What’s YOUR overwhelm experience?

(Note: here’s MY experience, and then below I’d love to hear yours)


I’ve been wanting to create a new niche for several months now, but it just seems so overwhelming!

I mean – what will the website look like? How will I get traffic? How will I build my email list? Who would I joint venture with? What product will I create? Will it even make any money?

I finally realized that what there is to do is: follow the steps in my own book!

First step – get a Freedom Buddy! So I have someone to report to each week, and help keep me on track.

And here are some other steps I’ve come up with (not exactly following the book as I have a head start):

2) Borrow (with permission) someone’s report or audio or other useful download, as a freebie download. This will be the incentive for people to sign up to my new email list for this niche.

3) Create a squeeze page (web page) where people can register for the newsletter or mailing list, and collect their free download. I’ll also gather a little information such as name, email, country, and whether they are interested in anxiety, insomnia, or both. (And using www.shoppingcartreview.net to collect and store the info)

4) Create a thank you page for when they have clicked submit, being a blog page where they can comment and connect about what it’s like for them right now to have anxiety and insomnia. I’d like to get a discussion going.

5) Invite my current email list to a) join the new mailing list and get the download, and b) forward to people they know with trouble sleeping or with anxiety.

6) Finish notes/insights from my last coaching session with my client on insomnia

7) Set up 10 interviews with leaders/experts in the insomnia field, and with a focus on those having big mailing lists in this area. Will use my assistant to set these up. Will offer them exposure from me publicizing the interview, a recording of the interview and transcription to share with their list, and suggest a possible revenue share of a product I’m working on (being the compilation of all 10 interviews).

What overwhelm have you experienced about starting or building your online business? And what’s a baby step you’ll commit to over the next 5 days? (I’m posting on FB for a freedom buddy right now)

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  1. elene says:

    I have not received your free book “Get Paid For Who You Are” and was billed the shipping charge. I can’t find anyone to help me and would like to read the book.

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    • Linda says:

      I have also paid for the book and not received it. How do I get this book sent to me?

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  2. Custom avatar Trish says:

    My overwhelm is email. How do I keep personal relationships going and let people know I care when I am totaly outnumbered by emails?

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  3. Sarah says:

    Please can you email me urgently as I am trying to cancel my subscription but can’t find any contact details for your company.

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  4. Cheryl says:

    I had to laugh when I read the comments about the need to “just get the website up there,” especially the bit saying, “It will be far better 6 years from now than it is today. You can’t wait 6 years to make it “right.” ” This was amusing because I have a website which has been “in progress” (waiting to go live) for just over 6 years!

    All that is at my official domain at present is a single page with the most basic information about my business, directing viewers on how to contact me for more information. There aren’t even any pictures/samples of my work there, which is a big problem since I am in the visual art field.

    I had no idea when I went into business to sell my artwork just how much of a problem my lack of business/marketing skills would be. I’ve been in business for a number of years, and financially I’ve never really gotten off the ground at all. The people who hire me really seem to love the results I give them–I have loads of glowing testimonials–so I believe that if I could get my work in front of a wider audience, there would be enough interest for me to earn a decent living, even though it’s a rather specialized field. I’ve been featured in magazines and such, which is great exposure, but then when people follow up by going to my pathetic website, I think it really kills a lot of the momentum, which makes me feel sick and angry with myself.

    I have a much more elaborate site partially completed, but I haven’t managed to make that final push to get at least some of it finished and available to the public. I do have someone to handle the tech part of it (that was a huge relief, when I got that arranged), and the main hangup is my procrastination, since there are a number of things I can’t delegate to anyone, primarily because they are so closely tied to demonstrating what I can do for clients.

    I don’t entirely understand why I have such a mental block about doing this, although I have some ideas. I have been dealing with some major, stop-you-in-your-tracks personal issues over the last few years, so I am cutting myself _some_ slack, but even taking that into account, the delay has gone well beyond embarrassing. It’s not that I haven’t spent time on the website–I actually wrote nearly 100 pages of copy for it a few years ago (which obviously need to be edited down and partially repurposed). I do have time on my hands at the moment, since business is slow (for obvious reasons). I know I’m losing money every day I don’t have the website up, especially since I have all of these marketing activities I’ve put on hold until I have a website I can send people to for all kinds of info. And my financial position is pretty dire, so a normal person would have done something about this money-choking procrastination long ago. This is obviously a mental issue, not one of time or skills, but I’ve been spinning in circles, unable to figure out how to resolve it, for years.

    I know the next thing I need to do is design my logo (again, something I can’t really delegate). After that, the next step will be to edit/restructure all that text (less intimidating, since I’ve done a lot more editing than logo design, but the tech person needs the logo first). I’ve been putting off the logo design for at least a year!

    I have to confess that I have not yet read the Get Paid book, due to overwhelm (again)–I’m on way too many email lists, mostly for various kinds of coaches, and I periodically unsubscribe from a bunch of things, but I never get the number of emails down to a really manageable level because I’m a little worried about missing valuable nuggets. Yes, I know, “How’s that working for ya?” I just had to shift several thousand unread emails (no, I’m not exaggerating) into folders last week so that I could actually tell when I had new email in my inbox. I should probably unsubscribe from more things, and concentrate on spending less time reading emails and more time taking actual action!

    I think the babystep I need to take is to acquire an accountability partner. I take it that in this system that is called a Freedom Buddy. I probably need to read the Get Paid book, too, huh?

    Any suggestions/comments? (I know, my stuck-ness is completely ridiculous, but you aren’t likely to criticize me in any way I haven’t already heard, and which hasn’t helped, so please, be constructive.)

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    • Bernard says:

      Well Cheryl,
      If it´s any concilation , I know something of what it feels like… I paid a guy to do my website over a year ago but couldn´t organize myself to send him the material!!
      I´ve got another guy whose helping me now, and (hopefully) it´ll be on the web soon…
      I´m interested in music and writing but fonancilally illiterate haha!
      Maybe we could exchange web site addresses and motivate each other to get it done….?


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  5. Custom avatar Meri says:

    Okay. After reading a few more comments on this site, I now have a question to contribute. It seems to me my biggest challenge right now is in finding a niche for my business.

    My focus at the moment is writing and/or editing and proofreading. This could be for advertising copy, web site content, narration of video, fliers, brochures, the Great American novel–just about anything. If you need something well-written or edited, I can do it.

    However, this is so generic. How do I find a niche of customers who really will appreciate what I have to offer?

    It seems to me that just about anyone could use a good writer and/or editor to clarify their copy… but that’s bad, bad, bad, isn’t it? How do I narrow down “just about anyone” to a niche of people to whom I might target my services?

    What I’m finding is that there are a lot of other writers out there trying to do what I’m doing, so how do I distinguish myself from the competition and whom shall my target audience, er clientele, be?

    Any suggestions?

