Suellen made HOW much – part time?

Watch this video then answer the question (under 5 min):

To ensure you’re successful, I want you to feel IN YOUR BONES that you can do it.

That’s why I’m bringing you Suellen’s story.

For the past several weeks, we’ve focused on our dreams, ideas, and aspirations. It’s time to bring these ideas to life. Just as Suellen did.


1) What you intend to achieve over the next 12 months to Get Paid For Who You Are.

2) Can YOU do it? (OK I did it. Suellen did it. Thousands of others did it. But look inside….can YOU do it?)

I look forward to reading your answers. (yup, I read them  🙂 )
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272 Responses to “ “Suellen made HOW much – part time?”

  1. Karen says:

    Have just listened to Suellens story and I am inspired. Haven’t read your book yet but know I have to be who I am and it would be great to get paid for it! Have so many ideas but can feel one solidifying. I lost my eldest son in a road crash 2 1/2 years ago and my dear brother 8 months after that in nanother crash and then 5 months later my uncle. It was all such a shock and not their fault. They just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time and I decided not to be a victim. I’m lucky I have a supportive family and lots of learnings from NLP and Metacoach trainings. I have for years juggled working and caring for my family. I don’t want to ever get stressed again trying to do too many things and feeling torn and guilty. After my son died I found out what really matters to me and it’s being with the people I love. And that’s it. However, we all have to live, have shelter, eat etc….

    I want to share my experiences and what has helped me. Maybe in a step by step approach… an online self help tool… that anyone can access any time… hmmm…am getting excited… but have to pace myself as pushing doesn’t work anymore…

    Any comments/feedback greatfully received;)

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  2. Custom avatar peter zoras says:

    how do i get started,i know i like to make people laugh,we all should be able to smile and laugh.
    is there a market on the web,


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  3. Angel says:

    I am still in the planning stages. I know I have skills in Radio and Video Production, so I will probably do something in that arena, maybe teach the novice via instructional videos on how to edit or interview other’s and show them teaching something. It’s still forming in my brain cells. I do so many things, picking one is hard. So, best bet is to incorporate my talents and skills together, to create something beautiful.

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  4. Custom avatar Lisa says:

    1. Provide a forum of support for North Americans (maybe just women, not sure) who are in multi-cultural relationships living abroad.
    2. I still have my doubts whether I can do it. I’m trying to start a company, but none of the components seem to lend themselves to this model (teaching English, making/selling bagels, opening a cafe, offering alternative healing technique – mainly EFT, offering ecotourism – all in Paraguay). I have finally come up with idea 1. for the website, but I can’t imagine how it could be profitable and my husband and I are both unemployed so hum…

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  5. Ingrid says:

    During the next 12 months I will re-launch my website for personal development and coaching. I will finish my certification as a life and business coach. I will help people discover their potential and live up to it, and will begin earning money through my site.


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  6. My goal is twofold :

    Help people with their guitar skills through my current website ( almost complete by the way, all videos will be uploaded tomorrow morning ), and then help them with self-defense, fitness and personal safety through th every unique self-defense system I teach on a day to day basis to security pros and lay people alike. I can do this and WILL do this before summer is over.

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  7. My business is twofold :

    one part is being a musician and music teacher, and I can help people improve their guitar skills really fast and finally feel happy playing the instrument, no matter what musical background they have.

    the second part is that I’m a martial artist, black belt in over 10 disciplines and a self-defense specialist, I’ve taught security personnel, military personnel, cops, tactical teams, and lay people alike and I want to share my knowledge and experience with more people so that the world becomes a safer place for those receiving those teachings, where balance is achieved through spiritual development as well as physical development.

    I can do this, and come summer, I’ll be shooting a few DVDs and setting up a website promoting these teachings. Funny enough, most of what I teach is based upon Ninpo, i.e Ninja arts… Synchronicity at work I’m sure…

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  8. I love that so many people here value the wellbeing of others and the vulnerable. I see many people are ready to offer support and encouragement in creating a cultural shift in governments and business environments that actually put people before profit. They now seem to realise that by doing they are more likely to boost profit. Absenteeism will decrease, motivation and productivity will increase and collaborative approaches build trust and stability. I am pleased that my children will witness this in their adult working life. Frances Barrone

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  9. Custom avatar Jarmila says:

    I would like to share with people, how stretching can help to improve their life. It can become meditative and experience and it doesn’t always have to mean YOGA. I don’t even want to focus on yoga at all.
    Stretching can improve posture, self image and plays major role in pain relief.
    My passion is to help people to help themselves.

