lives to generate good things is a way to help humanity. Besides I believe that we all will reap what we sow anyway, so if anyone here decides to go for unlimited wealth but in the end he or she brings evil with it, well he will get his pay back.

        Some people thing that we can’t have massive amount of money and be spiritual or good to others. And that usually keeps us constrained and from helping in a biger scale.

        I want to take children out of the sexual tourism in a specific part of the globe, but do you think I can just ask my boss to let me take a week vacation so I can do it once a year, or go on a mission trip/vacation/tourism for a week and help feed the hungry of the world. No. please don’t take me wrong, I have noting against mission trips, I have been in a few of them, and that is why I decided I want to have my own charity, I want to be able do to it full time, so I need wealth, I mean a lot of money.

        Money in not the problem for having so much evil. The love and the adoration for material things that are inside of us that make people “show it’s true color” when they make lots of money.

        Much Love

        PS.: I am loving to have these conversations here, ins’t it awesome.

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        • Custom avatar Emily says:

          I agree with this,

          I feel that anyone that is really going to dig deep into themselves and ask themselves who they are, and how they can contribute to the world (which is what David is facilitating here) can only blossom as a good thing.
          If everyone were ‘true to themselves’ and I mean consciously true – it could only help the human race and evolution in the end. There really is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ in the world – only our attitude to whatever the experience is makes that judgement.
          But something/one that asks us too look deeper, within ourselves to the non-form consciousness within us as to what brings us ‘joy’ and how we can share that with others – will only bring more ‘good’, sustainability and/or just more consciousness…. Therefore human awareness.
          If someone deeply from the bottom of their heart wanted to create a website/business on how to construct a plastic non-disposable porta-loo for pets, yes it might be a sh*t idea to some, but at least possibly a few people who were interested about that sort of thing and purchased it would get a whole lotta laughs out of it! Whether they made the loo or not in the end – it would only spread happiness! (don’t ask me where that one came from!)
          I think the main thing though, which I completely love about this is that it is a forum about going deeper into one’s self and realising that you DO make a difference to the world. Whatever is your WHY – surely there are others out there that would benefit from you and relate their own world to it and further learning
          I think it’s brilliant….. 🙂 and in my opinion – priceless.
          Its certainly struck a chord within me.

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:


      I can feel your despair about the way your son’s biological parents are treating him.

      Now, just for a better understanding …

      In which way is he your son, if his biological parents have a role in his life?

      Is he adopted by you?
      Or, is he simply in your care through-out the day and you have developed a mother-son feeling.

      Please help me; I am looking to understand, before I can even post a statement concerning your situation.


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  9. Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

    Here is my WHY!

    “I want to help woman whom have been in bad relationships to feel better about themselves.”

    Now here are some suggestions for an e-book/business name. I wish to use it as a domain name as well as a possible fit for more than one book, still revolving around the same topic, possible just reflecting on it from a different angle.



    #3 I AM WORTH IT

    I’d love to read your votes on the titles.
    Please keep it coming as much as you can.

    Thanks so much.

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    • Custom avatar Jeanette says:

      number 3: I am Worth It!

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      • David Wood says:

        Yup – I’m worth it – it’s hot. You’re worth it – almost as good

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        • Custom avatar Vickie says:

          I agree too – I am worth it or You are worth it. “She” gives the impression that someone other than the reader is “worth it” and “A Woman’s Worth” sounds more like a novel.

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          • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

            Thank you Vickie.

            I agree.

            I first thought of “She is worth it” and something didn’t feel right.
            Then I thought about “A womans’ worth” and it felt too detached.

            Last not least, about a day later, it popped into my mind:
            I AM WORTH IT!

            It felt good and wonderful, since it describes the most direct way to evoke change within oneself!
            I also carries the ‘vibe’ of self-responsibility because of this magical statement that sais “I AM”
            On a subliminal level it will enable woman (men are welcome, too although I believe that the female population whom has been mistreated is a lot greater) …. so, it will enable us to commit by placing the power of “I” upon ourselves.


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            • Custom avatar Celia Dias says:

              Hey Ivonne, your Why is great. I had to live with an abusive guy, it was so scary at times, and I think what you want do is very relevant for humanity, nobody should be abused.

              PS.: have you bought the domain already?The reason I am asking is that the best thing to do is to get the domain as fast as you can. I learn that once we reveal an idea it is open to the universe and if you don’t grab it it will “fly” away.

              I am not implying that anyone here would take it from you, but as an artist I had some crazy experiences like, I thought about a photo project, than I set on it, and next thing you know months later I walk in a gallery and there it is the photo I thought about taking.

              Take action and don’t be taken by surprise.

              Much Love

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            • David Wood says:

              enjoying all your posts Celia

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            • David Wood says:

              I think ‘I’m worth it’ is slightly better than ‘I am worth it’

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            • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

              Thank you both Celia and David for your recent replies.

              I am not worried about the domain name. Since I am also a strong believer concerning the Power of the Universe, I know that when ever I will ‘lock-in’ the domain-name it will be exactly what I am supposed to work with. Even if it is already taken, there are many other variations.

              Since I don’t possess a credit card, or a bank account and have zero income at this point and time I have other things to take care of at the moment in order to being even able to place any monetary funds into the business. Thank God for the Internet, so at least I am able to write a blog and this way I am using the free promotional tools that are available.
              I really am starting from scratch, not only with my writings but also the set-up of my whole entire life.

              yes, I’m is shorter, yet it is the energy of I AM which I intend to convey.
              This is a major part of initiating the Change on a subliminal level in order to empower and to help woman to feel strong and worthy again!

              Thaks again for your in-put 🙂


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      • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

        Thanks Jeanette and David 🙂

        Anyone else?

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    • David Wood says:

      Yvonne – you’re almost top poster. And you ARE the non-staff top poster. I so appreciate you jumping in and supporting people’s visions. You’re a model for us all.

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      • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

        Thank you very much David.
        Glad I can help.
        … and you are very welcome 😉

        To all our mutual success for growth through awareness and love.


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    • Hi Yvonne. I love the concept for your why. #3 I AM WORTH IT is definitely the best choice.

      Keep Moving Forward…

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      • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

        Thank you Crystal,

        for having taken the time to voice your opinion.

        I am sticking with number 3 “I AM WORTH IT”

        You guys have helped me very much by reflecting back to me.


        It feels like we just had a little ‘Think Tank’ going on … smiles …

        … and you’re so right …. Let’s move forward!!!

        Have a blessed week-end everyone 🙂

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    • Definitely number 3! The first person singular is always easiest to identify with and will automatically begin the process of healing 🙂

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    • Great idea!

      I would suggest you buy all three, test them out and ultimately you can send folks from all 3 to the same place.

      Best of Success,


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  10. Custom avatar Wyman says:

    My why to help families change from depending on a job to their own business that they can control.

    I have three grown sons and this economical climate has hurt them all this past year. I want them to have the money to support their families without working two jobs or having no job.

    Then use the extra money to help poor families get control of their lives.

    I have run a couple of failed businesses of my own. I wish I knew then what I know now about marketing and time management. 95% of small businesses fail. I hope to turn that around.

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    • Custom avatar Jeanette says:

      Hi Wyman,
      I find we are all in good finding for a new way to help us all get out of debt and find our passion to help others and have freedom to live life i abundance giving sharing loving and uniting strong. I am not employed I have been stuck for a minute and want to find my passion and help my family to do the same. I would love to do a joint family business or just help my family find their passion and each member make their own way with success and freedom life and love. Will you be so kind as to share your success with me that I may apply it & share it also with others who desire the same.

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    • Hi Wyman. Those are really great reasons for your WHY. I believe your turn around is already in process. 🙂

      Keep Moving Forward

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  11. Lesleigh Lippitt says:

    Thank you for the invitation David!…sealed and sent with the stamp of authenticity. Thank you.

    Why? It was a gradual ‘awakening’ to what became several positive personal principles:
    1. First, Listen and Give – ‘something’ comes back from either or both which I’d never have the courage or bravado to ask for. It was amazing to realize…and another reason to be actively grateful. THAT THE GIFT WE HAVE FOR EACH OTHER IS TO BE TRULY, AUTHENICALLY, WHO WE ARE…WE CAN’T HELP BUT GIVE THEN…AND ADDING INTENTION AND AWARENESS JUST EXPANDS IT ALL…QUITE COOL!
    2. And Condition – ‘AND’ is an inclusive work…a joining word which, unlike ‘BUT,’ does not negate what was said before it…so I practiced (and practice still) looking for opportunities to apply The And Condition.
    3. Swiss Cheese Paradox – Lets me know that LOTS of LOTS of things/people/ideas are both ‘there’ and ‘not =-there’ at the same time. Cheese and holes all at once…Love and not-Love all at once.
    4. Islands and Shorelines – an idea I think my dad borrowed from someone and gave to me as a gift – “The larger the Island of Knowledge, the longer the Shoreline of Ignorance.” Great to hear as a youngster with LOTS of questions!…continues to be helpful as an adult.
    5. Ripples and Ponds – helps me move through paralysis/analysis: If we want to make a ripple on a pond, it doesn’t matter from which shore we throw in the stone….whew! Start somewhere, anywhere. Total relief to not ‘have it right’ from the getgo.


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  12. Custom avatar maria paglialungo says:

    i was sexually emotionally and physically beaten
    was not welcomed into this life
    wrong gender
    i have never felt i fit in anywheres and so i have created that
    i work as an energy intuitive having been blessed with a direct line to peoples energy blocks
    having felt like damaged goods and unwelcomed NOW I am willing to share my gift from a more whole place having gone into the depths of my core wounds

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  13. Brenda says:

    Hi David…very moving and sad. If I may…I am trained in NLP….I notice you access a sound and a picture while talking about your sister. If there are any lingering painful emotions…those two places are where to work.

    My why….I have always had trouble with ‘authority figures’…boundary issues…wanting approval…was bullied for years at work…it led me into finding these tangible useful tools and now I want to help others.

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    • good for you, NLP is fantastic and it is great to hear of folks like yourself taking painful experiences and allowing them to transform yourself and now others through your understanding of NLP…


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  14. Who we are is the reason why we do what we do.Engage with me on how the simplicity of my story has become the reason I live to make a diiference today. Imagine sitting with a 38 Special againt your brain when just in the nic of time, there is a timely knock on the door which saves your life…and so it did. Having been left wanting due to a painful divorce is simply not a good enough reason not to want to live. Today I am happily married again with an awesome partner who fully aligns with my passion to give back to others in the area of relationship. We run seminars on ‘HOW TO’ have effective, rewarding relationships. Life is GREAT!

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    • Hi Dr. Anthony van Tonder. I am so encouraged to read that you are happily married again and your life is GREAT! That is absolutely amazing.

      Keep Moving Forward!

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  15. Custom avatar Laila Jemberga says:

    Hi David,

    Youe question “why” has appeared very effective.
    In five years mum has sent me on employment on swimming. I was the most younger and unique, speaking on Latvian. Other children and teenagers spoke in Russian. (Thanks to it, now my Russian is at native language level.) I had a feeling of the outsider. It was necessary to hide the differences from the others if wished to be accepted in collective. ( The collective has not accepted me.)
    My father has left a family, when I was 4. Mum brought up me one. At that time it was not accepted to be in our society mother the singl. Again on me looked as at the outsider.
    On that to find, what I love that is not present that it is pleasent to me, and that is not present, 20 years have left. I wish to help to be to other people those who they are actually and to live with sensation of happiness in the collective.
    Thank you David!

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  16. Custom avatar Mel says:

    Your openness has inspired me to extend to the horizon. I’m fascinated by what I refer to as word-studies. In essence these are some of my personal theories that I am examining for accuracy, authenticity and their application value for individual lives. I, too, encourage feedback to ferret out any weaknesses and replace those weaknesses with more powerful and sustainable strengths.

    1. My past need not be an indicator of my present or my future. Any circumstance or situation from my past can have only the affect that I have become willing to accept today. I always have choices of how I can or will accept each recalled incident or memory.

    2. Only action produces tangible results. Attitude (and knowledge) may influence how the action is administered, but it is only the action that produces. Education or knowledge has never produced results, however information will influence our choice of actions dictated by the results we desire. Examples: a Christian and non-Christian walking in the rain, both will tend to get equally wet; two people each with a book in hand – taking the action of dropping the book, the book will tend to go down toward gravity. It’s the action of dropping the book that produced the result. (The results had nothing to do with my understanding of gravity.)

    3. Every human being has an innate desire to GROW and/or improve (in stature, knowledge, position).

    4. The most attractive and magnetic human characteristic is the display of personal confidence. The most deprecating characteristic is arrogance. (Between confidence and arrogance is a small step sideways.)

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  17. Custom avatar Coach Nic says:

    David woke up without a sister. I went through life without a sister and then at the age of 36 I found out I had a sister. She was adopted out the first day she was born. I really like what you’re doing here. I am passionate about being a coach too; although, I’m a triathlon, endurance and functional training coach. I want to help people exceed their expecations of their athletic endeavors. My 16-yr old athlete just text’d me he won his regional championships today! That’s why I’m passionate about what I do, because I get to see the best in people. Coaches love to see their athlete’s best!

