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What’s YOUR overwhelm experience?

(Note: here’s MY experience, and then below I’d love to hear yours)


I’ve been wanting to create a new niche for several months now, but it just seems so overwhelming!

I mean – what will the website look like? How will I get traffic? How will I build my email list? Who would I joint venture with? What product will I create? Will it even make any money?

I finally realized that what there is to do is: follow the steps in my own book!

First step – get a Freedom Buddy! So I have someone to report to each week, and help keep me on track.

And here are some other steps I’ve come up with (not exactly following the book as I have a head start):

2) Borrow (with permission) someone’s report or audio or other useful download, as a freebie download. This will be the incentive for people to sign up to my new email list for this niche.

3) Create a squeeze page (web page) where people can register for the newsletter or mailing list, and collect their free download. I’ll also gather a little information such as name, email, country, and whether they are interested in anxiety, insomnia, or both. (And using to collect and store the info)

4) Create a thank you page for when they have clicked submit, being a blog page where they can comment and connect about what it’s like for them right now to have anxiety and insomnia. I’d like to get a discussion going.

5) Invite my current email list to a) join the new mailing list and get the download, and b) forward to people they know with trouble sleeping or with anxiety.

6) Finish notes/insights from my last coaching session with my client on insomnia

7) Set up 10 interviews with leaders/experts in the insomnia field, and with a focus on those having big mailing lists in this area. Will use my assistant to set these up. Will offer them exposure from me publicizing the interview, a recording of the interview and transcription to share with their list, and suggest a possible revenue share of a product I’m working on (being the compilation of all 10 interviews).

What overwhelm have you experienced about starting or building your online business? And what’s a baby step you’ll commit to over the next 5 days? (I’m posting on FB for a freedom buddy right now)