How to get Publicity (PR) for your product or service

how to get publicity
My publicist managed to get me on CNN Headline News – and fast. I started wondering how someone who couldn’t afford to hire a publicist could generate publicity themselves, and for free. So I asked him to share some quick and easy tips with you.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get on your favorite talk show or in your favorite magazine, promoting your product to tens or even hundreds of thousands of people? Here are some cool tips from Drew Gerber creator of a free media leads service – and note, I’ll have an important question waiting for you at the end….

* * *
I’m always dumbfounded when I hear about aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and business owners who put PR, one of the most effective marketing tools out there, to the wayside.

There’s nothing like media exposure to help get the word out, build your credibility, and catapult your business to the levels you’ve dreamed. But how do you start using PR to help you get paid for who you are? Here’s what you need to know:

1) Stand out!
Figure out what makes you unique so the media – and potential clients – come knocking on your door. What makes you unique? How do you differ from the competition? What can you offer your customers – and the media – that your competition can’t? Google your name; Google what you think is unique about you. See what competition is out there for the way you’re currently positioning yourself. Are you the fastest? The quickest? The cheapest? The most fun? The first?
Once you’ve gotten an idea of who your ‘competition’ is, dig in a bit deeper. Really look at your target audience. Are you currently attracting your ideal client? Or are you attracting clients that aren’t on your ‘wish list?’ What messages resonate with your ideal client?  What problems do they have?  What solutions do you offer? How will you stand out?

2) Get found!
Position yourself in a way that makes it easy to be found online. Over ninety percent of journalists find all their information and sources online now; and potential clients are doing the same thing. No one flips through the Yellow Pages anymore. When they have a problem they need solved, they’re searching the web for a solution. So building a foundation online has to be at the top of your priority list.

But how do you do this?

a) Online Press Kits -These are crucial to positioning yourself as the media’s go-to expert. They can help you reach page one of the search engines. Most importantly, you’ll be easier to find. Most online press kits offer a platform where you can store and organize all your materials – your bios, your headshots, story ideas, media angles, and more – that the media will need when using you as a source. Like having a resume when you’re on the job hunt, an online press kit tells the media you’re serious about being chosen. Want an example? See the kit we created for David at .

b) Article & Press Release Portals – Use them to position yourself as an authority, build links back to your website, and increase your search rankings. These portals, most of which are free to use, will allow you to distribute your articles and press releases all over the Internet. When potential customers and members of the media search keywords related to your expertise, your article or press release will position you as an authority on the topic. For articles, it’s best to identify a problem and provide a solution using your knowledge on the subject matter. For press releases, share the news and happenings of your business while highlighting your expertise. Always include a professional bio with your contact info and links back to your website so readers will get to know you and be able to get in touch with you. Where to post?

press releases:


c) Media Coverage -One placement on a coveted media website can produce more referred traffic and help move you higher up the search rankings than submitting dozens of videos, articles, or press releases to online portals. Being featured in the media is instant credibility because you’ve been chosen for your expertise and your potential clients can’t help but want to know more. It’s also great for your search rankings. Top media outlets have extremely high rankings; so if they’re linking back to your website, your online rankings will increase, making it easier for clients – and other media outlets – to find you! So I’m saying – scoring your first media coverage will help you get more media coverage.

3) Know who wants you
Know who your ideal client is and what problems they are dealing with. This makes marketing to them much easier. Know their wants, their hopes, their dreams and their desires and communicate the difference you can make for them.
When you know who your ideal clients are, it becomes very easy to identify the media outlets you should go after. With a little research, you’ll know exactly what TV shows they’re watching, what magazines they’re reading, and which radio shows they tune in to when seeking news, information, and entertainment. You’ll know which messages resonate with your target audience (and their preferred media), and which ones don’t. You see, if you’re selling the latest and greatest agricultural equipment, you don’t want to be pitching the editors at Cosmo. The clearer you are, the easier the PR game will be.

* * *
Thanks Drew – that’s awesome. And guys, I’ll be talking next week about a free PR service Drew is willing to offer you, AND how to get free access to his online marketing course Publicity Results!: Catapult Your Business With Media Exposure just by enrolling in the free service. So keep an eye on your in-box.