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  10. Custom avatar Suzanne says:

    Hi Everyone,
    My dream is to help people to know that there is another way, we don’t have to be so unhealthy, sick and diseased.
    By making some small changes our health can improve and so can our planet’s health improve.
    AND we can also live a balanced and fulfilled life.
    The saying that “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” – well I don’t think it has to be really difficult or frought with so much illness either.
    I would like to help anyone who would also like to achieve these goals.

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  11. Yvonne L. says:

    Would you guys do me the honor and take a quick look at my poll please.

    Thanks so much.


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  12. Helena says:

    Thank you David for encouraging all of the people in your circle. I would like to develop a website with effective tech. for maximum expousure/To come up on the top 3 of a Google search , list building/Affilates Programme, just like you have done. Video’s like the one above with Suellen, neat with both of you in the frame., I have a number of idea’s, Health, Raw Food that tastes delicious and is healing.Health Products that actually work., and a book I want to write on becoming a Nana (Irish for Granma) I need to buy Videocamara and sound equipment, don’t know where to start as my computer skills are like Suellen’s in the beginning of her business venture. I am apprehensive, this blog is the 1st time I have put it out there, and Yes it is scarey. I have walked on a fire the Tony Robins style and this venture feels just as hot.
    Nameste Helena

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    • Helena,
      Good on ya for taking the a great step forward and posting on here. My mum is nanna as most of my family live in Dublin. I think it is a great book to write especially with that title! Like you my techie knowledge has room for improvement!! All the best Frances Barrone

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  13. Custom avatar Karen says:

    Hi, my dream is to help others overcome obstacles that they may not be aware they have such as emotional traumas, fears, anger issues, etc. then to take this power and be the best they can be – in relationships at home, work and with all those they love. Just to discuss and come up with the solutions that are already inside of them!

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  14. Custom avatar Jane says:

    my aim is to take the obstacles and mystery out of radiesthesia (using dowsing as a means of helping oursleves and others achieve emotional and physical health) I want others to be able to work without the need for expensive gadgets/instruments which is a common belief. I would like to have a website where ideas can be bounced around and there is access to information, frameworks and updates etc

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  15. Delia Moon says:

    I want to help people understand themselves in relation to others. I am imagining a website/blog for people who wish to live in community. I want to interface my training in depth psychology with a writing career.

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  16. Custom avatar l'emir talal harfouche says:

    dear david,
    thank you very much for your interest about me,i really appreciated,but i would like to know from where you know me and you know my story.
    i look forward to hearing from you.
    yous faithfully,
    talal harfouche

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  17. Custom avatar Laurie says:

    It is my life dream to help people really live their life and grow to their full potential… it’s something I knew I wanted to do from a young age…
    Coaching provides me with the opportunity to help others while living my own dream! yay!

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  18. I am doing it and have been doing it since late 2007.I set up which offers coaching training and consultation for ‘busyness’ people. Typically people who access Lifeskills are those who have lost site of their purpose in life and whose health and relationships are at risk. I transferred my business to after winning the 2009/2010 Make it Happen award and relocated my practice to Swindon. I run a monthly Lifeskills Circle for suportive development and regular practice of these holistic wellness and success principles. I have just completed a contributory chapter of my own personal story of triumph over incredulous adversity which gives insight as to how I know that lifeskills really work. My work takes me into the community and into organisations that embrace this socio-cultural shift. I have also taken my Lifeskills message to community radio and have spoken and hosted wellness and coaching events. It is so fantastic to be part of a wider world where people really matter. I believe in a year from now Lifeskills and Holistic coaching and therapies will be the norm for schools colleges business and within organisations who finally understand that the best investment is in the wellness of the individuals that they interact with. Frances Barrone Certified Lifeskills Consultant

