Got Book? Nice Move, Freedom Ninja…

Your turn now — a great FIRST STEP is to share what you will create…

Take a few moments and share your vision with the world … I can’t wait to read your posts!

While you’re at it – why not reply to someone else’s vision that catches your eye as a way of supporting them? (Btw the top commentators appear on the right of the blog 🙂


P.S. Bonus Resource just for visiting the blog: Define Your Market – Worksheet)

992 Responses to “ “Got Book? Nice Move, Freedom Ninja…”

  1. Custom avatar Kay says:

    Thank you David, for making this book available to those of us seeking to create positive changes in our lives.

    I am looking forward to reading and implementing the ideas you outline.

    Jack Canfield gave a kind recommendation for your work; nice to know you have his support!

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  2. Thanks bud. Great site you got going on here. Have some more links to link to with more information?

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  3. Kurly says:

    Hello David,
    Well this is what networking is really about in my opinion: win-win situations. Thank you from Birmingham in the UK – this is very exciting. I will read the book with pleasure just knowing that I’ve contributed to helping the rainforest. Kurly xxx

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  4. Custom avatar Cathy Stadtfeld says:


    I took you up on this offer back in the spring, David. I got the e-book, got excited and then let it slide.I canceled out of the GPFWYA site and all offers as I was just too frustrated not knowing what I can give. Pulled the ebook up again, skimmed a bit not knowing at all what I want to share to help the planet or others, using talents or abilities that must be latent or just plain overlooked. I’m trusting I’ll see them though, maybe they’re in my face as I write this : ). I tried finding your site again, to no avail. I must be fertile for change at this moment in time, because lo and behold there you were again when I opened my mail this morning. I ordered the paperback to curl up with whenever I want. I’m going to open up more to receiving and just trust as well as take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!

    I love your new place BTW. You’re practically a neighbor, I’m in S. OR.

    Love 2 U

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  5. Custom avatar marie says:

    i just registered and iam so excited and can’t wait to get paid. i can’t believe it that easy

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  6. Custom avatar Marcus R says:

    1. I want a website, newsletter, ebook and coaching/teaching program designed to help peope find their motivation to make real change in their lives. No real change can happen until you identify what it is that will keep you committed. I am a Finance major, so I will start in my comfort zone and center my company around finalial transformation with a focus on debt reduction. I want to have two seperate programs, one for audults and the second for kids. I am still working on the plan and how to put the two tracks together, but that is what I want to create.
    2. I want my business generating 2,000 to 3,000 per month within 9 months of launching my product
    3. I expect to still work full time and I’m not really sure where I will be living as I like where I am now. One significant change though will be I plan to own my home free and clear within 10 years but my aspiratonal goal is 5 years.

    I look forward to the jouney and finally launching a career where the mission is to help people change their lives.


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  7. Dale says:

    I am looking to David’s resources to help me turn my coaching skills into a source of income.

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  8. Custom avatar Gary Canada says:

    In an ever changing and competative world I aspire to find ways to increase my financial security while at the same time helping others to do the same.

    We should all aspire to work towards making the world a better place to live.
    To that end I am involved with a project that is blog based with a focus on financial freedom and helping others.

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  9. Hello to all,

    I just read through some of the comments and posts. This in neat stuff.

    Sometimes I feel all alone in my fears and insecurities. Knowing that other people are just as unsure as I am is comforting.

    It will have to remain a secret among us on this site that I’ve got the “confidence of a squashed mushroom”, according to an old friend and mentor of mine who has since passed away.

    I want to motivate people to put their fears aside and face communication obstacles in life courageously.

    To do that, one must be able to effectively present themselves and their ideas with power and conviction. When a presentation and/or conversation has concluded, the listener needs to fully understand what was in your mind as you spoke.

    When we feel we can make an audience of 1 or 1,000 understand our ideas, we are empowered to motivate and change the lives of those around us. We grow more confident with each verbal interchange.

    In twelve months I want to be able to walk away from my corporate sales position and become a coach to sales people and anyone that wants to make improvements in their lives when the odds are against them.

