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Hi guys,

thanks in advance for your private feedback on the page at

anything I missed? Anything unclear? Anything I should add or subtract?



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  1. Michelle Wolfe says:

    VERY Excited! Very Want-To-Be-There!!!
    But. . .with two jobs and just beginning the coaching journey I need to know EXACTLY what the time frames are and it would help if I knew roughly where (location) I am shooting for.
    I have to coordinate flights with a hotel and a rental car or cab or bike, and a budget, and a domineering schedule-and,and,and… I’m sure you get this. I need clear details to plan to see if the whole trip is doable.
    PS: I would love a way to “early connect” with others thinking or planning to attend to be able to say, “Anybody on a serious budget and looking for a great adventure come and stay with me at the Green Tortoise Hostel with some great people”. Yeah, this is business and this is a business choice – to invest in ourselves – but it’s all about people and we do better if we have connection to quiet the doubting gremlin and get pumped up for a great weekend.

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  2. Anne Claire says:

    Wow David!

    Love it!! And I would so want to come…

    If it weren’t for having a commitment to be somewhere else that very weekend ~ I’d even borrow the money to get to San Francisco!

    Apart from the great program, It would have been so nice to meet you and Ezra in person ~ and of course the others that have taken the training course.

    I hope to have that opportunity sometime in the future 🙂

    In Peace,
    Anne Claire

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  3. Cecilia says:

    Hi David,

    This is my feedback. When I saw the down payment price I was elated, because it is definitely something I might be able to afford and I live in the bay area, so I was really excited.

    The other part of the price was a little strange and confusing as I’ve never seen an offer like that before which is based on the honor system. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Kinda like when I see a donation jar I never know how much to put in. It just makes me feel like there are strings attached. Maybe it is my scarcity thinking??

    Anyway, just my feedback.


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    • David Wood says:

      thanks! It’s different now – way better – see the latest page at

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      • Cecilia says:

        Hi David it’s much better now! It’s very motivating to earn money for your favorite charity, I’m excited. Where is it going to be in S.F. ? I vote for the Days Inn, 895 Geary Street, San Francisco because of it’s central location and proximity to Whole Foods Market.

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  4. PeaceElyse says:

    The video/mp3 that you placed on the end of the sales page were very convincing.
    It was Jack’s intro/recommendation about your ebook that convinced me to download it back in May 2010. I trusted him and his work. Otherwise with all the offers, I may have bypassed yours. (And regretted it!)

    The CNN interview said it all for me…and would have had I not been thru the training course, currently in VIP.

    I’d place them nearer to your own video. While yours demonstrated who you are..and modeled that others could be who they are, those authority videos “introduced you as a trustworthy friend” so to speak.

    From the eyes of someone who has gone through the Training Course (currently in VIP, the conditions of payment had me stopping to think. While the course put me on track for my online business,, and validated what I had to offer the world, I had yet to make revenue from it. (Of course, not having a product on my site could be considered a reason for this! Giving it away feels wonderful but the mind blocks may be at work here. Glad you’ve included this on the sales page.)

    Reading the payment conditions, I began to look at the live event as a way to move forward, sooner rather than later, on creating a great product and offering it.
    If I were able to show myself that my information is ‘sellable’ not just valuable to those I give it away to with pleasure, I’d be getting to the second part of what you offer: actually getting paid for who I am.

    While this month’s discretionary income is tied up, on 7/31 I will have the $297 available to register…just made it!

    And I hope that when you’re sitting up there on your couch you also announce the winner of the $1000 contest.

    (Need a deadline on the voting and when winner is announced, David. We never got to vote on the Animoto video as Ezra said on his video- would give winner an hour of his time.

    Don’t need prizes for motivation but if offered, need follow thru. Not knowing when the contest ends or if someone already won messes a bit with the otherwise high integrity you and your staff always offered.)

    You could have winner call in on skype, if they’re not there …like on Oprah, etc. Or, if it is me…I could leap onto the stage and give great testimonial! Local girl makes good, gets to give away her wisdom and retire from direct services!!

    Best of luck and thank you for offering hope in a very doable package. (Good line.)
    Elyse Jacobs

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    • David Wood says:

      Thanks Elyse,

      thanks for reminder on both contests – I’ll complete both. Probably announce $1000 prize winner this week.

      and great feedback – I think I’ll move CNN of Kodak testimonial up.

      and btw LOVE the @davidwood99 there 🙂

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