What’s your dream publicity? What TV show, article, or radio station would you like to appear on or in? To achieve it you first have to dream it, so list your ideal media coverage by posting a comment below.


47 Responses to “ “How to get Publicity (PR) for your product or service”

  1. In the final stages of self-publishing a book on leadership and looking for unique methods to get others interested in learning more … purchasing … what is the best way to get the word out? Thanks!!

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  2. Boy, you really got me thinking about a different way to approach marketing my business . . . like what makes me unique compared to others who sell self-defense and protection products online (and off). Thanks for making me realize that just because I have a lot of competition doesn’t mean that I don’t have something special to offer.

    At a local level, I could easily get an interview on a local popular radio station. Thinking big . . . because many of my products benefit women and children, providing a means to help keep them safe at home and away . . . like many others, I think it would be very cool to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ or Tyra Banks’ show.

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  3. Steve says:

    Oprah, hands down. I don’t have a product, I have a cause. I am an amputee and I will be walking on crutches, 365 miles to raise funds to help children who are also amputees get access to needed help and services. I think Oprah would like this.

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  4. Good for you. I’m with you on Oprah with a lot of respect for what she does even though I don’t watch her either.

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  5. Custom avatar Priscilla says:

    Larry King would be great before he retire. Quest means business and Oprah would spice my dream 🙂

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    • I like Larry King and Oprah would also be great. I am following my soul calling by listening to my intuition with creating an award winning documentary film that really helps people to awaken to who they really are.

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  6. Custom avatar Meera Sharma says:

    Thanks for the valuable information you shared, it is very inspiring to hear it the way you put it! I would like to appear on a show where God is not preached but perceived as in everybody’s consciousness.
    Kind regards,

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  7. Custom avatar Veronika W says:

    Oprah would be pretty sweet, but I’m thinking that even being on the local news regarding the health benefits of what I promote could be beneficial!

    Thanks for the article… great info!

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    • No reason you should not be. Have you tried. Do you have a local TV station where you live? They are always looking for content.

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  8. David ~

    First off, I’m so thrilled that you posted my testimonial on your press kit.

    I’ll never forget the day I downloaded your book. I had a ton of errands and household chores to do that day. I didn’t do anything on my list because I simply couldn’t put your book down till I got to the end. The dust continued to collect, the dirty dishes and laundry were piled up, and I didn’t even care. I had an amazing book to read!

    Now, in answer to your question …

    My ideal public relations dream would be to have YOU interview me — maybe even do a video interview, internet radio broadcast, or teleseminar together! No, I’m not buttering up here. You’ve worked hard to build your online and offline identity and you have tremendous acclaim. My idea of smashing PR would be to take a ride on your shirttails!


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  9. Kucki Low says:

    Thanks David for sharing this valuable information with all of us. Very helpful! My book is in the final stages of publishing and I look forward to lots of opportunities to share my life story and hopefully it will inspire many to believe in their dreams.

    With much joy and appreciation,

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  10. Custom avatar Joe Sottile says:

    What program do I want to be on, and who do I admire the most…just go here…

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  11. Elisa says:

    I would like for others with like minds to come on board with my company. Others who enjoy keeping healthy and who could make an income at the same time. The best PR would be word of mouth, and eventually one of us will will be asked to get on TV or Radio, or to join with them at an Expo in their town, or in Italy or Switzerland,or any place on this planet; internationally.

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  12. Melissa, Inspired Coaching says:

    So nice to have all these tips on ONE place. Thx!

    My dream publicity? A friend asked me just yesterday if I could be on Oprah. I’m in the Chicago area… could happen!

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  13. Michael says:

    Thanks for the valuable information you share, David

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  14. Custom avatar Ron says:

    David thank you for the information it is awesome. Partly because of you and your book I started my own company I have learned more by doing a business than just reading about it. And now after reading your article I have more work to do.

    My dream PR would be Good Morning America to reach all the moms and dads out there watching spprting events. And Inc magazine a long lifetime childhood goal.

    Again thank you so much!