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    • Patricia says:

      Hey Meri,I totally sympathize with your issue. Finding that niche can be tricky. When I read your post, I thought–well, what are you really good at and what do you really enjoy in terms of writing and editing. You might be able to do a lot, but where do you really shine. I’m very curious to hear your response, and wish you all the best!


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      • Custom avatar Meri says:

        Hey Patricia,

        Thanks for your response. It made me think. Generally, I enjoy creative writing. I write poetry, essays, short stories, screen plays–all kinds of stuff. However, while working toward someday getting paid to write my poetry (and etc.) I’d like to start a business writing/editing for other people.

        I like taking “bad” writing and just cleaning it up so that it becomes really clear and
        enjoyable to read. I also like working with creative people and enjoy writing about musicians and writers, but there isn’t money in that…at least, not for me right now. I did get paid to write a couple of articles about musicians and one was published in a national magazine. However, the pay wasn’t large enough to compensate me for the hours I spent writing and taking the time to watch the band’s performance. I’ve just written a rock band review for a local magazine but I’m not getting paid for that at all.

        So I’m trying to find customers who can afford to pay me who would appreciate my creative, flowing writing style.

        I’m not sure if this answers your question. And, as usual, I’ve written too much… Sorry. I like writing so much, it’s just hard to stop myself sometimes!

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    • Custom avatar Ann says:

      Hi Meri,

      How about having a niche of the people who are creating products and websites for Get Paid for Who You Are? 🙂

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      • Custom avatar Meri says:

        Hey, now there’s an idea. 😉

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        • Custom avatar Ann says:

          Or just creating products like this to market to the web audience. My field is training prof athletes, and I have TONS of knowledge and prestige, but use an editor and writer often!

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  6. Meri says:

    I can SO relate to this. Most of the time, I find that the chatter in my head makes things appear to be worse than they actually are. That is, it’s not really so overwhelming as it seems when I think about it all. I think that’s why writing down a list of things to do really helps. I write it all down then I can look at that list and break each item down into a smaller, more “doable” list.

    Getting a buddy is a great idea too. It makes us accountable and gives us that extra push when we’ve got someone to report back to.

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  7. Marc says:

    Yes, there is a lot of work to do.

    It already took half a year to put together my website, it consists up to 60 pages.
    Next I need to search out all kind of value information to put on each page.
    A restoration technician is not a writer, has not so much experience writing artikles! The Google translator is able to translate Dutch into Englisch well and I need it all the time.

    So, starting now with the the first page and the other pages will follow step by step the same system.
    With some more guidance it will be not to bad.

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  8. Linda says:

    After reading a great book which weans us off overloading ourselves with information, I’m now Googled over and out!

    I’ve lost hours doing research, when the first few results were adequate.

    I know I love learning, but drawing the line and accepting I have more than I need to proceed is liberating. Now I’m actually taking action!

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  9. Nancy Claus says:

    I’ve just finished reading all your comments, I think I’ve learned more from those with the actual experiences, than those that are selling them. Solving my overwhelm is all about lists. Since I don’t have time to journal, I’m keeping my lists. It’s amazing to me what I do get done in a day instead of worrying about what I didn’t get done. I’ve written 4 books about Mrs. Claus and self published. I’ve spent the last few months weeding out all the ideas about marketing. I do need a mastermind group. Thanks everyone for great advice

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  10. Custom avatar Diane says:

    I set out to become an internet marketer and threw myself into learning. I let myself become so involved in learning that I couldn’t move forward- every time I thought I would do one thing 10 other things king hit me. So I have taken a break, gone to find myself and reconnect with my ambition( and recover a little money) I haven’t given up I just need to refocus, decide on a path and take it again. I know I will succeed – just have to appreciate that after so long of being the me I am at present it is taking a bit longer to be who I want to be (and learn how to control overwhelm)

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    • Peg says:

      Hi Diane, I so relate to what you are saying! I have so many ideas and keep finding (or they keep finding me) more to learn about. I decided to just sit down and brainstorm and eliminate. I now have two instead of a million ideas to focus on. I will dedicate a year of building just these two ideas and reassess. Good luck to you!

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      • Donna says:

        I also identify with your post 1,000%! I have gotten myself stuck for about a year with an MLM. I believe in the product and it’s ability without a doubt, and I make things waaaaay harder for myself than they have to be.
        Anyway, I’ve just decided that rather than second-guess what I’m told to do, I’m just going to do it and see what happens!
        (Life’s an experiment, anyway!) Donna

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        • Anna says:

          Hi Donna and Diane

          Same experience: I am drowning in ideas and have slowly but surely cottoned on you can only do a few things right in life, I know there are those amazing multi-taskers out there and when I read what they do in a day I get a little nauseous and dizzy: I’m clearly not one of them. I realised that to be happy and get satisfaction from my work I need just to focus on one idea or job and my family no more. Hard to accept at times but it really works.

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  11. William says:

    I Studied at an ex-scientology school. Overwhelm is a measurable nasty state of mind. Overwhelm is also seen in handwriting analysis. The galvanic skin responce is where a undetectable small current is sent through the body and the body resistance is measured. Like a toaster, the more pressure we feel the hotter or more stressed we get. When we can’t handle the stress there is a tipping point seen on the
    GSR meter where it jumps from the most tense reading to a very low reading and you see behavior changes like “I don’t care any more” statements and other forms of withdrawal.
    In handwriting, the “t” bar denotes aspirational level of personality. Also called the level of self-esteem. The higher the “t” stem is crossed, the higher one aspires to achieve, the lower, the lower the goal one expects they can accomplish.(Remembering any particular handwriting is only a snap shot of a bigger picture) If the “t” bar bows downward they give up easily, up and they are trying to improve. Floating above the stem indicates “pie in the sky” aspirations they probably won’t reach.
    So David, I am a singer/songwriter/handwriting analyst with over 5 cd’s and writing today with enough gas to drive where I can play on the street for some spare change. I obviously shouldn’t be coaching people to get their “stuff” together. I was attracted to your book as I should have a web site. I think you have shown how one can be spiritual and do business at the same time. Thanks for your efforts! P.S. Akido trumps Ninja but they look cute.

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  12. David Wood says:

    I’m happy to see how much you guys are all supporting one another. I’m encouraged to do more blog posts, and get more information out to you.


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  13. Custom avatar elise says:

    My overwhelm experience is that I keep getting emails from “Get Paid Book” make money for who I am? What is this?

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    • David Wood says:

      🙂 there’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email.

      Or perhaps there’s a reason you’re still around.

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    • Trailblazer says:

      Elise ~ You must have linked into ‘Get Paid For Who *YOU* Are’, through some other program / engine search, just like any other Coaching / Purchasing site out there.

      Depends on what your looking for, but David [that blue headed creature] is the Founder of the site. He is a Coach who coaches others in motivational speaking, coaching and much more. Like any choices in life, you like / learn from him or not.

