How far are YOU willing to go?

Watch this guy – Who IS he, anyway? (video cuts off pretty abruptly)

MY QUESTION FOR YOU: What’s YOUR comfort zone? Are you willing to step out of it?

I went from crunching numbers on Park Avenue to what you just saw in this video. Are you willing to be uncomfortable to build an online business that impacts the world? To do something new?

(and yes – all Mr. Woody jokes and comments are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

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David AKA “Mr. Woody”


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  1. Custom avatar coach dayton says:

    David, Way to go. Been thinking a lot about you. Thanks for all the help the last several years.

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  2. Chetz Yusof says:

    Thank you for the video. It’s inspired me to do something different.

    My interests are dogs, guitar and fitness. I am having trouble focusing on one. I was thinking I probably go to nearby park that allows dogs and play some songs there with my dogs.

    Maybe this is normal in U.S. but I’ve never seen any here in Malaysia.

    I also thought of running with my dogs everyday at the park wearing the same uniform or logo of my organization.

    I want to create awareness about we need to exercise our dogs and not just abandoned them behind the house or chained them.

    Hope you guys here can help me come up with more ideas.


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  3. Custom avatar Vivian says:

    I’m pretty set to do whatever it takes – but I’m hoping it will not require me to do it on television – in a kilt. I’m more of a stealth ninja. ๐Ÿ™‚ But you rocked it!

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  4. Amy says:

    I loved the video. It is a true definition of the need to step outside of our comfort zones. You were great!

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  5. Custom avatar Maha says:

    Hi David,
    I must admit that after doing the freedom quiz I haven’t participated much and I’ve even stopped reading the book, especially after “heads up-this one’s a bit raw.” For one thing, I did’t really have a poignant story to share and second even if I did I was already out of my comfort zone by the time you sent “Your turn-I want your story”. I guess I’m not used to sharing on the internet… its too daunting, but today after opening your email from last week and watching Mr. Woody I decided, what the heck, I’m going back and following your instructions on your the previous emails.

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  6. Kay Butler says:

    That Scottish guy singing with his cool accent was funny to watch! I admit that it is very difficult to go beyond my comfort zone in most areas. Even though I know I have some singing talent, I’ve been scared to try Karaoke. I have many interests and career jobs, so not exactly sure how to narrow it down, to get paid for who I am. I am a healer/teacher/service oriented person. My ultimate goal is to be a saint! Any suggestion of how to get paid to be a saintly lady?!
    Thanks and take care!

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  7. Patricia b says:

    I am willing to do whatever is required to accomplish getting my start as an online entrepreneur but after spending money on various easy sounding things and not getting the website up; I realize that I need to partner with someone who is a newbie like me! I enjoyed the video a lot!

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  8. Custom avatar Emily says:

    This is fantastic!!
    I’m really happy to have found this site – and the book….
    I LOVE Mr Woody’s outlook and ideas.

    Great stuff.
    Thank you!

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  9. My comfort zone is that I’m pretty good at designing products and content, but quite slow to take the steps to actually turn an idea into a product or promotional item or anything else that will make me go “out there”… My GF thinks we should create some sort of a character around my project and she’s probably right, my own limitation about this is that I don’t really want to lose any credibility over a misperceived character…

    Limitations are mind barriers ( limited belief system ) that can easily be overcame if we so choose, but that last bit is not as easy to achieve as most self-help gurus make you think otherwise no one would have any problem losing weight or quitting smoking. Deciding to do something good for yourself is the first step to achieving it, but the next 3259 steps that are keeping your pledge to yourself are just as important, yet not nearly as easy to keep… It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try as hard as you have to to succeed… ๐Ÿ™‚



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  10. Jean says:

    I just finished listening to the telecast. I really like the idea of just asking people what they think I am good at. I have several ideas but have trouble narrowing it down because I have so many interests. Maybe if I ask around others will tell me where they have found me to be most focused.

    Also I liked that the telecast was interactive and I liked hearing the Kodak speaker and now I am interested in his book which was also good marketing for himself. He started building the relationship you spoke of on the call.

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    • Chetz Yusof says:

      I know what you mean Jean. I’m having problem focusing on one interests and end up doing all but it’s hard to be consistent.

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