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  15. Custom avatar Ron says:

    Thanks David for the great information. Partly because of you and your book I have start my own Internet business, called I love it and have learned more doing the business than just reading about it. It’s all about action and moving forward.

    My PR dream would be Good Morning America to get the word out to moms and dads across America. And Inc magazine.

    Thank you again,

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  16. Custom avatar Martina says:

    Dear David
    Thanks very much for these great recommendations and tips.You inspire me to finally get our presskit done for our Alphorn group. We perform on these 12 foot long horns here in teh US.

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  17. Coach Valj says:

    Awesome tools! I appreciate it….In addition to this site I’d love to have Ellen DeGeneres hear about my workshops and Law of Attraction BootCamp 4 week program…or have her recommend my e-Coach program or Soul-Goals free tele-workshop. That would be incredibly awesome.

    I’d also love to meet Jack Canfield and Dr. Michael Beckwith and so many others!

    Lastly, I’d love my local market news and public radio to discuss that I’m Jacksonville’s only Certified Vision Board Counselor…that would truly be a blessing!

    How about you?

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    • Tara says:

      @Coach Valj

      Have you thought about approaching the local news and radio station yourself? You have a unique selling point that automatically gives you status as the recognised expert. Present yourself like that and they should see the benefits of interviewing you. Good luck to you!

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  18. elizabeth schiemer says:

    In Port Stephens, NSW. Australia we are incorporating a network of Complimentary Health Services with a view to having seminars and expos for private practioners with wholistic health and education services. The next expo is in October. There is an oportunity for anyone in this region to self promote if you have a wholistic health related qualification, book or CD. There will be tables at the expo and the possibly of a talk during the day. contact.
    Elizabeth Schiemer
    RN. AdvDipArt. DipClinicalHypnosis. NLP. NS. Meta States.

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  19. DonnaChristine Park says:

    Over the past two years, My personal PASSION & PURPOSE has been to STEP FORward to collect/invite people to donate their ‘gently-worn’ SHOES…in order to SHARE them with Folks…’round the Corner & ’round the World…having NO SHOES, at ALL.

    As “WALK a MILE in MY SHOES…on the Path to PEACE” CELEBRATES its 2nd Birthday, this SHOEString Global Outreach Campaign is deLIGHTed to announced that We have now shipped/shared some 4016pairs of SHOES.

    My PASSION continues as We ‘intend’ to conduct WAMMS Across AMERICA activities & SHOEDrives…in order to facilitate the NEED for SHOES.

    Please NOTE: WAMMS ships ‘gently-worn’ SHOES to Military Chaplains & Medics in IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN & the SHOES are then distributed to children in refuge camps & orphanages.

    The experience of WALK a MILE in MY SHOES…on the Path to PEACE…touches My heart deeply & inspires Me to STEP FORward with new ways to SERVE. Blessings to You…Always!!!

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    • Custom avatar Patricia Lynch says:

      Shoes even “gently” worn can be an unsuspecting bad thing as the weight and body structure of the previous wearer can contort the inside of shoes in ways that are not seen or felt right away. The ne wearer will put up with it for a while but pain may be unsuspecting of the shoe but a new pair of shoes correct the pain.
      Let Zappos do their thing. They donate shoes all the time. If you have a shoeless place, let them know.

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    • Chloe says:

      I think this is a great idea, and I meant to give it a “thumbs up”, but couldn’t figure out the icons right away and accidentally gave it a “thumbs down”. I am so sorry! Please change this if possible.

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  20. marvin wax says:

    I am very interested in your products. Would you please send me more information so that I can get the ideas that you might have for me could be studied by me and my associates. Thanks Marvin

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  21. Eve Reincarnated says:

    George Noory radio C2C would be great to keep my personal identity a secret…

    Or all covered with a Islamic Womans head cover 🙂
    on Oprah…funny hah?

    The true story of the Garden of Eden is about (when?!) to start
    in Newsletter Form!

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  22. Custom avatar Donald says:

    I have a passion to help people understand long term care insurance coverage. I am in the middle of the baby-boom generation and I see my generation unprepared for their senior years. The burden of long term care on themselves and their families can be overwhelming. Any exposure in local print or TV media to help me educate families on how to avoid this financial and emotional dilemma would help me fulfill my desire to serve.