      In establishing a home based Internet Business, I was looking at many different sites as well as receiving coaching from Sam Crowley [EDIS], and decided one day that I was going to hit the [Unsubscribe] button, to them all but 3 of my favorites, due to being overwhelmed with all the info overload / purchasing products – programs / not getting direction, or know how to work what I had. Working a “JOB” was totally different then working at home alone. I wanted and needed ‘Income for Who I Am’, and GPU enrollment fee was affordable and the support staff is there to answer questions, a.s.a.p.

      It was fun blogging and meeting people, while exchanging ideas …. but….nothing I could run to the bank with, and still receiving zip, as ‘law of attraction ain’t gonna happen,’ without action taken on our part.

      Then came the day that David started promoting his GPU studies, with the next semester starting soon. He had just wrapped up the previous one, with his graduates motoring on, down the cyberspace highway.

      Get Paid University is one of David’s products that steps a person through the beginner stage of setting up web pages [news letters, bio, niche, elevator pitch …. and the list goes on], so depending on what your looking to do / have already accomplished … you decide to ride with David’s program, or move on to another program, as the Internet has overwhelming amounts of information to select from.

      So that’s my overwhelming issue David. Going on the Internet with all the avenues we can get sidetracked on, time management of how long I spend in email checks / replies, working on web projects … and stuff I need to discuss with my buddy, the days are speeding by. Sometimes I experience the insomnia of wanting to work on things through the night.

      I have a gut feeling that the new year will be new beginnings, for me. Have a few people I’d like to speak to, about offering a little freebie on my web page [Developments taking place soon] …. Yipeee], while I’m busy in the back office writing my e-book.

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  14. Custom avatar jvastine says:

    Your outline is interesting and does cover many of the basics required to start building a list, but I see a major flaw in this. The premise was “I’ve been wanting to create a new niche” and this is great. I imagine there are several rather lucrative niches yet to be discovered. Do you remember the pet rock?

    The problem is that if you are creating a “new” niche, there is nobody from which to borrow a report, audio file, or some other gift to offer in exchange for the optin, which is known as lead bait. So how would this be possible?

    The only option for a new niche is to either create your lead magnet yourself or outsource it. Of course it is rather easy and cost effective to outsource many business tasks, I do not see this as one of them. In order to present the information as you envision this new niche, you will probably be far better off in the long run simply by creating your own lead magnets.

    However, as we read your post further it becomes evident that you were not talking about creating a new niche, you were speaking about entering an existing niche market that perhaps may be a new addition to your business venture. Naturally this makes a huge difference in what steps someone needs to take even though several steps listed apply to both.

    In fact, once you create your lead magnet in a newly created list, setting up a squeeze and thank you page that are tied to an autoresponder would be a great way to gage the interest prior to product development.

    Anyway the post does fit your title, but I must say that the opening line in the post and email where misleading which made the whole thing somewhat of a disappointment to me.


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  15. Custom avatar Anita Ejrup says:

    I am really overwhelmed by all the emails I get. I must have ended up on everybody’s list!

    Today I started to just put them into the archive. I don’t have time to read them all. But I feel I might miss something if I don’t read it.
    I also unsubscribed some.
    I am glad I have my Buddy and that we will write a joint venture.
    May be I will have the courage to write about my life some day.

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    • David Wood says:

      it’s called FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out 🙂

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    • Custom avatar jvastine says:


      The best thing that you can do for yourself is to unsubscribe from all the email lists that you are on except for the 2 or 3 that provide you with good information and offer sound advice. If there is any new information in the IM world you will be made aware of it through those few lists.

      The majority of these lists just create far too much mental noise and distraction. You will be far better off if you devoted the time that you spend reading and shuffling those emails around to building a web page, a web site, keyword research, article writing, etc. Just do something even if it is wrong – you will learn and build your business much quicker this way.

      The fear of missing something is really unfounded and a result of all of the over hyped products of the goo-roos. If you will look carefully, you will find that there’s only a few basic tactics that have been effective since the early days of the internet. The majority of the new products focus upon some temporary scheme or an exploitation of some loophole, but none of these last very long. These over-hyped products are aimed at the get rich quick and income opportunity seekers to simply separate these people from some of their hard earned cash.

      Just think about the claims logically and ask yourself if you stumbled upon or created a system that generated [insert bogus claim here] per day, week, or month, would you give it away for the rediculous prices they offer it for?

      Not only that, but they sell thousands of these, which would not only cut into their income claims, it would reduce the potential for each customer too. Correct?

      Now you might be thinking sure, but only if all of those who purchased the product took action and everyone knows that the vast majority of the customer base will not take action. Yes this is quite true. At that, if only 9 customers out of thousands took action, then the seller would loose 90% of the proclaimed income. Does this make good business sense?

      The truth is that many of these people make the majority of their money creating these bogus products. I could list several recent product launches with the proof here, but this isn’t the platform for hat.

      The best thing that you can do for yourself is to follow your heat. Push aside all of the loud voices in your head clamoring for attention and tune into that still small voice – your heart i.e. the intuitive gut feeling and follow it. This voice will never lead you astray.

      Next find the one thing that you enjoy doing and would be doing if all of the other things in your life were already well taken care of. Then ask your heart, higher-self, higher-power, God, the Divine, or whatever you may believe in, to reveal to you how to monetize that activity.

      You probably won’t receive an immediate answer, but just start doing that thing, build a website or blog devoted to that, and as you start taking action the Universe will support you. Ways and opportunities to expand that into a business will begin to show. Everything will begin to blossom and take on a life of it’s own.

      This does not mean that things will be easy or that there won’t be any difficult or trying times, but as you withdraw your attention from all of the distractions in life and tune into yourself – who you really are, these difficult periods in your life will grow shorter and occur with far less frequency.

      The question is: will you be true to yourself and blossom into the person who you really are?


      BTW if you want to follow one IM guru I would recommend Eben Pagan, because the man is honest, provides excellent value to his customers, is rather interesting and an all-around great individual. Eben has truly worked his way up from a very humble beginning and earned the Guru title. I am not affiliated with Eben or his business in any way. I am just stating what I know to help and support you. Okay?

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      • Custom avatar Anita Ejrup says:

        Thank you so much for the answer.
        I will unsubscribe almost all and start on my own website.

        It is wonderful to get support and know there is some one out there who thinks about my situation.

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  16. Custom avatar Donna Woods says:

    My overwhelm is I am in direct sales but I used to be with another direct sales company for which I ran up a huge credit card debt. So I have been trying to pay on 2 credit cards for 2 direct sales companies and getting more behind on each one. I don’t know how to get ahead and get them paid off. I also work a full-time job and don’t have more time to devote to more parties at my current direct sales job. I need help!

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    • David Wood says:

      Hi Donna,

      grab a financial coach. Even if it’s a friend who’ll do it for free, and who has finances handled.

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    • Custom avatar jvastine says:

      HI donna,

      Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

      That very famous quote sums things up rather nicely. What you need to do is to stop putting your time, energy, and monetary resources into these direct sales ventures. You need to step back from the situation to reassess everything.