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  18. Hey David,

    Let me know how it’s going with getting the teleconference going for this week. I want to have some friends participate with me. Thanks for counting me in!


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  19. Custom avatar Rasa Priya says:

    Hi David,

    Have read yr book and feel quite inspired to move forward.
    Got a Freedom Buddy too!
    Thanks for opening up,being vulnerable and sharing yr story.
    I sense yr authenticity and this is what is motivating me from within to go with what you are sharing in yr program and with yr life.
    Ready to create abundance in my life and share my gifts with others.
    Thank you for guiding me and many others on this new and exciting journey and bringing me together with others aspiring towards a postive change.
    Would love to be a part of the teleseminar on Thursday, let me know the details of meeting.

    Rasa Priya

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  20. Custom avatar Heather says:

    Greetings David

    My why? Why did I become a Life Skills Coach? In the beginning, it was so that I could fix all the needy people in my life. I was so tired of responsible for this person, that person. So when I found Life Skills Coach training, I thought that would give me the edge I needed to solve their problems and mine. I was raised in an abusive home, one where I was responsible for everyone but myself. Strange upbringing. That was in 2003. Why do I continue being a Life Skills Coach? Because thanks to the training, I realized that I am a truly loving, honesty, helpful and generous person. One that loves to share with others and plant seeds of change.

    Many blessing to you David.
    Thank you for your sharing and for this wonderful format of reaching out to so many.


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    • Custom avatar Jeanette says:

      Hi Heather,
      Do they call that co dependent? I ask this because I was once given this book. Read it some. I wasn’t sure of the title. I sometimes wonder why I feel so used and abused disrespected & not appreciated by my family. Overwhelmed and trying to come up for air. I too seemed to be the caretaker and the one who is called to fix all the mishaps & find the answers & create the fix. Yet with my adopted families; friends I found out in the world I am deeply appreciated loved and acknowledged with respect for who I am, what I stand for and where I am going. I am often told of how sweet, caring and thoughtful. I am and always so willing to help with a smile it all comes so naturally with me. I’ve often been called an sweet angel & kind hearted. My mother now shows her appreciation of me and seems to know who I am it took along while. smile. My why is simply because it feels so good and it so naturally right. I truly enjoy helping others become self sufficient, get through tough times & teaching others how to think, eat and live healthier lives. I factor in everything happens for a reason. It just fits. smile. Optimism, positive affirmation and complete whole hearted faith walking and breathing Thankfulness all the way to the Bank of Blessings and Complete Bliss. For it is True That United We Stand Divided we Fall. United We can Heal this planet and join forces with our Universe. It is true patience is a virtue. Yet I have also experienced that when it is time: Do it now! with the quickness with grace, power, strength, wisdom and courage. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. When it is our turn don’t hesitate or life may pass you by. Be steady in your pace and in your thought. Stand Strong, Walk Tall, Embrace Life as you face your challenges and your awakenings through experience, you gain Intellect. For Knowledge is Power which gains you Courage and Strength. Much Love, Peace and Many Blessings to You and Yours.

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      • Heather says:

        Hi Jeanette

        Co Dependency, how I hate that word. If you wake up feeling such strong resentment towards those you are caring for then most likely it is co dependency. And yes, I had repeat, had a very strong case of it. Took me a long time to see me in the mix. To find out what I liked in this world and better yet, I check myself all the time now to my motivations for doing things for others. I do enjoy helping, I love seeing people happy. I have however, learnt not to sacifice my own happiness in favor of others. Now, it is more or less a balancing act between the two.
        Life is calmer, better when I say no once in a while.

        By the way Jeanette, thank you for posting a response to my blog.

        Many blessings to you and your family. 🙂


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  21. Anne Claire says:

    Hi David,

    I really would be interested in the teleconference this Thursday… except I am in the Netherlands and 9PM Eastern time makes it 3AM out here in Europe.
    And well… that’s just not going to happen for me…

    Are you going to have one of those at different times of the day that we who are in different time-zones can call in at a time that is convenient for both of us?

    I certainly hope so!!

    Anne Claire

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    • Custom avatar Monika says:

      Hi Anne Claire,
      I’m in the Netherlands too. A sleepless night for two? Probably I will also have to miss it, as Friday is a tough work day.
      Hopefully we will be able to catch up at some point.


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      • Jeffie says:

        3am on Thursday in the Netherlands means 3pm on Friday in New Zealand. I will be at work then, so I think I will miss it too. Will there be a recording we can download later?


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  22. Custom avatar Rhiannon says:

    Tell me again, why do I need a WHY?

    I never thought about having a why I want to help others. It’s just something one does to be human(e).

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    • Nati says:

      our why drives us forward and gives us strength. If you start something and you have only a 70% WHY and a 72% problem appears than you’ll probably give up.
      But! if you have a 99.9% WHY than you’re INVINCIBLE!!! Nothing can stop you!!! did i answer your question?

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      • Custom avatar Rhiannon says:

        Statistics and numbers, bah humbug! I’m just gonna do it! LOL (Thanks Nati!)

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        • Custom avatar Nati says:

          Hope nothing stops you doing the things you like and achieving -your- goals!!!
          Good luck darlin’!

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  23. Custom avatar Eric Carlson says:

    !9 years ago I decided to end over 25 years of active addiction. Ijust wanted to stop using and I did. I stayed substance free in Narcotics Anonymous but I did not change behaviors that I needed to change to grow and develop. As a result I lost my license as a Chiropractor and had to re-evaluate my life. Iwent to back to school to be certified as a chemical dependency counselor only to discover how poorly that field had developed. Associating myself with clients who have addiction problems plus other psychological problems and working with the psycchogists and psychiatrists I have compiled a set of spproaches that utilize the most successful treatment strategies but are specific to the client. We work together until the client develops the motivation, support system and skills in multiple areas of their lives to sustain themselves. I just need to improve my ability to market my services so that I can continue to help people in need and live a life of reasonable comfort.

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    • Custom avatar Jeanette says:

      You might consider marketing a business plan of your services to the US gov’t as an independent contractor to gov’t agencies on a yearly basis. You enter a bid for your services to their employees.

      Contact The Oprah Show or any of these talk shows that seem to offer help for individuals and families. Be persistent.

      Another idea I have heard if you are a home owner, you can lease out your home to the county or state for their different group home services, check you social services or county & state services.
      You might want to run your business strictly out of your or another rented home as a in patient or out patient service with counseling & group sessions etc allowing your patients to render some services out to the community to earn money for your center.
      hold fund raisers with live entertainment & food for donations to your center/services.
      Also start a self help online. What you do one on one can also be done online/or conference calls.
      Find a way to commercialize with google or online services offering similar services to bundle with.
      A link to your site on another site can bring you business as well start with GoDaddy.com there are others as well called affiliate sites.
      Another idea is to Market your services to corporations or any company that has a benefits dept for there employees and offer it in the companies benefit package. Best Wishes & Blessings.

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  24. Debra says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your wonderful vulnerability in sharing your story.

    Short answer: I’d love to attend a teleclass with you this Thursday.

    Longer answer: I’ve worked closely with several best-selling authors–as a national conference director and as an editor (sometimes ghostwriter). I’ve been very lucky indeed…and I’ve learned a lot. AND, I have much that I want to share that stems from my own life experience. I’m so accustomed to supporting other writers and not putting my own voice out there. I very much want to have a breakthrough with this!

    Please help. 🙂


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  25. Custom avatar david says:

    was given away as a small child to a man and woman who were menonites. my life was a wreck for the next 18 years. who i was sexualy for many years was unknown. the menonites did not do it to me .it just happend as i was trying to find myself during this whole ordeal. i am much better now. i hope is to help men who still live in silent turmoil of their sexual past. THANKS

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  26. Daisy Lee says:

    Hello again. I tried to sign up (at the top of this blog) to the thursday conference, it has not completed. It just freezes up. Did I miss it?

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  27. Custom avatar M Moya says:

    In response to e-mail I received yesterday, would be interested in teleclass Thursday. Would this be after work (US eastern time zone)?

    Although I got past the point of entering e-mail, did not download the book, so maybe I’d be out of the loop trying to participate in class?

    M. Moya

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  28. Custom avatar Toni says:

    I want to help people find their passion in a career. I’ve been a self employed mom and a “go to work” mom along with a stay at home mom. It seemed like I was never quite happy with any of it all the time. I wish I had been given some direction then. I’d like to help people zero in on what career/business fits them and their situation so they won’t dread Mondays again.

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  29. Juls says:

    I serve because I can’t not serve. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood during the early years of the War on Poverty. Our neighborhood was full of social activists and in many respects I didn’t know there was any other kind of job. Because of the impact these social activists had on my life, I was attracted to service. I have now been a social activist and operated programs for vulnerable professionally for nearly 35 years. I cannot think of doing any thing else however over the years it has transformed from “what I do for a living” to a deep spiritual path and commitment to compassionate service. The organization I founded is the manifestation of my faith — http://www.c3intiatives.com — and I am humbled and honored that the Divine Source of Creation has allowed me to serve.

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

      Wow Juls,

      I just went on your webpage.

      You have placed your loving intentions into action!!!

      This world needs more people like you.
      Thank you for being 🙂

      Your link above needs a bit of an adjustment, because of the typo. Hope you don’t mind that I am posting the correct one right here?


      Juls, I think you would really like to join our Mastermind Group.
      Wyman Crane, here on the blog, is looking for people for his Think Tank with the heartfelt purpose of making this world a better place for all of us.

      Please feel free to scroll up on this page to find his post.
      We really would love to see you on the Tele-Seminars, where we will brain-storm about David’s book one chapter at a time.

      Have blessed day,

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  30. Custom avatar Katrina says:

    Hi David,
    Again, thank you. It seems I half answered this question in response to a previous ‘pulling back the curtain’ post; but probably omitted the essential part: the WHY, so here goes. . . I do not want to compete for attention on the horror story stage. Nor do I want to overstay my welcome. Hence I shall probably do both. I fear I am an emotional carcass.
    Maybe I am just ‘overly sensitive’? When I was raped fifteen years ago I was shocked to the core of my being and shut down, completely. Seriously, my memory went frigid! Perhaps to avoid post traumatic stress disorder this is a necessary loss, but it’s kind of lurking in the shadows. A hefty policeman listened to the explicit threats my attacker left on my ansafone (more difficult to forget) and told me “Yeah, I’d be scared if I were you.” Thanks, Officer.
    But I may be a nut case anyhow. I was told by a psychiatrist that the reason I had Anorexia Nervosa at the age of seventeen was that I must have been sexually abused in infancy. He was talking bovine excrement. I told him immediately that his allegation was untrue; but he threatened me with drugs so I shut up. This interaction may have put my ability to form relationships into permanent imbalance . . .or is that just me making excuses?
    This interaction may have ignited my ambition to change the system in which an academic authority in mental health is so desperate to prove his theories that the emotional care of his inpatients is neglected. I have various memories of escaping from the institution, which I won’t bore you with – I got quite proficient at it; but this was hardly the optimal use of a teenaged brain, and I have spent most of my time since trying to earn a living from the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum.
    When I think ‘things can only get better’, ‘things’ have a habit of weighing up their options and they may come to a decision entirely irrespective of my opinion. I was a passenger in a caravan of well-meaning pity and had to invent my own meaning from my encounter with the mental health services. A boy of about my age with a stethoscope round his neck came to visit me in bed in the ‘Eating Disorders’ unit of a psychiatric hospital and asked me the nature of my problem. At the weight of 5½ stone I did wonder whether the patronizing question was really necessary from a medical student, but in the interests of psychiatric research, I gave him a ‘HEAD CASE’ . . . “I eat stethoscopes.” On further questioning, I explained in intricate detail the methods of obtaining and consuming such delicacies . . .He wrote it down! . . . Only when he spoke to one of the dedicated nursing staff in the kitchen did he become a little sheepish :- “I hope you’re not going to tell the Professor about this?” I smiled. He had saved me from being bored out of my mind.
    Why do I always play the clown? I should have told Professor Wakeling to shove his Id up his Super-Ego when he accused my father of incest; but I was more concerned about my mental health in an institution where forcible injection of mind-altering drugs was the norm. So I chose to ‘shut down’ on that occasion – and am glad I left his ward three stone heavier but otherwise unaltered.
    It is partly in order to improve the treatment available to social outcasts that I would like to create a website. But sanity is such an elusive thing I am reluctant to limit my target audience in this dimension. Spiritually orientated people are the ones I find most inspiring.
    In the 1990s I met Susie Orbach, at an organization called Psychotherapists and Counselors for Social Responsibility who read some of my poetry and suggested I set up Creative Writing Workshops. She wrote ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’ and was a Professor at the London School of Economics, (where I studied Economics and Social Anthropology for five moths in 1986-7).
    Only in the last few months have I run any writing workshops and I need a lot more practice before I’d be confident to market them; but I have educational goals now. I’m following a Certificate course in Dramatherapy at the moment and hope to apply for a degree course in English Literature and Community Engagement in the next few weeks. To do it justice, I’d need to either reduce the hours of my accountancy job, or leave it altogether. I have done well to tolerate the tedium for the last ten years.
    I want to be a Poetry Therapist because there is so much suppressed energy in the world, turning toxic. Catharsis can work wonders.
    Al Alvarez wrote in ‘The Writer’s Voice’: “The truth is, great tragic poems are not necessarily inspired by great tragedies. On the contrary, they can be precipitated, like pearls, by the smallest irritants, provided the poet’s secret, internal world is rich enough . . . To lose one’s poise is an occupational hazard for an original artist, exploring the unknown.” I’ve certainly lost my poise in style. Now I’m convinced if I could install method into my madness I’d take off like a porPOISE, propelling arches in the air with the power of Poseidon inside . . . The persistence I have put into book-keeping could cultivate a new direction.
    Thank you all for transcending the superficiality that imbues most human communication. In doing so you ‘call into existence that which was not there before’, which is the translation of the Greek word, poesis. . . .But I ain’t no philosopher.
    So WHY?
    Be cause
    Be what?
    What cause?
    Good question . . .

