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To be successful in a new area, it’s smart to program the mind.

SHOW your mind how it can look and feel, so the path seems friendlier.

Anne Claire Venemans, a student of Get Paid University wrote this inspiring tale of her journey to build an online business. It’s a quick read – 5 or 10 minutes. I suggest you read it to help program your mind for the journey, and to pull you forward.


1) Download the free ebook (10 min read)
2) Read it now
3) Post below to let us know what you think 🙂


45 Responses to “ “Free eBook: The Journey”

  1. Anne Claire says:

    Hi David, Hi Everybody,

    Thank you David for sharing ‘The Journey’ in this blog! And thank you all for your kind comments!

    I am so glad you liked it. And your reactions not only will help me along on my path toward getting paid for who I am ~ they inspire me to do more writing as well…

    Anne Claire

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  2. Gary Moore says:

    Great info, should help many reach their goals!

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  3. Custom avatar lisa chiodo says:

    loved it thank you and am on that climb, I have a certainty, direction and clarity.
    ciao lisa

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  4. Custom avatar Hindy says:

    Anne Claire, I wish I had the words to express how much I enjoyed your words.

    I too am on this journey and could not do it without the guidance of the Get Paid For Who You Are book. When reading the book for the first time you become totally overwhelmed with the enormity of the task ahead. Once you sit down and do each task at a time, not moving on until it is complete, you see how each step is now easier to achieve. I wish all of us great success!

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  5. Custom avatar Jan Varnes says:

    Anne Claire, what a read and the lovely journey you took me on when I read, and could not stop reading until the end. I must comment on the cover, so interesting anyone would need to open it up. It is truely beautiful. You have touched me with your presentation because I have been stuck in a freeze frame with the wave above my head, not in fear but in distractions from more than bills, emergency home remedy and it occured to me that if I had been on track when I started I could have already reached cliff side with the rest of you if only I kept my eye (Eagle) on the forward motion instead of on the fence of eternal ambivilence. I am still giving my well researched information to those who call for help without “Getting Paid ” for Who I am and prosper for my hours of work on myself and learning how to keep it together when it all seems to be falling apart. I so know how to do this, but to keep moving forward off the fence which I now believe is “fear centered”. You helped me discover why I fear getting off the fence, it is letting go of controling a situation I have done all I can for. Now it must gel be it the loss of our home or not. If I were the lender working with me I would see clearly that I am not doing anything to make a difference in my life, I keep thinking of reasons why people will not value my help, and if they value my help will they be able to afford it. Most people are spending only on the basic needs these days and I know myself I am in a situation that prevents me from participation in the University…! So, your e-book was a very motivating gentle push for me to jump off the fence, pay the fee for the University when I can and stop existing on the fence in observance of what I really do not know for certain. Thank you so much for creating your path with the beautiful visualization of how you continued to move forward, coaching yourself to continue no matter what. “Well Done” and thank you, It made a huge difference in my progress. I hope you can truely hear me saying “it made a difference” and when I can I will pay you for you being who you are.

    Thanks again to our Mentor, David Wood, as always you never cease to amaze me. Although I can get stuck with Gremlins in my way you can find something for you are dedicated truely dedicated to help people and found the way to do what you love and Get paid for it…! Enough, once again forward…!

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  6. Custom avatar Johan says:

    Thank you for this helpful and well written story!

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  7. Cynetha says:

    Great story. Well written and very inspiring. Two thumbs up. Greatly appreciated. Now I must forge on through the rest of my journey as I am lifted by your inspiration. 🙂

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  8. Wonderfully uplifting! I would love to share this on my domestic violence web site, if I may? Your dreams are exactly what it was like for me to change my own life; escaping abusive relationships.

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  9. Custom avatar Kimberly says:

    Great to know that I’m not alone on this freedom journey. Thanks to David W. and staff for sharing this blog, thanks to Anne Claire for her literary prose and painting a picture of what this journey looks and feels like to me, and thank you Star for your honest comments.

    All I know is that I can’t turn back now… smile.

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  10. Sharina says:

    Hi Anne Claire and David,
    Much of my thoughts have been said in the comments submitted before mine. I just one to say my thank you and appreciation to the both of you for the inspirational story.

    The Get Paid book made it all sound easy and I’d too had gone through the training calls, but I’m still not quite there yet. Nevertheless, I believe I will make it through and I really want this freedom. I will be one of the successful Freedom Ninjas really soon!