      A financial advisor may help, but more likely than not this will end up costing you something and from the sound of things I would imagine that you not well positioned to take on more financial burdens. A friend would be a good alternative, but if you don’t have a friend who is familiar with direct marketing, they will be unable to provide you with sound advice.

      I assume that these direct marketing companies are some form of MLM. If so, most provide training and make people available to assist you with your marketing. If this is the case, then this would be a good option since they would be familiar with the product and marketing and thus have the ability to analyze your tactics and make recommendations for improving your results.

      However, I will warn you that many of these individuals are trained to find recruits and build downlines. As a result, much of what they may say just be a scripted talk that’s aimed at keeping you as an affiliate. As far as they are concrned, the products have been sold once your credit card was dinged. To avoid this you must have the ability to see through the dialectic and separate sound advice from the pitch.

      Your best option would be to contact the SBA’s SBDC – Small Business Development Center, which have an office at most universities in the USA. They will assign you to a SCORE member who can assist you. They also have a number of resources that may be helpful too.

      As to the credit card debt, there are many ways to effectively handle that and just make it vanish. The majority of the population is rather ignorant to the things that we have at our disposal. Might I suggest reading the fair credit act for starters. The UCC – Universal Commercial Code offers us options to discharge debt as does the joint house resolution known as HTR 192. But those are a little complex for an individual just starting out.

      This is the best guidance that I can offer you with my limited knowledge of your situation. I would be willing to help further, but I’m not going to post my email address here. I will be setting up a website soon to help people like you at FinancialFreedomFiles.com. That may be live in the fext few weeks.

      I do hope that you received some benefit from this message. I wish you the best in your journey.


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  17. Custom avatar Dion Johnson says:

    Two things have really been causing me overwhelm

    1. First, the job of creating my free product, I have so many ideas and possible topics that I dont know how to choose. Also I want to give great value right from the off but I want to have something left that I can charge for later. somehow this feels scary

    2. Secondly, I think everytime I see another product or service with a message that is the same or similar to mine by someone else, I get a really strong sense of failure, like I’m too late, like I’ve missed the boat because of my procrastination and faiure to act… then the feeling of overwhelm increases.

    Thanks David for your 7 steps, Im looking forward to giving them a go? David would you be prepared to interview me on a recording to create my first give away product?

    Thanks everyone for your honesty…its great to know I’m not alone


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    • Jennifer says:


      I can totally relate to #2 and hadn’t consciously realized this until you put it into words. It’s a vicious cycle: the initial excitement, followed by that sinking feeling, and right on its heels, GUILT! Because now you’re stalling and procrastinating and feeling even stupider for now jumping on your brilliant idea.

      Thanks for articulating this! 🙂

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      • Jennifer says:

        Ooops, typo. I meant “not” jumping on your brilliant idea.

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      • Custom avatar jvastine says:

        Hi Don & Jennifer,

        The first thing is to get all of those ideas out of your head. You can accomplish this by simply writing them down or creating a text file. The idea here is to free your mind of the clutter so that you are able to focus.

        Next just pick one idea and go with it. To help with the idea selection just do something scientific, like flipping a coin or write each one on a slip of paper and pin to a dart board and toss a dart or fold up the slips and drop them into a hat, box, or bag, then reach in a just grab one.

        You may think that I am being silly here, but I assure that I am quite serious. The idea is just to take that one idea and then create your lead magnet, squeeze page, thank you page and start building a list of prospects. This gets you taking action!

        Then you can develop the web sie, create the product to sell or find an affiliate product to promote. As you do, keep in constant contact with your prospects and start developing a relationship. Provide them with real value to gain their trust, so that when you recommend somehing or offer them your own product, they will not hesitate making the purchase if it meets a need or cures a problem.

        Contrary to what most goo-roos say, I recommend writing to your list daily. This conditions them to read your emails and keeps you fresh in their minds. These emails need be not and should not be long, because you value your prospecs time you make them short and sweet. If you don’t have a tip, report, or some other freebie to offer them on any particular day, then just say: hey I really appreciate you and I hope that all is well in your world. Add an inspirational message to brighten or uplift their day and ask how you may best serve them. You find that the list will be far more responsive.

        Now you can go back to your list and grab the next idea and follow the same procedure. Keep doing this until you’ve gotten through your list. I might add that this will never happen, because as you are taking action more ideas will begin to flow in. Some of these you will add to your list and some you will feel the need to implement right away – just be sensitive to your intuitie gut feeling.as you go.

        Finally, the sense of failure that you feel when you see a similar message to one of your ideas is due to your perception i.e. they way that you think about it. Consider this:
        On the internet there is a world-wide audience. Correct?
        Do you think that this audience has room for two or more similar products?
        Just because the message is the same or similar does not mean that this is the same product. Right?
        Is it possible that your idea for the product or service offers benefits that vary greatly from the message that you saw?
        Would you agree that this is not an indication that you should not move forward with your idea?

        The real root to this feeling is low self-esteem. The egoic mind will use this as an excuse for you not to take action and move ahead. The ego wants you to stay within your comfort zone. All of this is garbage that has been programmed into our consciousness from birth. However, if you face these feellings of fear & failure and just say something like: I deeply love and appreciate myself and because I value myself I will take action despite these feelings. I desire and deserve to improve my present situation, therefore I will do everything that I can in order to help others get what they want so that they will help me to get what I want.

        You may not fully comprehend the last part, but it embodies a principle found in Napoleon Hill’s book Think & Grow Rich. If you have not read the book I suggest that you do. It is available from many sources online as a free ebook. Plus if you haven’t seen it already, I recommend that you watch Frank Kern’s video Core Influence as it will be a big help.

        Well I do hope that you have derived some benefit from this response. I wish you well.


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  18. Custom avatar Berry says:

    Plugging away slowly on several fronts my motto is “take one small step…then take the next” It maybe slower this way but at least I understand each step as I take it and maintain some momentum as well as control.

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  19. Custom avatar Gary Larson says:

    It has been great to have a well laid-out path to follow with the book Get Paid for Who You Are. There is so much to getting an online business up and running and it’s so helpful to know what the next step is.

    My biggest problem is finding the time to write and work on the web site. I have a demanding full-time job plus other demands at home. This leaves little time to do what I want and need to do for the web site. I find myself staying up late most nights which sometimes wipes me out the next day but I have to fit it in somewhere! I long for the day when I can do this full-time as my profession. I made a poster and put it up on the wall of my home office. It reads FREE YOURSELF! I want so bad to cut the ball and chain of my current job and do what I truly love to do.

    Anyone have some tips for me in how to deal with this?

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    • kirri says:

      Gary….totally relate to overhwhelm experience of wanting it all NOW but due to time constraints, the whole process is not moving as quickly as you would want?!

      My work day starts at 5am and ends at 7pm -THEN I get to work on creating my business. Often I am just getting into the flow of things and then fall asleep with exhaustion and the next night I feel as if I am back to where I started!!