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    • Custom avatar Jeanette says:

      Well alright Katrina! You Go Girl! LOL! Love your analytical punches. No real reason just do! Love & Peace & Many Blessings.

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:


      you have adopted a wonderful tool to deal with the harsh circumstances that have taken place in your life, in my opinion.

      You are reflecting upon your memories with some type of ‘dark humor’, which truly turns you into a Comediant, as you stated your self “Why do I always play the Clown”

      Why do you? 🙂

      Often a question appears more important than the resulting answer, for that one keeps their focus upon a request and is able to create visions around the question, which then enables a person to find solutions in order to move forward.

      I love your writing style.

      Have you ever considered to write ‘funny poems’?
      There is a site called http://www.booksie.com where you can post and bond with other writers.
      You might want to check it out. Hope it is something for you.

      Most of all, you might be able to take it a notch higher. After writing many ‘funny poems’ you maybe able to take them to a Comedy Club and present them personally.

      This way you might feel more welcome in the society as you will receive instant feedback.
      Wouldn’t it be great to make people laugh?
      I could lift your own spirits, too while being ‘wrapped up’ in such a wonderful and joyful atmosphere?

      Most of all – IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! 🙂

      Wishing you all the best,
      and much love,

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    • Hi Katrina. Don’t stop writing. Your words will reach many, many souls. Find a way to continue even if it’s here a little and there a little.

      Keep Moving Forward

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  31. Custom avatar Marian says:

    MY WHY…

    I am going for it for me is to enable our family to adopt two children from foster care.

    For my husband, to allow him to change careers and follow his passions.

    For my children and others, to STOP the cycles of abuse. Whether inadvertently from parent to child, or directly planned from sexual predators. Having been the victim of both, and the mother of a daughter who was a victim, I HAVE LEARNED many great lessons of how to change the patterns. I look forward to sharing them with each new person I can!

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

      What an honorable purpose you have chosen, Marian …

      Please let us know once your blog/web-site is up.

      Personally, I am very interested in reading what you have to convey.

      Thank you very much.


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  32. Ty Tyler says:

    Too much detail to go into now. Thank you for your video. It moved me. I just lost my mom and sister to cancer. Both in less than three months. They were the most horrific cases of cancer I have personally witnessed. The level of suffering and agony they went through was immeasurable. My sister was 57 pounds when she died. We are still recovering, but it has changed me in a HUGE way! I will use this to help others. My mom and sister were two very extraordinary people and had impacted everyone that knew them.

    Thanks David.

    Moving forward,
    Ty Tyler

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    • Custom avatar Jeanette says:

      Hi Ty,
      So sorry of both your losses. Sounds so horrific and very tragic. Honestly there is too much of that going around right now. Our only real defense is Knowledge applied to give us Power to fight! High on the Antioxidants. drinkables.com wondrous Fruits of the World. Costco and Walmart.
      I really do feel for you and your family. My Prayers are with you and yours. Much Love & Peace and Many Blessings in all you set out to do for you and yours.

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    • Hi Ty. I am sorry for your loss and I hope and pray for you to find peace, strength and ability to remember and celebrate the lives of your mother and sister…and also to go on and help others in your own special way. Thanks for sharing.

      Keep Moving Forward

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  33. Custom avatar vera says:

    hi david,
    would be really cool to have that teleclass on thursday.
    let us know.

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    • David Wood says:

      Hi Vera,
      things are looking good for a teleclass – probably around 9pm EST. If yes, I’ll announce it soon. Probably limit to the first X registrations, and provided a recording to all who registered.

      Just tested this AWESOME teleclass system today where you can get into groups of four – the call will be so cool.

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  34. Maureen says:

    My “Whys” fill up a 66 page e-book posted on scribd. You can search for Maureen McGivern or Horrobin and download it for free if you want to find some “true magic”. ‘Tho I still struggle at times, I can write it easier than live it yet, live it I have done and continue to do. But David, my emotions are too intense. I’m learning and growing. Someday I’d like to be a personal coach like you. God knows I’ve been through enough trials. The book is not about the trauma and drama but about the lessons. Just FYI in case you anyone else actually are interested. Namaste Maureen

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    • Hi Maureen,

      Without knowing your particular struggeles (I did not read your book)
      But by your choice of words in your post.

      I was moved to tell you about 2 very succesful kinds of emotional theraphy.

      They are both really good and efficient kinds of therapy.
      And can help you eliviate the intense emotions that your past has left you with. One is called Thouhgtfield Therapy (AKA TFT) and it’s ‘sister’ therapy is Emotional Freedom Tech. (EFT)

      I’m a certified TFT therapist in Copenhagen Denmark. And has spend more than 15 years of my life releasing MY own traumas and unbennefitting beliefs and emotions.

      And TFT/EFT is hands down THE gentlest and most efficient forms of theraphy I have to date encounterd.

      So google for an EFT or TFT therapist that sounds like the person for you, in your area and cut YEARS of your recovery and reclaiming of your life.

      Wish you all the best and speedy, good feeling results


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      • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:


        can you please post your link to your e-book here?

        It would be easier to find, if people where ‘just one click away’ 🙂

        Thanks so much.

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  35. Custom avatar Liz says:

    Would be interested in tele-talks, depending on what time of day.

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  36. Joyce says:

    Would love to be in on this tele-class.

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  37. Custom avatar martin says:

    hi david,
    your video was really touching.thank you for your openness. I would like to be part of the telecast, but I am living in germany, so it will be in the middle of the night, but if theres a replay that would be great.
    I lost two people of my family up to now, but I hadn`t been that young.
    nevertheless, when one of my brothers died absolutely unexpected, that was a shock.
    he was a childrens doctor and he was the first (and for quite a long time the only one)ever to make me feel like a “whole” person,already when I was a child. he gave me the feeling that he took me for serious, and I know that that was the reason that his patients loved him so much.
    at the funeral the church was packed with people. I don`t know if this describes what I mean, but that i part of my “why”.
    thanks again,

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

      Hello Martin,

      sorry to hear of your loss.

      When you speak of your ‘why’, do I understand this correctly, that you will continue his legacy to make people feel whole?

      Much love to you,

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  38. Custom avatar Vickie says:

    I spent my childhood shy and insecure, terrified of what people thought of me. I was the classic “wallflower” trying to not be noticed by anyone. As a result, I had no identity of my own, only my association with friends or family members. In college I met my roommate’s cousin and we began dating almost immediately. After becoming a victim of date rape, I felt ashamed and “tainted,” that no one would ever want me any more. He felt so guilty that he asked me to marry him. Thinking this was the only offer I’d get, I married him when I was 19. Less than one year later we divorced, and I began a transformation that would take almost 20 years.

    I am now married to a man who is truly my best friend and am happier than I ever thought I could be. I want to help women realize that they never have to settle for “good enough” because everyone deserves true happiness. I also want to break the cycle of women finding “Mr. Almost Right” and trying to change him into “Mr. Perfect.”

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

      Hello Vicki,

      your statement in conclusion made me smile 🙂

      … I also want to break the cycle of women finding “Mr. Almost Right” and trying to change him into “Mr. Perfect.” …

      I am very happy for you that you have been able to overcome and to find your Self-Worth!

      Would you do me a big favor and let me know what you think about my e-book/business title?
      If you just scrolled-up (still almost at the top of this page) I have placed a request for you guys to vote for one of the 3 possible Titles of my endeavor.

      My elevator pitch is this:
      I wish to help woman whom have been in a bad relationship to feel better about themselves.

      Also, check out Wyman Cran’s post, since he wishes to build Think Tanks world wide in order to get people together to brainstorm of how we can make this place a better world for all of us.

      He is working on creating a Tele-Class.
      Would you like to join?

      I think your input would be very valuable.

      Thank you very much for considering.

      Wishing you a ‘wonderfully’ blessed day.

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  39. jim brown says:

    All my life I have been a drifter, a seeker of life, its mysteries, its esoteric secrets, taking and soaking in knowledge, but not sharing it. Hoarding it like some irreplaceable treasure. David your insight, your giving, your kindness has made it plain to me that by giving and sharing from whatever level you have obtained is just what someone else may need at that time. You don’t have to know it all, be at the top of guru mountain, just learn to give what you can where you are. The real gift, as Daivd has demonstrated and I thank him, is the gift of self and being truthful and authinic. That gift of self is healing in its finest sense. Thank you Dr. David.

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  40. Custom avatar Mike says:

    Count me in for the telecast…

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  41. margaret says:

    Hello David

    It takes courage to share your personal story and whilst I listen to other people’s stories regularly (I’m a volunteer for a charity listening service)giving you and others my story is scary!

    I lost my youngest brother, aged 8, in a drowning accident and my husband was wrongly blamed for it. My wonderful mother died a few years later, the following year my dear husband and a few years ago another brother. The pain is at the time, as you know, unbearable.
    It was after the death of my husband that I really started looking into who I was and why I was here. Battling depression inwardly, nobody was aware, my life on the outside seemed fine and I raised 3 wonderful children.

    My journey has taken me on a spiritual quest and I practise Reiki.

    All my life I have been helping people. I love this role and would now like to use my experiences helping others and get paid for it through my coaching. I have thought that perhaps I could set up a “Bereavement Coaching” practise on line? Would love to hear your response.

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  42. Custom avatar Renee' says:

    Seeing all of these stories make me feel not quite so alone. Luckily I lived through it all, but with the love and support of neighbors, teachers and friends. I prefer to thank them by giving back when I can.

    I was the lucky one…

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

      This sounds great, Renee!

      The way you made your statement you have come to be SURE that it’s over.

      Keep up the Good Belief as it will help you to through creating your own business.

      Self-confidence is what we all need more of! 🙂

      Thanks for making this ‘crystal clear’, right here.


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  43. BenedikteEva says:

    Hello My why to help others has always been that i felt i had to in order to be good enough or accepted. Sometimes it is not even a why but more of a ‘why not’. Another why is more selfish: I really want to live in a world of peace and harmony, and it is quite difficult when so many people seem to be in conflict with either them selves or others. The choice for me seems to be: either i am alone and enjoy peace and harmony as a hermit (almost) or I inspire people to solve or dissolve their internal and/or external conflicts, by seeing things in a new way.

    Love Benedikte

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    • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

      Hello BenedikteEva,

      while just reading your note I felt that you feel a certain type of ‘forcefulness’ to help.
      It almost feels like in case you would say ‘no’ to anyone that you would judge yourself as a ‘bad person’.

      Have you ever deeply searched within yourself where you have ‘learned’ this type of thought about you???

      Hope you don’t mind me being so blunt, but I perceived that you actually judging yourself with someone else’s opinion.
      Could that be so?

      And if this were so, what are you willing to do in order to claim self-responsibility to think for yourself by coming to your very own conclusions?

      Would you still help, and give, and most of all would you give deeply and willingly from your heart if you could drop feeling a force that compels you to act upon every single cry of help???

      Are you helping, because your mind is telling you so? Or, are you helping because your heart starts swelling and wants to embrace this person ‘in need’ with love?

      You are absolutely correct when you state that one of the “Why I help” is derived of selfish motives ….

      One stems from the fear of neglect, if you don’t, which therefore serves an ulterior motive;

      the other one stems from a natural response, because of genuinely felt love.
      It feels light, effortlessly while feeling and action are happening almost simultaneously.

      Hope this was of help to you 🙂

      I wish for you to always feel blessed for the body, mind and soul that was gifted to you through God.

      The greatest gift we can present to God is by treating ourselves with excellency; to respect and to nourish ourselves responsibly.

      If everyone would do this responsibly, simply starting to think better of ourselves (remember you ARE God’s gift to the world), so we can feel better about ourselves and treat ourselves better, too by understanding ‘self-worth’, and why this is so … If all of us were in alignment with this purpose, all need, all greed, and all of the wanting, the feeling of lack were extinguished at once and for all!

      So give God Your Gift today by accepting and taking care of God’s gift to you with loving tender care – YOU

      ~ I AM (all) THAT, I (really) AM ~


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  44. Custom avatar Jim says:

    I know the teleclass will be great.

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  45. diana says:


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  46. Custom avatar Joel Achilles says:

    i like the telecast idea
    thanks !

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  47. Sara Russell says:

    I’m all for a teleclass – count me in if you do it!

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  48. Cheryl says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for sharing your story. First, I am sorry for the loss of your sister on this plane of existence. Second, I can appreciate your talking about “shutting down.”