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  11. Way to go! Positive thinking is necessary to happy living. Thanks, David, for pouring out to those interested and even waiting to see if an interest develops later, not letting go of someone who replied to you minimally. That’s kind of the way of parents with children. Thanks for being a good parent to us! Your generosity in teaching us evokes good responses! Keep up the good work, ’cause it’s multiplying for the good of many! Jerry

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  12. Jolly Joni says:

    Hello Anne Claire and David, Thank you both for sharing. Because of my hearing impairment, I see life in three-D. While reading your little story, I could vividly see the “movie” on the screen. The imagery was vivid and tangible. So inspiring, and emotionally accurate. We can wallow in our “failures”, or we can look at our “failures” as lessons to be learned. Kind of like making lemonade out of lemons. Thanks for your honesty in stating your fears, but also showing us how “attitude” is really the key to whether we succeed at being who we are meant to be…. and get paid for it too. I love it!!.
    Jolly Joni

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  13. Custom avatar Sergio says:

    I really enjoyed reading the e-book. It’s just the push I need to continue with mine. Thanks for the reminder Anne! 🙂

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  14. Oh how inspiring,

    I’m nearly wishing I had written this, it’s so good.
    Thank you Anne Claire. And thank you David, for not only does Anne’s heart sing loudly in her work (and so is leading by example), but your choice to offer her work does credit to both of you on many levels.

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  15. Peggy says:

    I loved the book! It truly reflects all that we each go through to find our way on our life path.

    I’m almost to the top. A few more weeks and I will be there BUT TODAY I APPLAUD YOUR ASCENT. You earned it.

    Your book is a great tool to encourage others to stay on the path. One step at a time, one day at a time and to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER look BACK only LOOK towards THE GOAL.

    Just don’t ever give up; each one of us CAN DO IT! LET THIS BOOK LEAD YOUR WAY…

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  16. Custom avatar Gail Davis says:

    Thank you David & Anne Claire,
    It’s so important to know we’re not alone in this journey. Isolation will kill your dream. Yesterday I had one of those days where I questioned whether to continue or not. I was dealing with chronic pain and it wore me down mentally and emotionally. I doubted I had any thing of value to offer that people would pay for. I told myself tomorrow would be a better day. It was! I was Skyping this morning with my daughter in Kuwait (active duty). I shared all about GPU and the challenge it’s been to find my niche. She was so excited, she looked at David’s web site and asked to be the person I shared the program with. We’re now freedom buddies, we’ve been brainstorming on the niche issue and I’m moving forward again.

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  17. Eloquent. Beautiful. The imagery made me feel like I was on the journey, too. thank you for being generous and genuine! You are an inspiration to all who take time to read your beautiful story of “get paid for who you are.”

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  18. coach-dayton says:

    Anne Claire and David,
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful piece.
    I was especially moved by: “I have finally made my decision. I will begin to do things differently. What I have been doing isn’t working for me ~ or I wouldn’t have found myself stuck in the situation I am in,”
    Anne Claire I quoted you here without permission. I thought it would be ok since the readers have already read the booklet and I wanted to reinforce your thought that it is a choice.

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  19. Karen Johnson says:

    You have a definite literary talent. Your ability to communicate beautifully and paint with words is commendable. I will check out your blog and watch your increasing success!!! Great job.

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  20. Janice says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m pumped up even more about this journey. Anne Claire speaks to my emotions and apprehensions. I was not under the impression that I had nothing to offer. I just never thought it could be something others would care to know.

    Thank you Anne Claire & David Wood for sharing this life-changing writing!


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  21. AngelNaphtalie says:

    would have loved to read the book, but the PDF would not open. So, thanks anyway.

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  22. Custom avatar CHRIS says:

    Outstanding visual to support “never give up”. Inspirational. Encourages reflection.
    Well done.

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  23. Very, very nice work Anne Claire. Thank you for sharing it through GPU.

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  24. Becky says:

    Things are still swirling for me. However, The Journey gives me hope that the mist will clear and I will soon set sail toward realizing my dreams. Thanks, Anne Claire, for the inspiration. And thanks, David, for constantly offering concrete and practical help – without attaching a prohibitive and frustrating price tag!

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  25. Hello—what a lovely way to express her appreciation and “getting it”.

    I can relate to her “dream”. I had a vision several years ago that gives me great comfort and is a bit similar to Anne’s boat, floating.

    I saw myself in a little boat, no oars, no way for me to propel myself. I was on a small river in a red rock canyon. I can look up and see the blue sky. I cannot see very far ahead of myself; it is a winding river. I realize I am on my path. But I cannot go back, I cannot go any faster. I just have to trust that I am on my path and each step will be revealed to me as I float.

    This gave me huge comfort and was very much a reminder of “Be Here Now”.

    I bought the book several months ago and I love the idea of getting paid for who we are. It is perfect and brilliant. We ALL should have this. We ALL deserve it. AND it fits with my career (new) of Inner Life Coach. My niche is “Helping men and women fall in love with themselves.” I support inner and outer love of ourselves. I have a very long background in natural foods, healthy eating and cooking. I have also been on a long time meditation and spiritual path.

    This year has seen a lot of changes for me. All great! I have allowed myself to float and each day have a new realization and epiphany about my path and what I am to do.

    So thanks for the inspiration!!

    PS. To Star—It was slightly difficult to understand you. YOur frustration and anger came through loud and clear, however. I believe that you were feeling frustrated about all the hype with videos, teleconferences and it is all about having to buy more. I hear you!

    I do believe there is a different way and that is why I was attracted to David’s work in the first place.

    love and light, Elizabeth in Oregon
    Inner Life Coach
    HR Warrior
    Eyes to the Soul Photography

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  26. Custom avatar Katrina says:

    Anne Marie, thank you so much for articulating how I have felt on so many of the waves of the internet ocean. Your imagery of the interface between sleeping and waking is beautiful!