      I keep telling myself that persistence is the key and that small steps every day is going to lead to big success – maybe not in the timeframe I had hoped but nevertheless, it will happen. Good luck everyone!!

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      • Custom avatar Gary Larson says:

        Thanks Kirri! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this challenge.

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      • David Wood says:

        Kirri – I’m inspired by you

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        • Custom avatar kirri says:

          OMG David Wood is replying to me 🙂
          I have only been “following” your coaching business since I was at uni and now… well I hope you don’t mind but your comment is about to become a testimonial on my new website (just kidding).

          Actually David – you have no idea how much your newsletters, training, books and cds have attributed to my success. I am inspired by many but your work is changing my life as we speak..so huge props to YOU!!

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  20. Custom avatar Karen L Kay says:

    Let myself get broadsided by unexpected financial blow this week. I was so devastated I was physically in crisis mode. I had no idea I would ever react like that to a financial situation. It brought home so many things. The first of which is to get my financial house in better shape. This may mean many things, but primarily it means this: A problem will not go away just because you ignore it! Lesson? Be Proactive.

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  21. Custom avatar Andy says:

    I was overwhelmed at first (9 months ago) but really got my Website up and running with a program no-one else I know seems to use (*more in a mo). Being a Copywriter – with a basic knowledge of DTP design – I’ve no problem with writing the site. That’s the MOST important part; getting the right WORDS that sell, promote, and get visitors to sign up. My main problem has been (1) mastering SEO – it’s a long learning curve, but I’m getting there. The other is (2) getting a WordPress Blog going, to back-up and promote my Site. Why has WordPress made it SO difficult? Easier, drop & drag design – like some other programs – would be SO much easier! But WordPress is favoured by Google, so I’m trying harder to get it sorted. (I think, with WordPress 3, they’ve finally realised they HAVE to make it more straightforward to use, create and publish a Blog. *By the way that DTP-based Website Design/Creation Program is Serif WebplusX4. It’s a breeze if you know anything about DTP design – and no, I don’t work for, or get any commission from Serif. It’s just a great piece of software! See the results on my ‘Write2Profit’ Website.
    All the Best, Andy.

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    • Chris says:

      Hi Andy,
      Just checked out your site – I use Serif, but not the web programme although I have it. One small comment – you might wish to change the title of your home page which at the moment is:
      Wouldn’t “Write 2 Profit” or something similar be better?
      I intend to get into WordPress, just haven’t made the time yet!!!

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      • Custom avatar Andy says:

        Hi Chris,
        Thanks for checking out ‘Write2Profit’ – and thanks for your comments about the Home Page. Good point – I’ll get it changed. Meantime, I’ve got a bit further with WordPress, by finding a free (or small payment option) of a program that’s been highly recommended by a Blogging buddy. Basically, it sets up a new WordPress Blog template, with SEO and best plug-ins + everything in place, all ready for you to implement, with help videos included. Should save a lot of time! All you need is a new domain and hosting arrangement. I’m going to try it for my new Blog.
        If you’re interested, email me through my Website, and I’ll send you the details.
        Best Wishes, Andy.

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        • Chris says:

          Thanks Andy,
          I’ll try to remeber as I’ve still got more to do with my current email marketing campaign before I look at WordPress. Thanks for the offer of help.

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      • David Wood says:

        i love seeing people helping each other

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    • Ruth says:

      I clicked onto like and it placed check on dislike. sorry.
      The web site was well worded. good job.
      Needs a break in between advertising.
      So much good information…hard to pick
      which site to visit. I liked all the free
      helpful stuff and signed up for it.
      found no place to download the book on
      setting up your website.
      Enjoy the journey looking.

      Just need a space in between the sections. Easier on the eyes.
      food for thought. thanks for the opportunity to see the sites.
      continue to make a difference in all that you do to make it better and to help those us that want to have that
      knowledge that you and your team are sharing. thanks.

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      • Custom avatar Andy says:

        Hi Ruth,
        Thanks for all your helpful comments. Meanwhile, I’ve sent you a confirmation email about how to download the free ebooks you chose – plus our special ebook on setting up a Website. As soon as you click the confirmation link, your download links will be sent immediately. Hope you enjoy your free ebooks and information. Thanks again for your request, and all your comments.
        Wishing you every success. Andy.

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  22. Custom avatar Bidemi says:

    Overwhelm!!! Scary but good word. I will take them just one at a time, delegate as much as I can and do more of the supervisory work. Baby steps are good, and momentum will come with each step.

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  23. Anne says:

    What’s a freedom buddy?

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    • David Wood says:

      can someone tell Anne?

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      • Custom avatar Bidemi says:

        A Freedom buddy is an accountability partner. Someone who helps keep you on track without sounding like a boss.

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        • Jennifer says:

          How do we find one?! 🙂

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          • Custom avatar Emma says:

            Hi Jennifer,

            I found mine by organizing live weekly meetings! Mine are based on Barbara Sher’s work (Success Teams) and while the likelihood is that you don’t live in Toronto, you can go to her website to see if something is going on in your city. That said, she doesn’t have a monopoly on the concept, there’s also Mastermind groups, etc.

            My experience has been that the people who return week to week just “get it”, and those who aren’t right for the process self-eliminate.

            However, you want to choose someone(s) whose motivation style is not TOO different from yours (you will benefit from diverse perspectives, BUT for example if they are totally tough-commitment-pushing-through-obstacles-with-sheer-willpower type and you are the more gentle empathic type it probably won’t work.)

            It can be done with a friend, but my experience is that I would rather link with like-minded strangers or acquaintances. Friends THINK they know who you are, and it can be hard to escape that.

            The literature on the subject (e.g. “Meet and Grow Rich”) seems preoccupied with dangers. Don’t choose this kind of person, that kind of person, beware negative nay-sayers, don’t choose people in the same business because they will compete, etc. etc.

            However, I will tell you that I wrote some really basic group guidelines, then allowed whoever wanted to show up, and I have not had ANY of these problems!!

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  24. Aline says:


    For more than two years I’v been overwhelmed by the technological part of an online business. Yesterday I heard that building the infrastructure with the right team and the right strategies is usually the longest part. I’m going slowly out of that part and am looking forward to create revenue with my business. I’m now working with a freedom buddy, a virtual assistant and a partner for the interviews and trainings. Trying to liv in gratitude for what is already done and compassion for myself in the process that was very slow until now…

    Thanks for the reminders of your steps. and am engaged in Taking action every day to go public is my commitment

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  25. Custom avatar Julie D says:

    Well I am off to the US soon and just packing is overwhelming. I am taking my laptop so that inbetween being with family and work convention I will get some more of my book written. I will ask my son over there to help me with a web site as I am just too scared to try it.