    I shut down very very early in my life (about 3 to 5 years of age) and I intuited some of the story which was confirmed by my mother. The stories of my life are too long to go into here. However, the messages I “perceived” were that I:
    1. was not wanted
    2. was the cause of all the trouble
    3. was not good enough
    4. was unforgiveable.
    I have come to discover that freedom is one of the things I value most and it is the freedom to simply be and, more importantly, to be who I am. I am still working on giving myself permission to do that.

    Many years ago, as I began my healing journey (and continue it today), I became involved in helping others heal emotionally.

    It is my desire to move through life with an “undefended heart” and to inspire others to do the same. That means to open the doors and windows of my heart, letting the love flow IN and OUT freely, no defenses (because there is nothing to defend). Living from that space allows each of us to be more authentic because there is no judgment.

    I appreciate your desire to support yourself and each of us in expressing more fully who we are and by so doing inspire others to do the same. Yes, I would love a teleconference.

    I am in the process of re-constructing my life, my business. I have changed my tag line from “motivating, educating, and inspiring” to “exploring, discovering, expressing more fully.” Working on my web site and hoping that the first stage will be ready within a week or two.

    Again, many thanks!



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    • Vicky Flint says:

      Thanks for your post – I was touched by it. I can so relate to receiving messages of:
      1. was not wanted
      2. was the cause of all the trouble
      3. was not good enough
      4. was unforgiveable

      I felt compelled to write you here and give you a “hug”. I’m proud of you for going through the process of re-constructing your life and your business.

      Hopefully, you’ll keep in mind the truth that you ARE wanted, you are here by design, you are MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH, you are totally forgiven, and the only trouble you have caused is with whatever forces of evil don’t want you to succeed — for which I thank you!

      I wonder what your business is?
      Keep on keepin’ on – with blessings and love –
      All the best,

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  49. Custom avatar Tammy says:


    I think we all have a story.

    Mine started @ 9 when I was raped in the back of a store where they kept games of the decade.

    After he was done, I walked home…numb. And was greeted at the door by my Mom…who was mad at me for being late and ruining dinner.

    This episode was never really addressed…after she made me shower & yelled a lot, my step-dad showed up & made her call the police. I was able to identify the man, he was a neighbor down the street & a known child molester.

    After all of the hulabaloo, it was never talked about again. I still had to go to the store for my Mom weekly and still had to walk past the mans house daily.

    I was later molested my step-father for years. I had learned to shut down….I was numb. No one cared what happened to me as long as I never spoke.

    As a young adult…I did stupid things and got in bad relationships. But, I was able to send myself to college…learned about family dysfuntion & addictions. I worked in the field for years….where I met my husband…the love of my life.

    Sounds all wonderful and good….right? He was amazing!

    We got pregnant with our first child….he was still born on Christmas day, 1995. I numbed out to deal with it.

    But, on November 1, 1997 we got the greatest gift…our daughter was born. Life was good.

    On April 29, 1998…things were going great…then my husband died of a massive heart attack at the age of 38. Our daughter was 6 months old.


    I shut down, checked out and hid from the world. I became a stay at home Mommy & raised my daughter. I was angry, numb, scared….and could rationalize it all.

    I went to bad things….meaningless relationships & food to numb my body & mind.

    But, one day…I met my new husband. Oh, I loved him….but, kept him at bay. We had a son together, he helped me raise my daughter. I knew things weren’t right but honestly…I really didn’t know what right was anyway.

    A year & a half ago…my Mom, who has always made her life the center of everyone’s life…told me she had breast cancer. She couldn’t deal with it…would I???

    This is what I did…stuff myself into a box and live others lives for them. It consumed my life. I took care of her, did everything for her & my step-dad. I put my husband & kids on the back burner…like I always do…and took her life….like I was trained to do….by her.

    Then I got a call from my brother, who lived 10 hours away…he has stage 4 kidney cancer.

    It’s really hard to put this all down….I was spinning.

    I got my Mom thru her cancer, I took my Mom up to my brother & helped end his life on June 12th.

    When I got home….can you believe I broke down????? LOL

    Last August…at a party for my Aunt, cuz….oh, ya….I am still spinning. While at the party, my Moms husband #4, grabs my butt and offers to have me take my Mom’s place in his bed.

    OK…this is it!

    With the help of a therapist….I got thru a terrible breakdown. I lost my family…Mom & step-Dad admit to what happened @ the party and that he has been making passes at my step-daughters as well…but, its really no big deal.

    I walked away, I got help, I don’t speak to my family anymore. I chose to protect MY kids from what I went thru in the past.

    I chose to work on myself and become a better person…and I am!

    Life is good, I have an amazing family….a husband who adores me and I adore him, a beautiful 12 year old daughter, a 4 year old son, 3 adult step-kids, 2 of their spouses, and 3 adorable grandkids!

    I want to help others see that no matter what has happened to you….its all good & bad…makes you who you are today.

    And that life is good…when you find your way….when someone walks with you…sometimes holding you up…thru the pain.

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    • Katrina says:

      You’re amazing!

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    • Custom avatar Grete says:

      So happy you got through it! You are really amazing.

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    • Custom avatar jeyo says:

      Salute you for your grith

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    • David Wood says:

      Tammy – you have been in the war zone girl!

      >>>After all of the hulabaloo, it was never talked about again

      I think that can be the hardest part.

      I am HERE to support you – many of us are – in sharing your lessons to the world, so you can make it a little easier for others facing the same challenges

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      • Custom avatar Susan says:

        Yes, The things that have wounded us so deeply are “dealt with” and life goes on as usual; it makes so difficult to heal.
        My molester was my grandfather and I had to walk past his house every day on my way to school. I was no longer allowed to visit him. He had also made me promise not to tell or he’d go to hell. It was months later when I finally did tell.
        My whole life changed from what it should have been, of course. I lost my innocence, my trust in others, I became that cardboard cutout. And then, years later, I looked back on all the mistakes that I’d made and realized that I defined myself as a betrayer… I’d betrayed trust throughout my life.
        Since then I spent many years in guilt and have only recently begun to heal.
        Still on the journey,
        thanks for caring enough to share,

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    • Vicky Flint says:

      Tammy –
      You are AMAZING. . . and blessed!! What a warrior – a change agent – I salute you for doing what’s best for YOUR family.
      Love & hugs,

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    • Frances says:

      Wow! I am simply speechless. You are an inspiration. When you think you’ve had it bad (and I have had it bad) then you hear someone else’s story. Through all this adversity, you still have a LOL to give…all I can say is God bless you and may you continue to have peace, happiness and joy in your life.

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    • Patricia Moskop says:

      What a wonderful rundown of your life. I’m sure it was more trumatic than you can express here or even tell in real time words. You are to be commended for you strength and ability to ride the waves and come to where you are. Congratulations to you. Of all the things you went through you were not alone–God was there doing more than you know or even want to believe. many blessings to you and your family

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  50. Matt says:

    I am interested in the teleclass you mentioned in your e-mail.

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  51. Custom avatar Gem says:

    David, bless you! I am always inspired and honored when we feel safe to share our vulnerabilities with one another. My challenge in life came at an early age. My mother had a stillborn child a year before me. when I was about one, I have a memory of a conversation she had with a sister that if the other baby had have lived, I wouldn’t be here. Maybe not a significant statement in some ways but I took it as I was not wanted, not valued, and from there decided to make her love me by being perfect. What a hard story to live at times! Throughout my life I have been learning to overcome the lack of self worth and deservingness that I feel. And to get back in touch with my emotions and feelings as it was easier not to feel the hurt and pain. I have been on this concious journey for a long time and always felt that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I never knew how that was to be though. My specialty is crystals. Yet I also feel called to other things. And a HUGE part of me wants to hug the children of the world and let them know they are loved. So, I have an idea and have been working on a website, but not sure if everything has fully been decided in my heart.

    And yes David, depending on the time, would love to partake in the conference call.

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  52. Jan Gaynor says:

    November 10 2008 I received a flu shot at the Orlando VA medical center, on the 15th I was Paralyzed. That was temporary; however the loss of ¼ of my eye sight was not. I am 62,single, self employed, and lived alone. I am divorced and was seeing someone. (My Angel on earth.)

    I lost everything! This includes my house, business, truck, car, credit rating, all my savings and part of my eyesight. Social Security Disability and the VA have done nothing for me other then provide medical services for which I am fighting their bills.The morning of the shot I saw the DR and was told I was in great health.

    I was in ICU twice first time sent by the VA to the public hospital because they felt they couldn’t care for me. The second time at the Tampa VA Hospital I laid there still in pain while on morphine praying I would die in my sleep. And each morning I would wake up wondering why?

    It came to me that I was to write a series of books to help families improve their mindset and to be able to achieve their goals in life. Each book is aimed at a different age audience; Children-young teen, Teen-young adult, Parent-guardian, and Grandparents.

    If I can turn my life around with what I went through plus way more prior to 2008 (I am a USMC, 1967 Viet Nam Veteran) than anyone can and I am no one special. Other than who I am.

    The “You Are Awesome! How Can I help You? book series is designed to help the whole family to work as a mastermind group holding one another accountable while moving forward with a positive mindset.

    I discuss how to look at yourself as the special person you are and discover your passion to pay it forward with others. Overcoming ancestral prejudice; our parents did nothing wrong they taught us what they we taught, much with the results of wars, prejudice, and segregation.

    Your clothes protect your skin and your skin protects your soul, the colors of either do not matter, everyone is your best friend unless they prove unworthy; do not prejudge. Imagine a world that felt that way? Imagine how many friends you could have.

    My goal is to reach as many people that I can while still on this earth. I am also working with a group to build shelters and services for our homeless veterans. I am one.

    God Bless however you might believe.

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    • David Wood says:

      inspiring Jan

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    • Custom avatar Annie says:

      Jan, your courage is amazing. And the idea of ones family as a mastermind group is really wonderful. I’m imagining how much more I would have honored my family if I had looked at each of them in this way. Keep up the great work.

      And take care of yourself! Get what you need to be supported and at peace.


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      • Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

        I am so sorry to hear this Jan.

        You know there are controversial opinions on flue shots. By now you may have read that many of them have been classified as ‘unsafe’.

        Despite of your loss and the odds your are dealing with, your spirit is strong and you are a fighter.
        A ‘True Ninja’ should I say? 🙂

        I admire your strength to do good and to inspire others with your gift of ‘speaking-out’

        May you be around for a long time.

        Love to you,

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  53. Heidi Sue says:

    The class sounds great–please, please record it! Lots of classes that day and if I can’t be there live I really want to listen to it afterwards.

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  54. Wendy says:

    At the age of 6, my parents divorced and my sister and I remained with my mother, who at that point was a broken and depressed woman after having gone through so much with my father, and she had no skills to fall back on. It was hard for her. I looked so much like my dad and had many of his traits; she began to take her hate and anger out on me. I spent the next several years experiencing intense trauma and verbal/emotional abuse at the hands of my mother. Originally, even though I was small, I knew what she was doing was wrong, and I would tell her. But after a while my subconscious was programmed by the repetition and somewhere in my teens, I took over the job of treating myself as if I had no worth. I used drugs and alcohol and put myself in dangerous situations, many times compromising myself.

    Fortunately, I lived thru it all and at 22 I began my journey to heal. I went to college, I became successful in business, but my true desire has always been to be a writer. I have now written a book to help the world feel better about themselves and know their true worth and to empower them with steps to create their wonderful lives how they choose. I have been an “undercover coach” for many years and have taken the steps this past year to be able to help others on a life coach level as well. This year I will begin to do seminars teaching the contents of my book, so I hope everyone will go to my website and sign up for the email notifications.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, David. I am truly a fan your philosophies, and you, as I have had the same for some time now.

    I just want people to feel better in their every day lives! 🙂

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  55. Custom avatar Monika says:

    Yes, I’d love to join your teleclass. Hope it will not be night here then. Please include me.
    I’d love to be in the company of such special people.

    THANK YOU!!!

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  56. Anne Claire says:

    On the surface my ‘Why’ isn’t big in any way shape or form…

    I was about 6 years old when in class at school we embarked on a class project: making a drawing of a big tree. The paper ran the length of the classroom and was about three yards wide.

    I was told I made the tree look ugly. My input was so much not appreciated that I was ‘kicked out’ of the project. And while all my classmates were expressing themselves in making the drawing of this big tree, I was told to just sit at my desk. (Not sure, probably got some kind of task like exercises in writing or something…)

    Turns out that from then on I felt I never was enough. Not creative enough, not smart enough; pretty much not good enough in anything I would dare endeavor.

    So why bother?

    Took me a while to get over that one. To realize that I do have something to contribute; that I am valuable. And that I am certainly enough!

    Still, it is hard for me to take a leap; to take believing in myself and my own worth to the point where I will truly strike out on my own.
    Logically I know I can do it. But every once in a while, on an emotional level, I am a six-year-old that is told that she isn’t good enough…

    Boy! Am I ready to kick that pattern to the curb!!

    Thank you David, for encouraging me to reevaluate my belief-system and to finally get going where I want to go!!