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  23. Custom avatar Clea says:

    This is great support, thank you David. An interview with someone like Terry Gross of NPR would be very good, what a dream!

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  24. Custom avatar Valerie says:

    I love interviewing people. I’m a literal question-box of curiosity about who people are, what they do and what matters to them. My ideal publicity would be my own forum to interview (discover) “regular” people who have their own unique “coolness” as people and contributors and no one knows it.

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  25. Jane Cook says:


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  26. Tony says:

    My dream media interview would be to be on Oprah. She’s had other financial Authors on why not me?

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  27. John Smith says:

    You have very powerinfo information
    This will be vet good for my busines

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  28. My dream publicity would lead me to paid speaking offers on college campuses. I would also love to get word out regarding my book to those interested in mindfulness and meditation, better relationships, and better health. Perhaps the magazine that are picked up for free in health food stores would be a great place for an article. However, in the meantime, I am busy with social media!

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  29. ofir engel says:

    my dream is to be performing on ellen degeneres show, i inspire people to have fun enjoy dancing and enjoy music with meaningful and ageless songs, i had a dream that i’m dancing with her on her show
    i wish that dream would come alive,

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  30. Dave Rispoli says:


    What a great article! You always amaze me with the content that you so freely share. Thank you again for your support.

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  31. Skye says:

    Great info that you’ve shared…thanx so much! I hope to use it and then share w/you the value you’ve provide to me and others…thanks again, Skye

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  32. Custom avatar Anita says:

    Thank you for sharing all this awesome information David.

    In responce to your question – I am pretty new to the market of well being. So as I’m having to deal with the ‘motions’ of a new business, I haven’t really had time to ‘dream’ about the perfect media exposure yet.

    But I found your question actually worked – I stopped and thought “what if…”

    So, the most specific answer I can come up at this moment is:

    My dream appearance on TV would be on the Tyra Banks Show or Oprah, not because they are far-reaching, but because they’d give me the most chance to speak directly to the women I am trying to help.

    If I could pick an article – I’d pick iVillage for the above reasons.

    And for personal satisfaction, it would be an honor to do an interview with Tony Robbins.

    There – now I have something to look forward to ;o)

    Thank you again David for making me think.

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  33. Custom avatar Savyra says:

    What amazing ideas and what a great resource! I’d love to land on Ellen DeGeneres’s show because she has this unique brand of humour. My product is DappleShades, unique paper sculptures that double up as window treatments, wall hangings, room dividers, even lampshades. I think they’re great fun and people can play with them and invent new uses all the time.

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  34. Custom avatar Julie D says:

    ABC Radio morning show, and also there book reviews and local radio and current affairs programs and book reviews in the paper.
    Reviews and recommendations by other aurthors.

    (but not shows like Oprah etc as I can’t stand them and have rarely seen any. Just not my thing and don’t like the audience it attracts. Heck man we have more important things to do than watch or be on them). Would not have integrity if I used them as I would just be using.

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  35. Custom avatar Jane Cook says:

    I should like to be on HayHouse radio, be interviewed by Nick Ortner (or Jessica) for the tapping July 30th 2010
    in Stamford and work with you!
    Thanks for this!

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  36. Custom avatar Kathleen says:

    Tv: Oprah Radio: George Noory
    I’d love to have my own Spiritual TV show.

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    • Custom avatar Anita says:

      Kathleen, I don’t know if you know of this, or if it would be of any use. But Oprah is currently running a contest for the next TV show.

      Have a look here (hope David doesn’t mind me posting the link)

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      • Custom avatar Melissa, Inspired Coaching says:

        Anita, the deadline has passed. It’s voting week.

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        • Excellent summary of practical advice.

          Oprah would do, but my ideal would be Charlie Rose. At least you get an intelligent conversation. That would be Nirvana!

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          • Custom avatar Melissa, Inspired Coaching says:

            Joan, I need to start watching Charlie Rose, I guess. (of course, I don’t watch Oprah, just know she has HUGE following… she’s today’s equivalent of our mothers’ “good housekeeping seal”!

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