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    • Custom avatar Berrie says:

      Hi Julie –

      Re: setting up a website – I felt pretty overwhelmed at the thought of setting up a website too – however I did so through http://www.vistaprint.com through whom I had previously ordered business cards and other marketing bits and pieces. A bit llke “painting by numbers” but really easy to follow by non-technoheads like me! They have a huge choice of designs and colours on templates, their hosting fee is very reasonable and for a pittance you can add a blog to your website.
      Hope this is of assistance – and best of luck with your book! Cheers!

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    • Custom avatar Berrie says:

      PS – Julie D –

      If you’d like to check out my website, it is http://www.berriecameron-allen.com


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  26. Custom avatar Damian says:

    I am so overwhelmed because I have been burned by internet jargon to many times — take the money and run as they say — maybe partnering with David on one of his many forays would be goooood for me — who the ??? knows — anyhows its all about earning is it not. What the

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    • Custom avatar bruce says:

      I’ve written the book, and my website is being built, but the anxiety for me – or rather the very steep learning curve – is related to fulfillment, affiliate sales, newsletter and email, electronic payment, and getting all these to talk to each other. David’s book was helpful in this regard. But I needed a separate fulfillment solution for the digital e-book, and the hard copy of the book. Content is not the issue for me, as much as the technological mountain of information. I am not a digital native

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  27. Ahmad says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Custom avatar Sharon Ford says:

      Ahmad, I know it’s natural to be angry when you see someone else getting ahead doing things you do not consider valuable, especially if you are struggling in your life. Notice, though, that the reason David is getting fame and money for his efforts is that he is reaching out to people in a way that makes them feel valued. If you want money and success in large ways, you could decide to make others feel valued, as well. It’s the rule – be angry and you will struggle – or decide to become helpful and positive and get what you want from people. They pay big money for good feelings – and try to crush and silence those who make them feel bad.

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      • David Wood says:

        I tried a shift at KFC once – I accidentally sold someone half-cooked nuggets.

        I imagine Ahmad’s world is not very Rosy.

        But I like having a dissenter.

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  28. Lesleigh says:

    1. Turn my OverWhelm into an entity (with a certain personality or atmosphere or presence).
    2. Do with that entity that which I do with grumpy, negative people so I don’t get sucked in to their distress: Develop/Exercise the habit of looking for Benefits and Lessons. (Sounds woosy, but it works gently over time and DOES become a habit.)
    3. Keep my eyes on my goal/prize.
    4. Use my Observer Self to Encourage, gain ‘Outside’ Perspective, and contribute to Balance (emotional, physical).
    5. Concentrate on small elements in my life that WORK and letting the ones that don’t fall away – I don’t have to work SO hard at weeding out that way.

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  29. Custom avatar LAXMI NARAIN CHAWLA says:

    Hi , Overwhelmed is the mental stage that occurs at least to me many a times. My profession is such that forces me to live in such situations.I am a filmmaker (Writer and Director). I make documentaries and Corporate AVs. Every film that I make is like giving a birth to a new baby. And you can understand what the mental state of a person can be when one sees the baby arrives on this unique planet, our mother earth.Yes!A lot with sense of ….. see I cannot explain.

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  30. Custom avatar lisa chiodo says:

    Hey David,

    funnily enough I was just reading Get Paid for Who you Are, felt OVERWHELMED and thought I’ll take a break and check my mails and there was this one from you!!! You always seem to pop up at the most opportune times for me.

    Have been in action, now have our website (meeting with a designer on Monday)up and running.

    Where I get overwhelmed is with constantly looking for the answers on multiple sites rather than following the steps…

    A baby step I am committing to is scheduling time to create our newsletter and following the steps to do that.

    I have a buddy and will send an action plan for my week and ask for one from them.

    No longer easily distracted!!!

    ciao for now

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  31. Custom avatar Esther says:

    Organization. Seriously, I get so tied up in thinking, OMG,I MUST get organized before I do / can do ANYTHING!

    Then there’s the overwhelm of new ideas, and the but NO, I MUST be organized and take these things in the correct priority! I cannot pay attention to THAT idea, because THIS idea is first!!!

    Not a really great way to parent, actually. I got a many subject notebook, and some different colored tabs. That way, when an idea or a concept comes that is different than the current focus, I open the notebook, give the new baby a name, whatever inspired me, and a tag that says, “I’m here!” I have a quasi color code, but I don’t require myself to stick to it, it’s enough to have it marked.

    Then, when I have one of those little time outs, where I’m tired / burned out on the current project, or am dedicated to something like waiting for the day job or the bus…. I flip through the notebook.

    It refreshes my sense of creation, I usually add a thought or two, and am reassured, I have many fish in my sea, many baskets with many eggs. It allows me to concentrate on the current primary project without putting ALL the expectations of EVERYTHING I NEED on it — it isn’t an only child, after all.

    As the projects mature, they grow into their own notebook. It’s simple to rip the original pages out and just put them into the new notebook, staple them in if you’re the nervous type. Suddenly, instead of having “nothing done” on the new product / story / article / blog, I’ve got a heck of a lot done — a few lines or even words at a time.

    One day, and soon, I will have a wall filled with colorful, vertical file folders, with different projects, where I can SEE the whole family, and move them around as the ebb and flow of focus and opportunity and stage of growth changes for each one. It will also let me keep different artifacts for the project — every baby needs its own blankie, right?

    I also get overwhelmed by the ideas I see when I read on the internet…. So I made a tickle file. I print them out, and put them in a three ring binder, and when I want my brain “tickled’, or I’m looking for a new concept, a new article subject, etc., I flip through it, and see what bubbles up. I often do this before I go to bed, or when I can’t sleep — my sleeping mind gets restless, sometimes, so I give it a problem to chew on, in its own unstructured way.

    Way more than you wanted, I’m sure, and I admit, this is a work in progress, but it is working for me, better than punishing myself because I am not “organized enough!”

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    • Jennifer says:


      This is excellent!

      I love how you took the intangible problem of being overwhelmed by various projects and information overload — and turned it all into something tangible and physical. Somehow, your “system” makes it all seem more manageable amidst the chaos.

      Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

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  32. Custom avatar william welsh says:

    Mine is BALANCE – I am studying for an advanced coaching diploma, have a full time position, book keeping and assisting my fiance in her business, trying to sort my son sorted out, going to coaching seminars, balancing our finaces, material for my book, copy for my website, thinking about my website, coaching clients. That is not taking in any leisure activities.

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  33. Evan says:

    I don’t think there is really anything to do except decide your priorities and work on them.

    There is always more that we can do. We just need to do what we think is most important or pleasurable or whatever.

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    • Custom avatar lisa chiodo says:

      so true, my coach tells me that when there is a break down in performance the source of it is one of two things:
      Not doing the things I should be doing or Doing the things I shouldn’t be doing.
      To correct this…
      Do the things I should be doing and stop doing the things I shouldn’t be doing… Simple Yes?
      ciao lisa

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  34. Jennifer says:

    Trying to get my membership-based forum off the ground. Need to finish a proposal for my second non-fiction book. Also finish proposal for a reality TV idea for a producer who’s interested in helping me shop this around.