    Anne Claire

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  57. Stephanie says:

    My why: I was kidnapped at age three by strangers. They used me for pornography for a day then took me back to a shopping mall and left me in a store. It was in L.A. I’m grateful they took me back to a store because I think today they would have just killed me. Like you there was no counseling, everything was just swept under the rug and I was left to try and put the pieces together. My faith in God saved me. I never became bitter or angry but constantly worked on forgiveness.

    Today, I have a masters degree and I work with children with behavior disorders. I have been doing this for 15 years and now I am ready for a change. I want the artist in me to come out.

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    • David Wood says:

      what an extraordinary and off-the-wall experience Stephanie. In a way you really were kidnapped by aliens.

      So….HOW is the artist emerging, if even slowly?

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    • Frances says:

      Sometimes horrific things happen to us during our childhood and if we live to tell the tales then we have an obligation to express it through whatever talents or gifts we are blessed with in order to encourage, help heal or empower others.

      There is so much happening around the world with human trafficking perhaps you can explore and then connect your gifts/talents with your own personal experience and marry them with your burden to fulfil your purpose.

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  58. Custom avatar Shayla says:


    I haven’t seen you since I watched your “I’m a Shaman” video. Loved that!

    I too have a death story in my life, but I am finding that it is not what holds me back. No! Even though my husband’s early demise certainly is devastating, (I have kids who knew him well and have to grow up without him too)

    I am discovering that it is my pattern of doing the wife and mommy thing BEFORE I do any of my fun and creative and money making activities that has me feeling much less than satisfied. The hours of the day run out when the kids get home and I am off doing what they need to do.

    It is no wonder I have only a gig or so a month. My website is almost done. Almost for 6 months now!

    I am way too comfy with my new guy and my big garden and my beautiful kids! But I do feel it when I am out there. People clamor for me. I am great in front of audiences. I am an excellent writer. People want and deserve more from me.
    I can do more and help people more.

    How can I embody my mantra: “My prosperity serves the world” and really be more and do more?

    Thank you for providing this space to speak. Thank you for a revealing video and thank you to everyone who blogged here. I appreciate all of you!

    I have a gravitar, but I am picking the elephant. Cool!

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  59. Custom avatar Monika says:

    Dear David – it really does feel right to write ‘Dear’,

    Thank you so much for sharing. You touched on the most important points – the drive; personal pain being our drive. I call it composting – making flowers grow from s**t.

    I am blessed to have enough to compost!

    My parents survived the war, my mother’s parents were killed in concentration camps, father’s mum shot by the nazis. After the war my parents, deeply damaged, moved to a country neither of them came from.
    I was born in 1951, with poor health. Life was very tough indeed then, with little food and such. My mum abused me. In adulthood, I forgave my mother for the way she treated me – she was damaged. Just as things turned good, I was a teenager, we had to flee the country and ended up in Germany. The nazis had not all dissapeard or died out then, and my parents felt their wounds opened.
    Starting up in a new country, with nothing is a challenge.

    I got married and the way my mother treated me was taken over by my husband. After some 20 years of marriage I had a break down. Thank Goodness! This was my turning point. I learned lots, and most of all, I learned how to get on my feet. Having also gone through 2 more emigrations and a divorce as well as what then appeared to be cancer, I have been presented with many learning opportunities.

    Here is my WHY. I have been there. I deeply care. I am able to offer support from experience.
    I have been blessed, given this opportunity.
    My life is really good now, I love life, love people and am very happy, and able to share that!

    Life is not without hardship. In fact, I believe, we all need some hard times, to learn about our selves.

    Warm wishes to you all!

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  60. Custom avatar Maureen says:

    Hi David,

    I think you are very inspiring and would love to be a part of Thursday, depending on what time it is. I’m not quite sure of my “why” but in the past few years I have become more and more spiritual and although I’ve always enjoyed helping people, it’s now become my passion. I’ve been told by a spiritial mediator to only help those that ask for my help or I could be interfering with their life lessons. When life coaching was introduced to me, I immediately knew that was the path I was to follow. Thank you for sharing!

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  61. Kathleen says:

    Wow! My why is a life long experience of being different and needing to know ‘why’ everyone else thought they were ‘right’ and everyone else was ‘wrong’. I was born with asthma, raised on allergy shots and lived in a brething tent until I was ten.
    I’ve been able to see Angels and Beings of Light my entire life. Kids at school made tons of fun at my labored breathing and my parents told me to Never speak of the Angels, or they would lock me up.
    I was raised in Metaphysics which stated there was Nothing wrong with me–it was Negative thinking. I was a kid–How could my thinking be creating this misery? I did not understand and was determined to find answers to my endless “Why’s”. I began seeking at a very young age. I have found that Universal Laws do exist, that there truly are Angels, and that everyone is in their Rightful place.
    I now share what I have found with those ready to expand their awareness and evolve as human beings.
    Your story touched my heart. Thank you!

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    • Custom avatar Monika says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      could it be the fear of your parents, that made them try to stop you from speaking about what you see? We parents wish to see our children fit in, be happy the way we know. I believe your parents did not understand. Can you give them your blessing and forgiveness?

      Greetings from Monika

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  62. Custom avatar Len Blank says:

    I met a wonderful lady recently who showed me how to be in my truth. Her heart, her commitment to be vulnerable to her truth inspired and moved me to share mine in the most intimate way. I experienced the truth shall set me free. I am so grateful for the mirror she so lovingly and generously provided to me, and I will always be grateful for her entrance into my life. I am creating the space now to allow all possibilities to exist, and have greater courage to open my heart and mind.

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  63. Sara Watson says:

    Hi David,
    I was reading my emails today when I came across your link and checked it out. I find myself in a sort of limbo at this time in my life. And your video and the blogs that followed reached out to me in a time where I feel like I am slipping away inside myself more and more lately. This disconnect comes on the heals of longterm unemployment and financial struggle. Where I once hob-nobbed with the best of them I am now a shut in, living thousands of miles away from what was familar and loved trying to make the best of it. Trying to manifest something out of what appear to be a directionless life. The responses I’ve read here are uplifting and inspiring and I would like to partake in your teleconference to learn more.
    Mind you, the funk I’m in has more to do with having no defined path before me any longer than anything else and perhaps here I can begin to define it once again. Thank you for being here, it is no coincidence!

    Gratitude and Blessings,

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    • Custom avatar Monika says:

      Hi Sara,

      I really hope this will be your turning point.
      You mention not having a direction. I’d like to ask: If you had only one week to live, what would you care for (apart of bodily pleasures)?

      Fingers crossed for you.

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    • David Wood says:

      have you read Chapter 3?

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  64. Custom avatar Tommy says:

    Hi All…David, thanks for what you are doing…it is working!

    Our “why,” (“our” being that of my wife and I) is simply born of our passions, which have developed over the last 20 years or so.

    Way back when we decided that it was our goal to live a simpler, healthier life by growing our own food. As we took many small steps in that direction, we eventually found ourselves operating a small “homestead” with a couple of dairy goats, a few chickens, turkeys, and ducks, and a raised-bed garden in which we were able to provide quite a harvest for our family of six.

    Simultaneously, we were learning how to stretch a dollar, how to better delineate “needs” and “wants” (curiously, as we did that we found that our “wants” eventually changed and became more closely aligned with our “needs”), and as this was all taking place we found ourselves answering more and more questions from friends and family members wanting to know our “secrets.” We have continued to answer those questions as they come…until we received your book. We already realized that in today’s economic insecurity, there are many thousands of folks who could benefit from our experience, knowledge, and passion – but we lacked a blueprint for reaching and helping them…until we received your book.

    We have wanted to help more people, but didn’t know how…until we received your book. Now we know…and we are taking the steps necessary to become a recognized source of help and value – because of you. “Thanks” hardly seems enough, but “thanks!” 🙂

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    • Custom avatar Tommy says:

      Almost forgot – I am certainly interested in the conference call!

      Thanks again!

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    • Sara Watson says:

      Tommy and Wife,
      I would be interested in what you come up with in the future. My and my husband are on the same journey. Taking baby steps. Trying to align our wants to our needs and teaching our kids to do so as well. So I will be watching for what ever information, knowledge, pointers and gardening wisdom you can share with us here!



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      • Custom avatar Tommy says:

        Hi Sara – (my Bride’s name is Patti, BTW!) 🙂

        We are really just getting started and feeling our way through. Is it appropriate to post links here? I hope so…if not I will delete if someone will kindly scold me! If it’s ok, then you can check our progress at http://www.shoestringsufficiency.com, http://www.facebook.com/ShoestringSufficiency, and on Twitter @ShoestringSuffi – almost every single step we’ve taken thus far (baby steps, for sure) has been a result of reading David’s helpful book!

        It is an exciting time for us…we are using helpful content from other folks mostly for now, as we develop our own content…much planning is underway for videos and audio and other stuff!!

        Thanks so much for commenting…it’s a great journey!

        Tommy & Patti

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    • Lynn Latson says:

      I commend you and your wife for your ‘passion’. Old Hippies, married in 1974, I baked all our bread, canned preserves and pickles, froze much from our organic garden (my husband has just started eating cauliflower again after 30 years, as we had a bumper crop and it was a winter of cauliflower..LOL!)
      Unfortunately, I was extremely isolated with our first born and developed agoraphobia. My Dad came to the rescue when he saw a news report on it. I became a student of Dr. David Barlow. Overcame the agoraphobia. Then, my Dad suggested I design kitchens as he thought I had a great design sense and was a fabulous cook. Within one year, I became an architectural designer working with many millionaires! What fun! However, in 2000, I discovered I had breast cancer. Had a mastectomy that has left me with extreme nerve damage and pain. I can no longer draft, but can do sketches. My husband does the drafting.
      I also have written a novel. The Oakhampton Comfort Society…..pen name Roberta Hoy. If you read it, you’ll know why.
      David has opened my eyes to ALL of my talents. I was a part of John Assaraf’s One Coach program and when I would phone in on a teleseminar, he’d always graciously say….This is the most talented woman I know. Lynn, tell them what you do…
      I’m an artist, sculptor, writer, architectural designer, and a great cook
      Thanks to David, I can now see how to use my talents for a much larger good!
      BTW…David, I was a martial artist as well. Karate, Aikido, and Tai Chi.

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  65. Toby says:

    Hi David, I’m not sure I unerstand the technological concept fully but I am interested. I’m in. (p.s. How does it work with the time differences?)

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  66. Custom avatar Jim says:


    Kudos to you.

    Since the age of twenty two I have always made best efforts for me and my family.

    In three of the franchise businesses that I owned/operated, I applied the readings of Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth”. I sat on stage with Michael discussing specifically a brand new way to literally provide electricity anywhere on earth at a very low cost! In spite of my direct learnings from Michael and the other attendees, every one of whom pledged varying investment dollars before i left the stage-and I was NOT trying to SELL anything!, the partnership I was representing at the time failed and ended up costing me dearly.

    David, in your book, you mention Brendan Buchard. In 2008 (my personal worst year EVER!) I had not heard anything regarding him…I read “Life’s Golden Ticket”, and me being the intuitor that I AM, KNEW that I had to see him, hear him, meet him, participate in one of his seminars…and I did! But until very recently, I did not believe that I had an appropriate product to utilize using his approach/system.

    I am ready, willing, and able to have David Wood as a mentor. Is David Wood ready for me?

    As a sixty one year old who tested positive for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) nine years ago, I understand the condition very well. When I received the results, everything, and I do mean everything that has happened throughout my lifetime MADE SENSE to me!

    Three critical factors came into play: first, my wife had been observing what she believed to be some “strange behavior”; secondly, having previously utilized the services of psychiatrists and psychologists, I was “open” to finding out what she was seeing and modifying my own behavior as deemed appropriate; growing up a physician’s son, I was taught at an early age that I should seek out the best professional/medical counsel.

    I am well aware that I have always been different…and that IS my WHY! Growing up, my Dad, sister and brother were not able to understand me…since I was the youngest child, Mom had a soft spot for me.


    I survived through high school, did well enough to get into a fabulous college that Dad “sweet talked” admissions into accepting me), flunked out after the second semester, returned home, tried junior college, then a state school (to try to satisfy…Dad), quit, found an on-the-road sales job–of course, with Dad’s help–and got married for the first time. I was twenty one.

    My sales training went well enough that I earned my own territory, requiring relocation to a city three states away. BUT, I could not/did not sell jack! My father called me one day and in the conversation told me just how disappointed the owner of the company was in my lack of sales! (the owner was both a personal friend and patient!)Ouch!

    I called the owner the next day, and I quit on the spot!

    Today,looking back for only a moment, THAT was the turning point in my life. I was ON MY OWN–strings severed, relationship(s) changed forever–I would not be able to apply my WHY today if I had not learned from the first third of my lifetime!

    David, I am confident that you and those folks reading this have at least some understanding of the condition known as ADHD/HD. It is a very complicated, incredibly misunderstood mental health condition. While there are three primary types of ADHD (as defined by DSM-IV Revised-American Academy of Pediatrics)namely, inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive, both the definition and condition itself invade one’s mind in many more forms than “just” those three.

    Presently, I am a Certified (online) Parent to Parent Family Trainer (under the auspices of Children & Adults with ADD; aka: CHADD.) I have worked with close to 100 families within the constraints of CHADD, and will continue to do so, BUT I have identified a large niche- those with the condition and their parents, and also adults. There is a “sub-niche”: parents of K-12 children who have no concept of how to work with their child’s school! Although the information is available on many websites, it cannot be found by the parent in a concise format.