    Just to let you know, another student at Get Paid University Dream Warrior Jenni, has launched a ship, the great Realizezine at
    It is a free ezine we launched on Tuesday, and completely fresh off the pulse.

    The aim of the great ship, ‘Yes!’ is to hold bounty for all creative entrepreneurs who would like to sail on her. If you would like to be seen with the brightest, be promoted by the biggest and succeed with the boldest
    I suggest you join the flotilla of sparkling sailing boats, sending bliss ripples to far shores.

    And if anybody needs a proofreader, my services are advertised within its pages.

    Come and join us!


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  27. Danielle says:

    I love the story 😀 This story was so well written and visual.

    Main idea is to never give up on your passion. Your passion will fill you up with abundance.

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  28. Custom avatar Jenza says:

    Lovely Anna – you have a talent with writing!

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  29. Custom avatar Marie Cross says:

    Thank you Anne Claire, for a beautifully written tale of success – and clearly, more to come! Loved the way you intertwined your dreams with reality – reminded me of Dan Lee Dimke’s quote “Live your life as though all your dreams have come true….and then challenge reality to catch up!” Congratulations – here’s to you, oh and the awesome David Wood of course!

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  30. Hi David, I am inspired by all of this and even got 2 people to purchase your book. I read the ebook but I wanted to have one in my hand and so I bought the hard copy. I can go back a few pages and I can take it along with me and mark it in important places. This “getting paid for who you are” is such a powerful teaching. I am beginning to get paid for who I am and am telling others about it. Thanx

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  31. Pierre says:

    It was a good read. I felt movement.
    Thanks for sharing

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  32. star says:

    I find it interesting but the sad thing is I too don’t like tel stuff or videos because they are not in captioned ..Also everything I may be interested in doing they want me to pay to join ? hello ? If a job is offered I shouldn’t have to pay to work ! Maybe I should just get a free site and write but who is going to pay me for that ? Then again most say one has to have pay pal forget it I used to got hacked and someone still has it they never fixed it . Clickband I do have .Living on a fixed income I do not have any money to throw around , years ago i ruin my credit buying into this or that even had a site i paid for .Well I cant do this anymore as I don”t have the means ..Take Anne’s story add that the boat flipped and I am holding on for dear life with sharks swarming all around me waiting for their prey ! I subscribe to many newsletters and yeah I get some free stuff but it seems to be all a tease as if I want the real deal have to pay . I think they make money from the sales not the job itself ..Oh well thats my two cents on this score ..Another thing is one has to type on a blog few will email me personally back or let me email them ..Come on i prefer speaking one on one ..

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    • David Wood says:

      Hi Star,

      yes, of course, they (we) make money from the sales.

      I think in this new information economy, people are expecting, and getting, more and more for free. But that doesn’t mean you can get the whole farm for free.

      Do you think there’s a place for paying a fair price for valuable information, or it should all be free?

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    • coach-dayton says:

      I don’t know your circumstances and don’t know you but, I have felt some of the same things. I have known a lot of people very similar. I was talking with one of them the other night. That person was almost to the point of letting go of the boat and drowning their self.
      I have found that there are certain hidden laws, secrets if you will, that we talk about but don’t understand.
      Those who grasp hold of those truths turn things around and find firm ground.
      One such is “Words are very powerful.”
      Another is “everything is a trade off.”
      Another: “Jobs pay just enough to keep you from quitting and employees work just hard enough to keep from getting fired.” JOB stands for Just Over Broke.
      Another is there is no such thing as free.
      My saying is “If it cost you nothing, you won’t value it.”

      YOU SAID: “If a job is offered I shouldn’t have to pay to work” I ask you what is the purpose of work? Really?


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    • coach-dayton says:


      You may want to review page 10 especially about things not working and making decisions to change


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    • Anne Claire says:

      Hi Star,

      I’m glad you found it interesting!

      Sorry to hear your boat flipped, and that you seem to find yourself in ‘survival mode’…

      And although I too have to pay the bills and therefore need my income ~ if you want to communicate one on one, feel free to send me an email through my website

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    • Elisa says:

      Hi Star, what a great name you have.
      My prayers are with you. I understand exactly how you feel.
      May you get to where you want to be, pass through every obstacle you encounter, and realize your greatest wishes.
      P.S. Let go and let God. ( hope it is ok to say that to you)

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  33. Custom avatar Syed says:

    Very promising and inpiring.
    Thanks to the author.

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  34. ska says:

    The first page, the first dream, is exactly how I feel when delving into the blogging world, and the “make money online” notion… I’m gonna read your book David, and I hope I start on my online journey for real! cheers

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  35. Custom avatar Jenn Miller says:

    That was beautiful! and inspiring!

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  36. This is a most beautifully written piece I have read in a long time.Very inspiring indeed. Still not sure anyone will pay me any more for what I do but I shall never know until I put my stuff out there. Thanks Anne Claire

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