    Need to get my info. and a new picture (that needs to be taken) to a speakers bureau I’ve been invited to join. Need to edit an ebook that’s about two-thirds written, write some copy for it and line up affiliates for it. Need to figure out how in the hell to get affiliates working with my shopping cart in the first place!!

    Need to write some blog posts. Need to interact more with my readers. Need to get over feeling burned out by my topic.

    There’s more, but I’ll stop there.

    The bottom line is it’s all too overwhelming and what I do instead is… nothing.

    Thanks for writing about this and I’m enjoying reading the other comments too!


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    • Custom avatar Esther says:


      Hey, here’s a wild, wild idea. Make yourself a spinner, like in the kid’s games? Or the wheel of fortune thingy? Write the different in progress projects down on the wedges, and spin the wheel. Do this when you have one hour you can dedicate to whatever the pointer lands on.

      Two things: If you’re spinner making challenged like I probably would be, just write ’em down and pull them out of an envelope, hat, bowl, whatever, and, if you pull out one thing, and everything in you is screaming, NOOOO, milk the COW, not the goat — milk the Cow, you’re talking to yourself clearly, so listen, and without guilt.

      This isn’t about following the rules, it’s about using your own instinct / intuition to tune into the thing you can and want to do in that hour — which may lead to longer hours. Remember, you CAN trust yourself.

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    • Custom avatar william welsh says:

      Get a sheet of paper, draw a line down the centre, on one side write down ALL the things you want to do, everything.
      On the other side, think first, then put down the order of priority, (you can change the order so it is not set in stone).
      Get another sheet of paper, draw a line down the centre, on one side a realistic time scale for each, be realistic and not optimistic.
      On the other side write down the names of anyone, friends, family, etc, who may be able to assist you.
      Also write down web sites, books, material, etc, that could assist you.
      Third sheet of paper, draw a line down the centre, on one side the telephone numbers of people to help, the web site addresses and the books.
      On the other side a time and day to contact each person, a time a day to check out web sites, a time a day to go to library or purchase the books.
      Staple ALL sheets of paper together and as you do each bit cross it out with a red pen.
      Look at the papers before you go to bed each night to see just what you have achieved and what your next day is looking like.
      Pat yourself on the back on what you have achieved and don’t beat yourself up on what you haven’t but just say ‘I must put more effort in tomorrow’.
      Shift your mindset set from overload to action and excitement on what you could achieve and not what you are not achieving.
      The best of luck and stay positive.
      William from the UK

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      • Custom avatar Kate says:

        Hi William, Kate from America here. Like your ideas very much as they focus on solutions, wondering if you have a freedom buddy? or, if not, would you be interested in working with me for a trial period to see how it goes? If you follow up with this I think I will be sent an e-mail from the website.

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        • Custom avatar William says:

          Hi Kate,
          of course I would be your freedom buddy.
          Let me know your thoughts, your worries, anything I can help with just ask.

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          • Custom avatar Kate says:

            Hello William,
            I just saw your reply and am so happy to see that you are willing to take me on for a bit. Thank you so much for offering your time and help. I am just getting started with this and wonder if my plans (loosely constructed) sound feasible.
            I would like to address three issues that,in America, are really causing a great deal of suffering. 1) Bullying in schools 2) The utter chaos in social services, including the lack of access to health care for many people in America and 3)The increasing problem of obesity.
            I am wondering if there is any way to put these issues under one “roof” so to speak and also to decide if that is even necessary. I also need to make money from this project as I am both retired (with only social security for income) and a graduate student (which is somewhat expensive). I am searching for ways to make working to help solve these problems a profitable enterprise. Any advice will be greatly appreciated and thanks again for your kind offer.

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  35. Liza Naude says:

    I have a plan in my head but I run a VERY full time JOB – this brings in the money to pay by financial obligations so would/should be my first priority, everything else strewn to the side to ensure that my corporate income stays constant! But my creative side WANTS to set my website free – TIME is my overwhelm. That is all.

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    • Custom avatar william welsh says:

      I completely understand but you must make time for your website. Get a book on time management or go on line and run some tips of time management out.
      Also if you want it BAD enough you will, so how much do YOU want to set your website free? Get up 30 minutes earlier each morning and put your thoughts and ideas down on paper. Do this everyday so by Saturday you would have dedicated two and a half hours, now that’s just a start. So what would have by 30 October?
      Enough ideas to launch your web site in time for Christmas? I think perhaps so.
      Here is a quote to think about –
      ‘The future depends on what we do in the present’- Mahatma Gandhi
      So come on young lady no excuses make an exciting start, shift your mindset from ‘I haven’t the time’ to ‘I will create my website and people will love my ideas’
      Best of luck.

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  36. Hindy says:

    I think, more than I do. I’m trying to find a freedom buddy that’s more than someone I tell what I will accomplish by the next call. I’m motivated enough to stick to my word.
    Sor far, no luck.

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    • Custom avatar Patti says:

      Hello Hindy ~

      I’m definitely interested in connecting with a freedom buddy. I’ve gotten my website up and running, I’m mow creating free products and I was recently involved with twelve other colleagues in a launch to help build our e-mail lists. Without help all the way through each step I wouldn’t have gotten this much done in a relatively short period of time. I was overwhlmed for sure, perfection is my middle name, and a host of other gremlins that I think I’ve corraled for the time being. How would we connect so that we could see if we “fit” together?


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    • Giftedjay says:

      Hi Hindy,

      Your Freedom Buddy can only be as effective as you allow him/her to be. Take a chance and open up you might find the support system (motivator) you dream of is one click away. Where are you in your processes and where could I be of help to you?

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      • Hindy says:

        I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say. I’ve started working with 3 different ones already. One dropped out after 1 session to work with her husband, 1 I spoke to a couple of times and then he just dropped out, and 1 only asked questions, we never spoke.
        Some people seem to think it’s only about telling the person on the other end of the phone what they’re going to accomplish by next week and that’s it. Definitely not for me!

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  37. Kurt Schmitt says:

    Many people who are perfectionists tend to get overwhelmed. The underlying feeling is often something like “if I can’t get it perfect, it’s not going to be good enough.”

    I was often overwhelmed in the past, until I followed the wise words of Joe Schroeder – “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” That helped me tremendously to get to that point where I earned my first $10, and then $100 and then $1,000 via my website.

    Once you do that and you realize that perfection isn’t necessary, it’s much easier to continue. Still, overwhelm creeps in.

    Fast forward to my current overwhelm, a mini-overwhelm, if you will, and I have a lot on my plate. I have a lot of content to create, a contest winner to announce, and I have to restructure a couple of sites. How am I going to deal with it?

    A simple plan. Instead of creating detailed steps that I could fail at, I have a simple approach. I already know what needs to be done. So, in general terms I’m writing down the objectives on a white board, setting a time frame, and, “just doing it.” No pressure, just work, one step at a time.