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    • Sara Watson says:

      Hi Francis!
      Your story was inspirational and touched upon an idea I had a few years back regarding lifeskills education for high school students and beyond. When I was a high school student, I became an unwed mother. I was somewhat popular and so I was somewhat high profile which made it that much more painful for me as everyone seemed to be watching me and my outcome. Teachers saw me as an example and possible mentor for other unwed teens. I felt a deep desire to come up with something that could support/educate and mentor young moms and dads (their parents too) as well as other teens facing the pressures surrounding premarital sex (ie. parties, normal high school activities, dispensing of condoms by schools etc.) But didn’t have the tools that are available now to me (ie. the Internet and a computer). Thanks for sharing how you made it happen for you. It kicked off some fresh ideas for my own business!

      Sara Watson
      Newnan, Georgia

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      • Hi Sara, I am so pleased to hear that my story inspired you. I think we can all grow from the challenges we face in life if we choose to allow that possibility. How wonderful that you can now move forward in your business with renewed vigour. I am loving your success, Frances Barrone

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  19. Custom avatar william says:

    I know how important health is when working for your goals and networking can be a big push

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  20. Custom avatar Sabine Satie says:

    Hey, it is actually not quite clear to me what Suellen is selling on her webpage??? a membership or personal make-over sessions? really like to know …

    I can defitnitely do it too. Have been helping in the self-healing process of many people by detoxing them and their colon. Want to write a “how to food combine” book, so people can turn food into fuel again.

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  21. June says:

    Yes I can! My business is very similar to Sueellen’s. My company name is Monarch Coaching & Training. My tagline is “Release YOUR inner butterfly through the power of coaching.” I have my website, and I just announced my first FREE coaching forum for next Tuesday (May 25th) which will focus on personal wellness. I’m going to record it! Can’t wait. I’m moving forward. . . .

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  22. Karen Ryce says:

    Imagine…everywhere you go people are getting along, leading fulfilling lives…all strangers are friends you haven’t met yet…sound impossible?

    I believe it is possible and not that far away…my work is to influence and help people make respect their foundation in relating to children.

    This can make the differences I’m envisioning. I’ve been working on this for 39 years. I think that all the pieces are in place to help all children grow up happy and fulfilled, in harmony within and without.

    I can do this. I’m going to need a lot of help to make this a world movement, but that’s my goal.

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    • Karen I love your plans and would love to hear more about how your plan will come to fruition please keep us updated as we can perhaps model it. All the very best Frances

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    • Custom avatar Kim Conrad says:

      Hi Karen – I would like to connect. I performed a piece I wrote at the Dept of Peace that speaks alot of what you mention. I am putting together a book with that piece for adults and for children that supports the creation of a world that you speak of – want to connect? Where are you located.. I’m in Colorado, USA. Blessings, Kim

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  23. David Wood says:

    You guys are comment ninjas!

    4513 comments in 4 weeks!

    And 1,000 comments in the chat (right side of blog) just yesterday.

    well, you’re keeping me busy….love it!

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    • Anne Claire says:

      Hi David,

      I was just wondering, it seems clear that all of us get a great deal out of this… (Even if we would decide not to go BIG in the end).

      It makes me curious, how is this event affecting you? What are your goals with it in say twelve months?

      Had you ever done this ‘going viral’ before?

      In other words, I’m curious as to your story…

      In Peace,
      Anne Claire

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      • David Wood says:

        thanks for asking!

        I’ve never done anything viral like this

        Never done anything free like this

        Never done any fund raising like this.

        And – I’m getting a lot out of it already. Ha – I actually didn’t realize how fulfilling it would be to see you so inspired, empowered, and connecting!

        But where’s the revenue? There’s a BIG announcement coming tomorrow, or at least a teaser. I’ll be responding to your 1700+ survey answers and announcing the Get Paid For Who You Are Training Program. I’ll be providing massive value, and that’s where the revenue will come in.

        So you give great value, build a relationship, and then give MORE value. That’s what the book teaches, that’s what I’m modeling, and that’s what I want YOU to do!

        Stay tuned…

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