    That concise format is actually my second “product”. My first is a “life story” book, written in an appropriate meaningful manner.

    Yes, I need the “how-to’s” in order to have my products be well received by this target audience and sell well. For many reasons, I NEED to monetize my expertise!

    My overall approach is positive. I refuse to think of myself (or others) as “Disabled” WE ARE JUST “DIFFERENT”!

    I learned the following while I was a corporate trainer/developer, and have lived by it for thirty years:

    “Blessed are they who are flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!”

    David, will YOU assist me please?

    Yes, I would be eternally grateful to work with you AND, YES, I would be very interested in participating in the online workshop Thursday.

    Looking forward to chatting directly with you, and

    Best regards

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  67. Beth says:

    Hi Dave,
    I was touched by your story and appreciate you have the honesty to share it with us. Here is my WHY…. I was a funny child and grew up being a kind of clown. But at the age of 18 when I went away for College, things started to be a little different. I had problems to relate with other people, I was very unsure and took the “passenger seat”, puting my needs behind because I didn´t even know I had one. Somehow I managed to hide, finding some kind of excuses to escape to any situation that I must expose myself.For instance, I was one of the best in the volleyball team but when the try out came I was so afraid (I was not conscious about it at the time)that I would “suddenly” find an excuse to give up. Convincing myself it was not so important anyway. It took me a long time and much suffering to realize it.
    At the age of 23 I found out I was intelligent and a new world opened up for me. Not just the nice but the ugly one as well. My inner work started. I´ve been working on myself since then. I had to deal with my anger, my sadness, my pain. I invested all my energy reading,learning how to cope with all the pain. On top of all I found out I was sexually abused. Somehow I knew that something was not right, but my memory was shut. Lots of crying and loneliness. After the “whys” (why me, it´s not fair etc..I started to heal myself. Today I have a lot of compassion for people like me that went through this kind of experience. And I learned that it´s time to live. We cannot be locked on the past. We canot change people and events that happened so long ago but, we can give hope. We can motivate. We can help young people to overcome their problems and heal themselves. We are so connected to each other that if we give love ,love not only comes back to us but change the whole energy around. Thanks Dave, I wish you the best.

    *I would like to participate in your Teleseminars but I live in Germany. How to manage?

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    • Custom avatar Julie D says:

      I never had anything bad happen to me so it was a real eye opener when I did a Landmark course to hear how others were and weren’t coping with the things you went thru. I take my hat off to you for realising you had to live and doing it. Only people like you can get thru to kids to let them know not to fall for the lies and to report it and scream the house down.
      I have had 2 children still born and 2 husbands die but those are natural things – part of life and you can understand them. (I have 9 children living and soon 24 g’kids.
      I do volunteer work for a children’s group. I love children so much so it hurts me to think what some children have had to deal with. You are a champion. Julie

      PS David – my post did not show up at all. And wow you reply to all wow double wow.

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  68. Custom avatar Evilyn Smallwood says:

    I would love to take part in the call.

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  69. Custom avatar Kelly says:

    David, Yes, I would like to partcipate in your webinar this Thursday. My “why” is being of service to special needs adults and children helping them to live a better qualify of life. More specifically I want to become a professional communicator (telepathic communicator) helping special needs riders who are unable to speak by connecting with them personally and also communicating with their therapy horses. This is my passion!

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  70. jarrod_drawbaugh@dell.com says:

    Would definately be interested in attending the teleclass!

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  71. Custom avatar Veronique says:

    not sure what my why is, I mean the very first one, but two things spring to mind:

    The most recent leap in my life is becoming a mediator. Learning the tools of conflict resolution made me realize how much my paralysing fear of conflicts had shaped my life so far and been at the root of many a choice, and suddenly that fear is gone. It’s huge. The freedom, I mean.

    The other is creativity. I make jewellery, with crap. Beach plastic mainly, and all kind of found objects, or very cheap material which was not meant to be beautiful. Why is this a why? I’m not sure, I’m thinking as I go along. Again, it has to do with freedom. Choosing this path where nobody could teach me anything, not my family, not my teachers, not fellow artists as often makers of “naive art” are labelled as mad and/or their production is so highly personnal they are not into teaching. Choosing this path meant building my own tools, setting my own standards, discovering my own way, it meant expressing myself in a language that I made up as I went along. (I’m also a language teacher, hence the language metaphor, I guess.)

    So, David, I don’t know what my why is, because I don’t know what my calling is, yet. I’m not sure. Do I really want to help others? Since I read your book I’ve been thinking about which of my several skills I would be most passionate about, which one would be of interest to people, or, more to the point for me, which one wuold empower them the most. Yes, that’s it. That IS what matters to me. Empowerment. Should I set up a blog to share the tools of conflict prevention and conflict resolution? A blog about making things of beauty from discarded objects, modest treasures and cheap materials? A cooking blog, with cheap and easy ideas for enjoying truly yummy meals even if you live on a few dollars a day?

    I don’t know. Why do these things matter to me? You set me thinking, David, for that I am thankful.

    Thank you for sharing your very touching personal story.


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    • Custom avatar Veronique says:

      and I forgot to answer your question about the teleclass: yes, but please could you organize a replay, as I cannot attend this thursday, ans live in a different time zone? Many thanks.

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  72. Custom avatar Elisabeth says:

    Sudden deat of a close relative or friend is always an emotional traumah, specially if one whitnessed it. Didn’t you, as is often in such a case, feel guilty of being a survivor?
    I lost my son when he was 21 – threw himself in front of a train. After getting the news, the first thing I wanted to know was in what state of mind he was when he did it – desperate? -, and how his soul felt. The friend I contacted about this question soon called me back and said that his soul was in peace, it had just been too much for him on this earth. (This was confirmed by the policeman who said that his face expression was peaceful.) This helped me a lot, and I was able to let love guide my feelings about his death. Still, I remembered so many instances where I had failed him and thus contributed to his lack of “emotional immune system” which had, eventually, to him not having been able to deal with his life, and I reproached myself for this. However, once I distinctly felt that he hugged me, letting me know he had forgiven me, and at other times heard his voice “Do better!”
    This is his legacy to me.
    My mother had not dealt with this blow, and had a stroke soon after that, and died.
    It is important to deal with one’s feelings and traumas. And to accept the lesson this taught us.

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    • David Wood says:

      I think I did

      it was deeply buried though. Only really felt and released it last year – through a Family Constellation exercise.

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  73. Hi David,

    When we make the effort to open up the door, the responsibility to touch hurting hearts is difficult to walk away from.

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  74. Custom avatar Yvonne L. says:

    Hi Guys,

    I want to help woman whom have been in bad relationships to feel better about themselves.

    I have just gone through a very bad relationship, and I am still at the end of my ropes when it comes to financial issues, since I also have our little girl to take care of. This society isn’t very ‘mother friendly’ from what I have experienced when searching for a job for the past year. I simply had to find out that there ARE NO JOBS that one could attend during the day Mon-Fri, while a child is in school! So, how am I to make an income? How do we survive, when her father now starts do reject to pay child- and spousal support? I haven’t seen any money from him for 4 weeks. I am running out, and the food stamps buy food, and nothing else. Not laundry detergent, toothpaste, toilet paper our much needed clothing for my 6 year old.

    Some states consider it a felony when a father refuses to pay. Unfortunately PA is not such a state. I don’t know what is going to happen to my little girl and I, so in order to even being able to put-up a webpage like David suggested it has to wait for a while, since I cannot even afford the 10Bucks to do that right now, and from what I am reading there are additional costs.

    What I can do is start to write a blog about my experience and what it is like to go through something like this. What I can tell ALL WOMAN is this, too!!!!

    No matter what HE sais: “Stop believing him, stop buying into it! It is his version of projecting his anger and aggressions upon you, because you are present, ready and here for him at a particular moment!”
    It is him acting up, because life isn’t showing up for him the way he wants it to be. And you are in it, with him, this life that he wishes for to be different!!!

    Of course you have a choice!
    You can stay, or you can leave!
    You can work through it together, if he is up for it! BUT … AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you have to stick around for ignorance! You are free, and YOUR LIFE is also WHAT YOU CHOSE TO MAKE IT!

    Here is a Poem that I want to share with you all, in case you haven’t been able to read it yet the first day David put up this Webpage.

    This link takes you to booksie.com

    May we as woman be aware what kind of effect our actions have upon our daughters!

    Love and Blessings,

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    • Sara Watson says:

      Hello Ynonne,
      Your comments touched me as a sister of domestic violence. You want to help those hurting victims of DV to heal and be able to move on in their lives without making the same mistakes,as well as be able to love and trust again not only a potential mate but themselves as well. I should know, the love of my life was a sex addict, sexual preditor, rage-aholic, alcholic, and drug addict. How I came to be “in love” with such a character is beyond my understanding. But the experience shattered my innocence and woke me up to the world that exists out there. And I am joyful in having lived through the experience. But, I will never be the same.

      I too have often thought of serving those who have come out of such a “lifestyle”. During my only stay in a battered womans shelter I was shocked and disappointed that the one thing they did not offer was counseling of any sort for the women and children that stayed there. So when I tried to start a small group discussion on the topic I was ridiculed and attacked not only by the staff, but by the women who stayed there! You see, I was a minority. The only Caucasian with children in a sea of African American women and children. I had no right -in their eyes- to start a self-help group for us because I didn’t understand their culture, their story. So, the end of my story. Shut down. Shut up. That did not discourage me. It wasn’t the time for my involvement.

      Fast forward a few years, and the broken and hurting were always finding a way to my doors -metephorically speaking- wanting to talk, to heal, to cry and laugh -no matter what the color of our skin was. I found that I helped others of DV better in a one-on-one forum. Many of the stories were gut renching and sickening and saddly never-ending. What I couldn’t understand is why some would go back for more even when they had other options and even when their childrens lives were at stake.

      Rewind several years. I am 12, just being released from the hospital for an appendectemy.In our car with my parents on a rainy November afternoon in California. My dad stops to let a woman cross in front of us. She looks disheveled with a torn black party dress and broken high heels. She was beaten and she walks aimlessly in front of us followed by young child walking along in a very soilded diaper carrying a bottle of curdled milk. Barefoot and soaking wet toddling along after his mom. I stare in saddness and horror and wished we could do something to help her.

      That image still penetrates my mind and drives the question “What are you going to do?” While I certainly have learned that I cannot save the world, I have learned to care for others who are in need when the time and opportunity has been appointed to me to do so. But I’m not naive by believing it always will have a happy ending. Sometimes we help those who are so lost there is nothing else we can do for them but pray and leave their care in Gods hands. Love is a choice and it isn’t always pretty, but I’d rather make an effort at it than do nothing at all and wished I had.

      I applaud your desire to be there for those hurting women and children of DV. Even after the bruises and cuts and broken bones are healed the emotional scars remain and remind.

      Warmest Regards!


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      • Yvonne L. says:

        Dear Sara,

        thank you very much for your detailed reply.
        WOW, you truly had some impressions in early childhood already about poverty and battered woman.

        I can literary place myself next to you in the car-seat and see the poor, broken mom with her child, the way you describe it.
        Great writing skills, Sara!

        As for the part where you feel ‘singled-out’ at the shelter, I can tell you that I know what that feels like, too.
        I did not grow up here. The only reason I am living where I am living now is because of my daughters father. I have about one really good friend, and a neighbor that I talk to once in a while. Everybody else are people that you ‘say hi, and bye to’, and that’s that.

        I am going to a woman’s group next week, and I truly hope that we can get more girls together. It is an official place and the host told me that two woman had shown up, so she hopes to get a group started. When I went there about 2 month ago, there was nobody else attending – but me … oh well…. I guess the timing wasn’t right then.

        I am glad that you have worked through all the emotional pain and grief with your own situation, Sara. When you state that you are joyful having lived through the experience, can you explain “joyful” a bit more? It is hard to understand to feel joyful, with so much hurt and pain having gone on. I could possibly feel an acceptance, because it happened anyway, and to see the growing experience on a soul level that I have undergone, yet joyful may be bit misleading? … Not sure … I wish to understand what exactly it is that you are expressing with the word ‘joyful’ … it might be important to know … Thank you. Hope you don’t mind me getting that deep.

        Yes, many go back. I have also talked to different woman of all types of cultures and walks. There are ethnic groups where woman are looked funny upon, when they leave their man especially by the rest of family members. I was told that often they are told that it is their fault (even by their own mother) if they can’t ‘make a man happy’. So much ignorance made me cry.

        Then, just yesterday, I was reading an article on the homepage explaining that ‘motherhood’ isn’t really supported well here in the US. The ranks are very low compared to the rest of the western world, AND THAT in one of the richest country of the world. It is a crying shame.
        Here is the link to the article, in case you are interested to read it:

        I have Court the next two days, coming up, because of her father not paying what he is supposed.
        Can I ask you all to pray for me that the judge will find a solution to have him pay enough so we can survive? He has a home-based business, too that’s why he was able to quit his job, so what he does at home isn’t on the books, and it generates good income, too…. I just hope the judge is WILLING to see through his crap. The last one didn’t, and changed the very fair judgement of the very first court order, after my husband had filed an exception, stating that he is paying way to much… All this is so ridiculous.