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    • Jim says:

      I like the part where you say perfection is not required. My wife and I are working on a website, it’s not published yet, and we have some different opinions on what should go in, how it should look, how certain pages should read, etc. I’m doing the technical work, she’s doing the writing. We’re working it out together. I want to get it published within the next 2 weeks, she keeps wanting more stuff in it. Where do you stop and say, “that’s enough”?

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      • Kurt Schmitt says:

        Honestly? Just put it up there.

        Put up your home page, then the next page, and then the next, and so on. You will rework your content a million times over the years. You’ll rework your design and site construction as well (as I alluded to in my original comment).

        It will be far better 6 years from now than it is today. You can’t wait 6 years to make it “right.”

        A website is not a book, it’s a living work. At http://www.cat-lovers-only.com/ I got over 300,000 visitors in 2009. Many people who see the site say “wow, awesome site!” My visitors write a lot of my content now and they interact a lot. My visitors love the site, and the more they give me feedback, the more I know what they want.

        I pour my heart into that 6 year old baby, but, I still am not happy with it! Well, some aspects I’m happier with than others, but I know it could be better. In 5 years, it will be even better than it is today, one page at a time.

        It’s not what you want to see in your site that counts, it’s what your visitors want. You can’t know that without feedback and stats, and you can’t get that without launching the site.

        Seriously… just do it, warts and all.

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        • Jim says:

          Thanks, good advice.

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          • Kurt Schmitt says:

            Thanks, Jim. I’d like to qualify my remarks for clarity as I don’t want anyone else reading this to misunderstand. My assumption here, based on your original reply to my comment, is that you’ve done your research.

            Many people I talk with spend lots of time trying to craft just the right wording for their content, or the right look and feel. While these things are important, they can as I said, be reworked later (and likely will). The place where you need to spend your time, however, and get it right, is in choosing your niche and creating your plan. Too many “gurus” advise spending an afternoon researching and then tell you to get your site up as soon as possible. This is bad advice.

            Just because you like green widgets, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. They may not even know what green widgets are or how to search for them or even if they need them. You have to figure out how what you offer fits into the bigger picture of what people are looking for before you even consider a website for it.

            So, yes, once your research is done, and your plan is in place, start creating the site and get it online. Poor research and planning = failure.

            Thanks to all who have appreciated my comments! I hope it’s helpful.

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        • Kate Quinn says:

          Agreed. A website is always a work in progress Jim, get it up there and just keep working on it, letting it grow organically 🙂

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        • Ruth says:

          Kurt, thank you for sharing the thoughts
          above. Your words are well spoken and
          you know how to set up a web site and
          many have arrived and enjoy the material
          you have place on the web.
          You are right you have to find out what
          the people are looking for and set up
          that information for each of them to enjoy looking at the beautiful cats etc.
          I tried to go to your site. clicking onto the web site in your article.
          will check it out later. My friend loves cats so I will share it with her.
          Building a web site and a blog is what
          I want to know more about.
          http://www.hearandplay.com is a good site
          for music. Business side of it is
          net instead of com. Free lessons for a
          year. awesome. Referred: RUTH MILLER

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    • Ruth says:

      Thank you for your insight.
      Well spoken,understanding,wisdom and knowledge that you have shared with each of us.
      You came up with a good plan
      just wanted to let you know that your
      plan is a good one. Does not have to
      perfect just get started. Good advice.
      Continue to make a difference when you
      share. Being willing to share is a special gift so enjoy your journey thru life knowing that you have touch the lives of many with your kindness and words. Good job.

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  38. Stuart says:

    Hmm, assistant you say! My overwhelm is time… I have to do everything myself and I’m trying to run 3 different businesses already. Too many financial commitments to drop any in order to dedicate more time to those 10 ‘easy’ steps. One day, I’m sure I will.
    Thanks for the summary

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    • Kate Quinn says:

      Stuart, I run three different businesses too with not enough time to do everything I need to do. I completely relate to your overwhelm, and statement about an assistant. In a moment of overwhelm last week I was screaming in my head for two types of assistants.

      Amazingly they came knocking at my door (one literally, the other a freelancer sought me out) and this time I chose drop a couple of commitments to get them set up.

      It has been worth it. I’m now thinking “I can actually do a, b, c….”.
      I actually have time and value spending that time on the higher-earning things and outsource other things that are done much better and much quicker by other people.

      So if you have someone in your audience, family, community who can help you out free/commission/cheaply, it’s worth getting them on as an assistant and then spending your time on higher value activities.

      Best of luck!

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      • Stuart says:

        Law of Attraction in action! Thanks Kate, I am actually a ‘half glass full’ kinda guy 99% of the time but this whole internet thing just seems to take so long to create results. I’m going to give myself permission to continue trying for a while longer. If need be I’ll step off this path and on to another – guilt free! I hope 😉 – Stu

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  39. Juliet Ross says:

    I am so overwhelmed as to who I choose to do my website, there are so many choices out there. I am now asking myself “What do I want to have happen”?, “And is there anything else? as I know this will help me to to decide once I have these answers in place. So I will sign off now as I want to get the answers down now.

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    • Hi Juliet, Teo from Argentina here. I offer myself to serve you on making up your mind where to head to and plan and build your web.I speak span & english. Im exoert SEO and got web sites wuth a 3 page rank.I will be pleased to help u. I am also an internet marketer
      You stay well.

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  40. Custom avatar Mary Catherine George says:

    I have so many ideas, stacks of files and articles, yet to put it all together feels like a tremendous and monumental task. Avoidance sets in – I can’t seem to get my arms around how much time I would need to invest… again – avoidance.. so, I am doing nothing but wishing – to find a way to focus the time and energy to accomplish my desired goal.

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    • Mary Catherine, the good news is, you do have it in you and you can do it.

      I know because I had the same issue with my creative writing. I just set everything aside, trusting that what needed to come out would show up, and what doesn’t is not part of the current project.

      Best of luck!

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    • Custom avatar william welsh says:

      Picture pidgeons in their cages before they fly off, have you got the image?
      Yes? Right now pigeon hole all your ideas, so each one in a cage.
      Once you have them caged work out ON PAPER a realistic date to release each idea, picture your idea flying out there ONE at a time.
      Now does that feel more realistic by putting them in one cage at a time?
      Don’t muddle them up as can you imagine 50 pigeons flying at you all at once, horrible.
      If you see ONE pigeon flying home it is a nice site.
      Best of luck, hope this has helped.
      William from the UK

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  41. coach-Dayton says:

    I am so overwhelmed I can’t answer right now but the overwhelm is good. It means I am alive. I will think about overwhelm later right now I am thinking about my websites.

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    • Hey, Coach Dayton! Great to see you and glad you are here!

      Yes, the volume of work, and having it organized in a logical step-by-step sequence can certainly be overwhelming.

      I keep thinking of great new domain names and my list is lonnnng!


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