Who’s your mentor?

Have you ever had a mentor?mentor

What price can you put on that?

What might happen in your business life, your relationship life, your financial life…
if you had the perfect mentor who’s already walked that path to guide you?

I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some great men and women, and I want you to have the same privilege.

Who’s your mentor?

Who would you like to be your mentor?

Post your answers below.

P.S. Here’s a book that can help you find your mentor

14 Responses to “ “Who’s your mentor?”

  1. gb says:

    I have a few mentors.

    Steve D’Annunzio is my spiritual business sales life coach. He created a family for those of us that vib in a tone of soul purpose for prosperity and relationships and helping people with their needs, creating value – which is always followed by currency.

    Bill Good has been my mentor in client marketing for many years.

    Galen Jones taught me how to help Veterans of any wartime period qualify for a $1900/m pension that only 3% of our heroes know about it.. or their widows.

    Rodney Johnson of H S Dent which schooled me in the useful knowledge of Demographics in the world economy that allows me to help my clients with their wealth and business – with uncommon insight.

    Marc Cotta is my mentor for my TV show and my internet TV interviews. A great personal friend too.

    and yes I have been a teaching mentor for the last 28 yrs. guiding clients with their financial needs, problems and goals… A Prosperity Pastor you might say.

    I am looking for a mentor in website & blog program areas. Steve referred me to you…

    God bless,

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  2. Custom avatar Eri says:

    I have some mentors for different purposes. One is used to be my lecturer who is now my life mentor. We frequently discuss about things in life, and also some flavour of situation in corporation.
    At office I had mentors to help my career development or to help me adjust to new situation when I just joined a group/project.

    I would like to have a life motivator cum sufi to be my mentor 😉

    BTW, I am an industrial mentor myself (for students, graduates, and new managers)

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  3. Custom avatar Greg says:

    My current mentors are at the moment are other colleagues I have met who are in growing business, its amazing how much you learn just by listening to other people..

    I would love Sir Richard Branson as a mentor even if I could just interview him for an hour I could learn sooo much…

    David keep spreading the good vibes…to the skies..

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  4. learning says:

    I would very much like to have Sir Bob Proctor as my mentor.
    I enjoy being his student.
    I have never before officially had a mentor and looked to find one but with very few contacts who are suitable to approach it has been a challenge.
    Sometimes i have thought of putting an advertisement in the paper for a mentor but in truth i would love to be sponsored for a year so i could pay Bob Proctor for his teachings.
    Many thanks

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  5. kevin minney says:

    My mentors have been Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, Ed Stiles, D.O., Monica Roseberry, Phd,Doug Belser, Don Peterson, MFA, Sinnamond, and Malidoma and Sobonfu Some. They have led and taught me in the fields of Healing, Education/Instruction, Marketing, Life, and Spirituality.
    Who would I like as a mentor? Tony Spampinato, who has melded public health, spiritual healing and martial arts discipline into a life affirming balance.

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  6. Bob says:

    I have no official mentor. I am always looking out for someone that knows freelance writing and editing as a business and how to market.

    There are many, but to trust one to be around and know what they are doing is the main problem in choosing a mentor or asking someone to be my mentor.

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  7. I want Daymond John to be my mentor. I admire his business ethic, down to earth persona, super positive, and his negotiating skills. If you can put a good word in let me thank you in advance. God Bless.

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  8. Custom avatar Rael says:

    No Official one, but i’d say my Doctor/friend would be considered that in a wide range of shared knowledge concerning

    Chi Kung
    sacred practices
    life coaching/advice
    the art of deep caring

    Non-personal mentors?

    Hands down:

    Samael Aun Weor (Gnostic Institute of Anthropology) NY

    Carlos Castaneda , Chocmools, Warrior Party

    Dr. Patricia Garfield ( “Creative Dreaming” book)

    Robert Monroe (pioneer of modern astral projection)

    Dr. Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment)

    Yogani (Remarkable Yogic system “AYP”)

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  9. Jean-Paul says:

    While I haven’t had an official mentor, I have been inspired by many teachers, coaches, writers and entrepreneurs.

    Although I consider self-learning my responsibility, at times I have felt lost. And I probably could have avoided many of the pitfalls that I’ve fallen into had I had a mentor.

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  10. First of all, I LOVE Ridgely Golsborough! I had the great fortune of knowing him when he worked with and trained the networking marketing team I was on some years ago. I still use things Ridgely taught me. Ridgely also knows well the man who was my hand-on mentor in that business, C. Anthony Harris, who continues to be a big influence on me today (I recently interviewed him on my BlogTalkRadio show about his book, “Living The Five Wealth Principles”). I also consider many people to be my mentors even if I have not met them, such as Anthony Robbins. If his or her voice is in your head, you’ve got a mentor! And young David Wood, you as well!

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    • David Wood says:

      I’ll pass that on to Ridg

      and I know what you mean – you can have mentors you haven’t met.

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  11. David Wood says:

    I’ll go first. While I haven’t had an official ‘mentor’, I’ve had coaches who have been mentors for me while I built my coaching practice. Christine McDougall of Australia, and Marcia Reynolds – Past President of the International Coach Federation.

    Paul Lowe and Byron Katie have been de facto mentors for me – teaching me much.

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