        I wish more woman would stand up and feel of themselves being worthy enough to make a point, especially for our children.
        I am also a strong believer that what we send out there comes back to us, and the only reason why the ranking of the importance of motherhood in this country is so low is because woman have failed to demand to be respected as mothers. If we let men walk all over us, then this is what the picture looks like on the grand scale…. We owe it to all of our children to make this place a better place for them as well.

        It cannot be that all that is viewed as important is money, work, shopping, politics and sports! Thinking ‘consumption’ only is very sickening, not only for one’s wallet but for the heart and mind, too.

        Hopefully was have arrived at a time where even when we can’t help some people, because they reject help, and then having placed into God’s hands… even then … AND NOW … I am truly praying that by GOD and Universal Law that NOW is the time where THINGS HAVE REFUSED TO BE MISMANAGED FOR LONG! …. so that Change is an instant endeavor and love and peace will prevail ~

        Have a blessed day, Sara … and “Thank-you”,

        and “Thank-you”, David for your reply as well.


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    • David Wood says:

      love that niche! powerful elevator line – nicely done.

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  75. Daisy Lee says:

    I am a bit shy about it, but listening to a phone call is very enticing. Is it in the evening? The thing is this. It’s all about energy. When a person thinks thoughts they begin the flow of energy. The more they focus on that type of thought then the more it attracts extra energy into the flo. This is essentially how the power of attraction (really it’s the power of resonance) works. When a human voice speaks out about the ideas they have been thinking, it hugely mutliplies the power and strength of the vibrating energy behind it. It creates much larger ripples (bigger impact) in the pond. So would I be willing to listen to a phone call from you guys? Only if I really want to get excited (vibrations) and succeed at this path we are on. Careful you don’t giggle the earth off its poles with this one, David. (Making a jest here!) But really with the amount of truth and love I have seen pouring out of people who have been responding to your stories and blog, then an actual spoken phone call, will be very impactful. It will help a lot of people. Another tip – vibrating energies of love and compassion are what breaks through the blocks and chains that bind us.

    I have listened and read a lot of the ‘guru’s that try to ‘teach’ us how to climb out of the hole we been in. Rather than ‘teach’, your gentle way ‘leads and encourages’ us. None of the guru’s have evoked the emotional (healing) huge love and compassion response that your gentle questions have created. Watch out now David, all of this Love we people are pouring out here, is definitley calling up the prescence of the ‘Big Shiny Guys’ to help in that phone call. WE are blessed that you stayed on the journey to find us, David.

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  76. Custom avatar Claudia says:

    YES, I would love to get on webcast with you (not phone because I live in Mexico City).

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  77. Nitehowl says:

    WTF, why am I even telling you this? Who know? In my teens I discovered I could get a sense of going well or not when some told me about their immediate plans. Nothing like being the bad news guy. I hid from people a lot not wanting to hear what they thought they were going to do. And people just told me things I never asked about.

    Then in my late twenties I found out I could make things happen. This scared the hell out of me so I did my best not to. I feared I might hurt someone and not like the results.

    Then a few more years passed and I had been wanting to know WHY all this was going on with me and just how could I do it?

    Then I ran across the movie “The Secret”. This only made me want to know more as I felt there was more here than what was being said.

    I studied this type of information for years and still do. The thing that answered all my questions was learning about the Universal Laws and that you can break mans law all day long but you can not break Universal Law ever.

    Another words Man can not screw up Universal Law. This of course included me and I have had a much better life knowing how things are supposed to work and applying them. WOW, much better and smoother.

    I found with this information you can extract the truth from anything. Life really is simpler than we thought and we do have all the tools to do what ever we can think of. Create too.

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  78. sharon says:

    My Why: give and receive god’s love and help others do the same creatively and freely- including time money and spiritual freedom. I’ve had a driving passion from very early in life. People seemed completely unaware that we are here to share love! I wish to inspire each of us to connect with the wellspring of love that is available as well as the innate intelligence we each have access o for healing st any level!
    I have practiced in the Healing Arts for 18 yrs and have seen first hand how our experiences, even injuries and illness are gifts toward freedom and love.
    I have had a rich life of miracles including surviving a near fatal bicycle accident and overcoming the prognosis of multiple Doctors to live an active life not on pain medications.
    I wish for each of us that we reach within and ask why am I here? What can I offer to make the way easier for others? What is my divine or universal mission?

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  79. Custom avatar Polly says:

    Oh! I forgot to say:
    I definitely would like to be on
    the list for the call and next
    week would be good for me, also. Please…give us a tran-
    scription? I find that I will
    go back to the printed page and
    find more info than at the first

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  80. David,

    Emotions originate from within, and can be dealt with only by going there, whilst almost everybody goes without i.e. outside.
    True happiness exists only within you, and if you help enough people to realize this, your own happiness is guaranteed.


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  81. Gill says:

    My why is also pretty harrowing, a childhood with serious crap going on with both my parents, that took me till I was in my 30s to connect with I’d buried it so deep. I had months of hypnosis to find out why I was either on top of the world or in the depths and start to experience “normal”. I just get such a thrill since I started doing therapies 15 yrs ago, every time someone I have helped walks out a different person than when they walked in for a treatment session and I’m still having trouble believing that it’s me making the difference!

    A teleclass would be great, but haven’t been able to load up Skype, so don’t know how I’d listen in unless it was available to listen to afterwards.

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  82. Custom avatar Polly Van Buren says:

    Hello David,

    I have had such a full life, with lots of whys, that some
    people have told me that I came
    to live 3 lives in 1. That does
    not seem an exaggeration. I will need to think about what the 1st one was! This has most
    definitely been an “E ticket”
    ride and I so enjoy the feeling
    of relaxation that you bring to
    all of us so that we can feel
    open enough to delve down to that very most meaningful 1st
    that so shaped each of us.

    Many thanks,


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  83. Custom avatar Hope says:

    Thanks for sharing David. I too shut down emotionally at the age of 6 by a conscious decision as I couldn’t deal the the physical/mental pain. I had severe life threatening Rheumatic Fever from 4 – 18 YOA. My parents drilled into me that I couldn’t get excited, and couldn’t play as it would kill me. From being active part of my family, I became set apart. My siblings could no longer interact with me on any level, and school created a whole new pain trip, bullying etc… At early age, I was also hypnotised to not ever remember my dreams (severe nightmares) – and to this day at 57, I do not dream. I find that I am still blocked but by helping others in their journey to get more out of life in any way, I find I help myself.

    I also have to watch the time zone problem, as I am East Coast Australia.

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  84. Custom avatar Kira says:

    Dear David,

    I have taken some time to get through the book because of other commitments. However I think I have found the answer at last. I have always been the one my friends come to for advice, and explored the possibility of becoming a life coach. I have wanted to help others for years and share my experiences both in my professional capacity and personal. I have suffered from a lack of self confidence for many years and a constant feeling of not being appreciated for what i have to offer.I have read hundreds of self help books and done an enormous amount of personal work. Naturally I chose an industry that puts me even further in the firing line and constantly have clients walk away because I try too hard. I think this goes back to my childhood and a feeling of being neglected by my parents. Not physically but definately emotionally. I was constantly reprimanded for being too intense. Well that is simply who I am and after 12 very tough months in a very tough economic climate I am ready to share my incredible knowledge of my industry ( Creating HOMES) with others. We are so often ruled by our emotional issues and I see it every day. I have used my ability to see emotional disturbances to work with my clients and assist them in a way that makes them feel confident they are making the right decisions for themselves and their families. I am now putting together a whole selection of online “manuals” on how to successfully deal with architects, builders, finishes and decorating from an emotional and personal point of view as apposed to the “trends” and dictatorship of the people who should be helping but quite often bully you into doing things their way. Over the years I have seen so many people make massive mistakes that end up costing them too much money and time. I am going to empower whoever wants empowerment, to successfully build, project manage and decorate their homes the way they want to and within their budget! Freedom I guess , I no longer have to try so hard to get people to listen to me, they can sample and choose for themselves. Thank you for helping me get to this point. I feel a huge weight lifting off my shoulders. Now to work I go…

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  85. Reginald says:

    It’s true. I’m a community worker and doing a mentorship programme. Working with kids between 13 -18. I’ve got money from government for 4 years. Now there is no money to help feed the children and mentor them. I need a place for 100 young people. I try to raise $5,000 000 through different money making opportunities, but it isn’t easy.
    I need to buy the farm for a youth mentorship center. Salaries for staff and feed and mentor 100 youth everyday. These children had no parents. You know, I don’t need money, I need people. People who has passion, compassion,and more for young people. We are here to prepare the youth to make a difference in the world today.
    Now I just need people who can help me to build the Youth Mentorship center here in South Africa, Plettenberg bay. I don’t want the money, I want the people, the person who can help me to build and help the youth. You can make that difference. Want to contact me. Contact Reginald at +27 44 5331031

    God bless

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  86. Custom avatar Jane says:

    Hi David and all,
    I had (and still have though he is too old to be a problem now) a sexually intrusive father. Or I could say I was sexually abused. I am now 51 and have spent so much of my life trying to get the part of me – child me – to not be in control of my life especially from a emotional perspective.
    Just reading the first part of your book has been a real inspiration and has jetisoned my confidence into putting my work of the last 30 years out there for others to make it accessible for everyone.
    Best wishes Jane x x

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  87. Custom avatar Ben Green says:

    Hi David and thanks for sharing your powerful “why”. I too have a a “why” that drives me to help others and as you labeled your story ‘a bit edgy’ – well so is mine. Its too long to share here but I will say that I am now a life coach and a teacher as a result. I hold a Masters degree in education and two coaching certifications among other accolades. All as a result of my “why”. I was a small kid growing up and subjected myself to a lot of peer pressure and risky situations. Many stories to tell but one was my being convicted of a crime involving drugs and having to serve time in jail while attending college in my second year. It was a devastating experience and yet I survived with a mission to help people realize their own worth and to allow themselves to make wise decisions for their lives. Later in life – I too lost my one and only sister to a rare cancer. Her husband was … well not in the highest of character and fortunately for her children he abandoned them with us at an early age ( about 8 years ago). I have not been able to mourn this her passing either but instead continue in the same desire that we shared – to help others reach their dreams. Perhaps we can talk sometime and we can share more of our stories.

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  88. Custom avatar Jo Ann says:

    Yes, it is a fabulous idea whose time has come. However this Thursday, I’ll be on travel and hope you have an archive for those of us who have conflicting schedules. Also, for greatest benefits and continuity… how about monthly calls?
    Jo Ann
    Richest Blessings!

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  89. Pamela says:

    I’m in (the teleclass).

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  90. David says:

    David , thank you for having the courage to be open and inspiring me and so many others.
    I would be happy to share in your future teleseminars. Next week would be better for me than this Thursday.
    Also , I am in Europe and timing is important. I am on Central European Time and US evening times are the middle of the night for me.

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    • Custom avatar Mairead says:

      I’m in Europe too, so if there was a replay for the call that would be so useful!

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  91. olga triana says:

    Dear David,
    Thak you so much for sharing your story with us. It’s so comforting to know other people out there have suffered as well but have managed to deal with the pain in a constructive way and are now in a position to love and care for others.

    I would be very happy to be part of your teleclass

    With love and gratitude,
    olga Triana

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  92. Andrea says:

    Hello David,
    As you may already know, your sister could well have been an angel to direct you where you are now. Maybe you are one?

    I stopped living when I fell pregnant so very young with an unsupportive family, and became a single mom, in a time and society when it wasn’t ‘done’. I now have a family of my own, and want to start living my own version of life, and do what drove me all those years ago. Sadly the bills and pressures get in the way, and time is slipping every day.

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    • David Wood says:

      hi Andrea

      there are some people who are pretty sure I’m not an angel 🙂 But humor aside, I think we can all play that role.

      So you’re ready to start living…..what are you doing to DO about it?

      Love D

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  93. Custom avatar Stuart says:

    Hi David,
    Interesting question! I never thought of asking myself Why?
    The first thing that sprang to mind was my parents and their struggle to make ends meet. As a kid with 4 other siblings I often looked at my mum and wished I could make it easier for her. Constantly scaping enough money to pay the bills. Sadly she died a few years ago aged only 57!
    Her determination and my dad’s were an inspiration to me.
    I’d love to help others out of that situation and into a life with a bit more joy and freedom.
    Thanks for the question.

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    • jan kemp says:

      Hi stuart,

      I had to check the name on your post because your why is identical to mine i am also one of 5 and my mum also died at 57. She had a hard life and i was always trying to help ease her pain and have continued to do so, with everyone who comes to me for help.

      Until i read your why i didn’t realise what mine was.

      Thank you.


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  94. Custom avatar mike says:

    Heya! – Lovely story, David… I can really relate.
    My own ‘only sister’ committed suicide 36 (gosh! – is it that much already?) years ago, completely shattering especially my folks… Hurts like hell, doesn’t it? Oh well!
    My why is slightly different, though, or – better – includes this but also takes its roots in other, sometimes wider things as well.
    I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, surrounded by the opulence of my own and the pain and frustration of others (who were very often my friends and fellow musicians)…
    I also grew up in a veritable minefield of ‘belief’ – my father a Jewish atheist, my mother a ‘lapsed Catholic’ agnostic, my grandmother knighted by Pope Pius of evil memory and screeds of family of both professions on either side… I very early on realised that beliefs were definitely the most dangerous thing we ever come up with… what we believe, what we think we believe, what we don’t know we believe, what we imagine other people believe, and so on… We “hand knit” entire universes of them and then see only what we believe and never what is actually there.
    Around the age of 12/13 i was lucky enough to discover Lao-tze and a love affair with ways of going about things that were not the one’s i was surrounded with began…
    I became fascinated with Buddhism shortly after, and around the age of 17/18 with Tibetan Buddhism.
    I’m going on 63 now and i have never yet sounded the depths of these, or, for that matter, even ‘seen the sides’… And, since what they are continually pointing to is *beyond* belief, beyond the ‘comfort’ of knowing, i find them a wondrous place to be coming from and an extraordinary source of strength for cutting through my own beliefs – my own stupidity, selfishness and laziness (a pretty full-time job, i can assure you!).
    I’m not interested in flogging Buddhism or Taoism per se, but i am interested in helping others spot and then – where necessary – slowly transparentise their own belief systems…
    It seems to me that this is the fundamental – this is the cramped little box we all are too scared to step out of… So… everything i do is to this end… My songs, my teaching, my translations, my occasional blogging or writing – everything…

    This is the what and the why… The who is anyone who actually needs a friend – someone to share with and – perhaps – mentor them as they try to jemmy themselves of their safe little rock…

    Interesting that you get me to think of this, David… I like you, mate. You’re a good feller.

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  95. Custom avatar Rachel says:

    Why? why am I drawn to a career of helping others – whether I get paid or not, whether they appreciate me or not and whether I see results immediately or not? I believe that I will eventually get paid. I believe that they will appreciate me. I believe that I will be paid.

    You are ALL inspiring me that I can give to people an extra something in the very act of asking them directly to pay me, encouraging them to appreciate me and trust me, and telling them to add in their bit to make results happen faster.

    Why? why am I drawn to this life? Simply because the old life didn’t work. It seems sensible that you agree to a regular day job, you be committed to it, you make money. But in practice, the math simply didn’t add up. I was very committed – but couldn’t get myself to concentrate, so I couldn’t get the work in. I was a very honest person, at least I thought I was, but I couldn’t make myself work, I kept getting distracted, dismayed, or finding myself ill or in bed. What was going on?

    Similarly in my relationships. I was giving giving giving, or at least I thought I was, but the other people did not feel they were getting. Does this make sense to you?

    Eventually I learnt EFT, which changed my life. It’s what I want to say to Russel and Geoffrey above, try EFT to help support your efforts to stay drug free, crime free, addict free. You’re such good people. I’m so impressed that you shared here. That everyone shared here! That David conceived of such a site and that Sarah kindly responded to so many people. So many others are just reading and weeping, and saying: there are good people in the world, I’m normal. I’m OK.

    When I say to try EFT, I don’t want to tell you that your life will become rosy overnight. So far as I can tell, life goes in waves, love hate love hate love hate. up down up down up down. When you do EFT, or some other technique, you will find your life gradually being better, the lows may be less low, or shorter, or you may have more friends to help you out of it. the highs are that bit higher, more normal, and somehow their light gradually shines a bit more on the down times too. But you’ll still have highs and lows, as we all do.

    One of the things that inspires me is that everyone is a hero. When I heard recently of a girl in depression and was asked by her friend, how would I help her, I told her friend, that unlikely as it may seem, I believe that one day the depressed girl is going to change the world in some way. It’s the only way I understand a depression. Her friend said – oh but she is only twenty (the friend wanted to just help her get back to *normal life*). I said people of all ages can change the world. It’s not that I didn’t want the girl to have her chance to be normal. But the world will have to change to accommodate her, because as it is, there is no space for her. She’s depressed. If the world changes, she’ll be able to unclip her wings. I said, that the change she makes is perhaps simply our perception that the world can accommodate her and her needs too. That there’s room for everyone. Gradually the world will become a better place, no one needs to be depressed – and frankly squished. If it’s not working – change the world!!!

    It’s the same with me. I was trying to be normal. I was trying to be a good wife a good mother. It wasn’t the right path for me. I had to first grind down to a halt, realize my power and turn it around. My brain followed my actions. My actions took me to bed for a long time. My brain finally realized to stop torturing me, there’s all the time in the world, self heal, and help others also too. I had to share with the world. And I guess I’ll have to be paid for it!

    I heard yesterday that a depression is what happens when you feel a repression of your light. I think it’s also true. If you think that just being a nameless and faceless individual, doing a day job is a “good” path, you may find that it doesn’t work. I wish it did, it’s what they told me in school. But for me it didn’t!!! I think that a human being is a light, and every one of us gradually changes the world, in a our own way. You know the difference between blue light and blue paint? I saw myself as blue paint, but now I see myself as blue light. How do you see yourself? Do you think this is true?

    Like all the people who wrote in above. each has their own niche, and their own way in which they change the world. When we change the world, not only do we personally not feel so self-destructive, we also make the world a better place for everyone. We don’t always find our niche right away, we don’t always seem to get paid for it right away.

    I think we are all eternal. When I read about people’s attempts to self-destruct, and how they didnt succeed, I wanted to yell BRAVO!!!! (and THANK YOU) It reminds me how these people’s brains and actions seemed to say “only hope is to die” but some other aspect of themselves said NOPE. NOPE – THERE IS HOPE.

    Thank you so much for sharing . I think that the people who want to self destruct are those who are particularly spiritual and can’t bear the pain that their light isn’t shining yet. I know the pain is excruciating. The stronger the light, the stronger the pain.

    You may never get to normal. You already are. You are also helping the world just be existing, and particularly by sharing, and by holding on. And that’s not to say you aren’t like everyone else. They’re also helping the world, each in their own way. They may need you to light the way, or to get away so that they can light their own way.

    I’m very scared of this picture. Perhaps I’ve not described it right, perhaps I’ve not understood it right. So many of us seem to just want that safety of dissolving into nothingness, into facelessness, into sleep, pain or misery or of helpless trying and failing. Being told that you’re changing the world is no comfort!! What I mean is that you may change the world one day. But for now, you are NORMAL. Normal. NOormal. And very beloved. BY me and everyone else on this list.

    Every minute of the day, every second, that a person is alive is a great thing. Hang on hang on, hang on. Help will come from an unexpected place. Another thing I heard yesterday was to say “anything can happen and miracles are happening all the time.” (Drs Mountrose)

    Please learn the EFT tapping points. I’ll tell you how it helps me. When I’m in a despair, and yes, it still happens to me EVERY DAY, even though I’m “enlightened”!, I tap during the despair. If I don’t have courage to tap, I just touch the points. Or, I just think of the points. I do just the finger points. No words. No nothing. Just tapping. (I’m talking about the EFT tapping points, you can find them all over the web). If you have courage, say something positive, like the statement above. It gets me through.

    I do believe in G-d, but it’s sometimes very hard for me to pray to Him. I tap as I pray and then I can do it. I wanted to say “thank you for a new day” today, but I couldn’t. I didn’t feel it. So I said it without meaning it ten times, and I tapped as I said it. Gradually I was able to mean it.

    I love you. Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was helpful to you. Love Rachel

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  96. Hedi says:

    Thank you David for the way you relate these things. It is interesting to pose the question for oneself – why do I want to help people? I am a woman, 57 years old, have been married for 34 years now. We have got two sons and we have a good relationship with them. I am a teacher in Germany. I studied English years ago and worked quite a few years in the translation department of an automotive company. Anyway, during the last three years I am busy with teaching again. I made up my mind to help somebody who wants to master the Engl. language and to not get paid for this. (This is only one example where I decided to help) I thought about the motive. It was first of all the point that I myself did not have such an opportunity to receive help in the way that somebody could talk with me in this foreign language. And that is why I just wanted to give this kind of help. This person is very very happy and appreciates my help and this makes me happy too. I just wanted to experience it how it is to give and to not always ask for money for everything you do for other people.
    Concerning the telecourse, I would love that. Only I somehow do not know about the time. Because very often it is then night here where I live 🙂 . So I am not sure whether I can attend.
    I wish you great success in everything you do and always the capacity to feel at peace and with a lot of contentment, regardless of the circumstances that show up in life. warmly, Hedi

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  97. mike says:

    Heya! – Lovely story, David… I can really relate.
    My own ‘only sister’ committed suicide 36 (gosh! – is it that much already?) years ago, completely shattering especially my folks… Hurts like hell, doesn’t it? Oh well!
    My why is slightly different, though, or – better – includes this but also takes its roots in other, sometimes wider things as well.
    I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, surrounded by the opulence of my own and the pain and frustration of others (who were very often my friends and fellow musicians)…
    I also grew up in a veritable minefield of ‘belief’ – my father a Jewish atheist, my mother a ‘lapsed Catholic’ agnostic, my grandmother knighted by Pope Pius of evil memory and screeds of family of both professions on either side… Around the age of 12/13 i was lucky enough to discover Lao-tze and a love affair with ways of going about things that were not the one’s i was surrounded with began…
    I became fascinated with Buddhism shortly after, and around the age of 17/18 with Tibetan Buddhism.
    I’m going on 63 now and i have never yet sounded its depths or even ‘seen the sides’… And, since what it is continually pointing to is beyond all belief, beyond the ‘comfort’ of knowing, i find a wondrous place to be coming from and an extraordinary source of strength for cutting through my own stupidity, selfishness and laziness (a pretty full-time jov in my case, i c

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    • John says:

      Thanks for sharing your story David.
      My “why” is that I want to help people to understand what is important in life, then to make some choices and to take some action. I am very fortunate to be in good health, but 2 of my children have had very serious illnesses, one with cancer at 8 months and he is now 24 years old; the other with ME at 12 years and unable to walk for 3 years, she is now 20 years old. They are both (thank God) fit and well.
      Though we felt powerless at the time, and my wife and I raised the question “why us?”, we both decided to do what ever was in our power and to stay positive and hopeful about the future. The things we chose to do and act upon were a) to believe that we would work through the troubles no matter what, b) to involve our families and church communities in praying for us, c) to be our child’s champion then put our complete trust in the medical professionals caring for them, d) to do the research on how we as parents could do our best in the recovery processes, and e) to know that we would emerge stronger than before.
      For an inspiring book, read “Help Yourself” by Dave Pelzer.

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  98. Custom avatar Lindsay says:

    Hi all, my why? well, I was a red-head, freckly, fat little boy with a ‘girls’ name! lets just say that I wasn’t a confident kid. My parents always had money problems which then filtered its way into my consciousness. I kept failing at business as I grew up…and then my ultimate failure ended in divorce from my gorgeous wife. I had 2 beautiful sons at the time, and I was devastated to be apart from them – to say the say the least. It made me realize though that I had been chasing monetary success and missed what an absolute success my kids had turned out to be. I soon realized the true wealth I had created as a family with my wife and kids & then lost. I set a goal to win my family back and in the process found true happiness and wealth – spiritually, emotionally, financially. Today we’re remarried and I couldn’t be happier. They are the constant source of my gratitude and my life flows abundantly! What changed was my attitude to life through the transformation of my mind through Bob Proctor. Today I teach and coach people through these principles and I LOVE IT WITH PASSION! I am currently writing a book and when I did the freedom test found that I scored highest in the Inner column, confirming that state of inner happiness. I scored low on the others but thanks to you I’m in the process of rectifying that within the next 6 months! I’m even more inspired to share with others.
    love & gratitude to you all,
    ps. can you believe that I married a woman by the name of….Lindsay!

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    • David Wood says:

      you have GOT to be kidding!?


      btw one of my fav songs is A Boy Names Sue

      (maybe I’ll do a video of it on the guitar some time 🙂

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      • Lindsay says:

        that would be cool to see!
        ps. I would love to be at your teleseminar.
        pps. thanks for your help with your amazing book. I’m currently building a website at http://www.redefinemylife.com and would love to hear your comments. I know that would fall into the coaching category…but if you find yourself sitting around with nothing to do…you know… LOL!

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  99. Donald says:

    Hi David,
    Thank you so much for sharing. It really got me thinking about my “why.”
    Part of my “why” is that I was raised in fear; fear of authority (teachers, policemen, etc.), fear of disappointing my parents and bring “shame” to my family, fear of everything.
    I had an older brother who tormented me and then, laughed at how I was hurting. He was 6 years older than I, and much stronger, although his actions weren’t only physical.
    My Father was emotionally disconnected because he believed that the children should be raised by the Mother. His presence was often used as a threat as opposed to any kind of support.
    It took me a long time to get myself together because I was hampered by an emotionally abusive relationship of 20 years.
    Seven years ago, I stood up for myself and valued myself enough to take the steps of self-healing.
    David, thank you for being there and writing this book.

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  100. Gunther says:


    I don’t know!

    I have never asked myself that question

    It just feels the right thing to do now.

    In my mid twenties someone told me that i should be working with people, i remember it because i thought he was SO wrong! – All i wanted to do was go and live alone in the mountains and get away from people!

    But here i am working in health care these last 10 years, how did that happen?!

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