    I’m happy where I live and enjoy the view out the back door overlooking a small valley.

    As for inner freedom, I would love to see an end to the nagging feeling that I could and should have more control of my life if I could just get paid for WHO I am.

    I’ve just taken the first step of reading the initial page assignment and coming to this site. It looks promising so far, and the comments have been life altering already.

    So, it looks like I’m in. I’m going to move forward with my dream of being a chubby, cotton topped, freckle faced, fingernail biting, thumb sucking, agoraphobic stutterer turned public speaker, writer and coach.

    I’m inspired!

    Thanks to all,


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  10. Custom avatar Stuart says:

    Help people to be brilliant at sales.

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  11. Custom avatar Jason Cate says:

    Hello Everybody,
    I just received the book and I have high hopes that it will compliment my other techniques and envision tools that I have learned and continue to enjoy. The 1st thing where my passion lays, even before it was trendy, was to help and do what I can to recycle. I live somewhere that people are less than motivated and no incentives to do so. If I can help people learn the impact, make it easier, and contribute to the protection of this beautiful world, and make money to enjoy life and spread the word. That would be my goal. I am working on finding a passive income where I can stop being a drone in a cubicle and live and enjoy life as it was intended. I would like to work from home a few days a week, but couple it with getting out, traveling, and meeting new people. Doing that along with my passion would be my vision. Thank-You

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  12. John Steely says:

    I want to help adults who are going back to school or otherwise doing some continuing education, like certification exams. I see my site with free reports, free newsletter, blog, interactive tutorials, and, in a few years, coaching and consulting. I plan on also working as an Internet Radio talk show host in the same area

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  13. Custom avatar Brenda G says:

    Hi this entire journey is scary for me because other than reading this book, I am uncertain about how to get started. What my online business should be, although I know I’d like to start out making at least $1000-2000 a month in additional revenue. I’m not sure who my niche market will be.
    At present I work with high school seniors as a college adviser. I love helping young people decode the college application process, as well as helping them decide what they might like to do as a career. But I can see myself helping adults with that too because I am a career changer leaving secretarial and office management to counseling.

    Fitness and wellness is another love of mine. I’m a reflexologist and aromatherapist. Have been a vegan, vegetarian, and now I eat fish and turkey. I also am a master at doing a Master Cleanse fast.

    I’m also a worn and weary MLM’er, but I’ve had enough of that.

    Because I’ve worked in so many areas in my life, waitress, fitness instructor, trainer (essential oils, stress management, software applications), seamstress, hairdresser, etc., I feel qualified to coach people through what careers would best suit them.

    I was a young widow (33)who has raised a son, who graduated from one of the top high schools in country. I also exposed him to everything that interested him, soccer, fencing, basketball, science programs, camp, drums, and music, etc. which rounded him out.

    I love listening to people’s stories, it keeps me connected to humanity. I guess it’s the natural born counselor in me. :=) I’ve been told that I am able to get to the heart of most people’s issues without making them feel uncomfortable or threatened. Young, middle age, and older folks. In fact, my young 95+ year old neighbor told me just yesterday that I am her best friend because she can talk to me about anything.

    Creatively, I am a writer, singer, and have studied voice overs.

    One more thing that I enjoy doing is taking complicated topics and putting them in layman’s terms, so that people can understand better. So, you see because I love learning, my life has been very busy.

    I had a short run with a resume writing service, oh, yes, and I could be an expert on what not to do when you purchase real estate, I got caught up in the real estate disaster.

    If anyone can jump in at any time and give me some feedback, I would love to hear what you have to say.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this long post.

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    • SusanR says:

      Hi Brenda!

      Finally have a minute to respond as I read your post some time ago. Sounds like you’re pulled in many different directions and I can relate! A few ideas – do an exercise to tap directly into your passion, use some of your experitise in helping others on yourself. You definitely have people skills thought!

      Sounds like you have a healthy life. I too am an aromatherapist and have accessed many other alternative health modalities. I’m sure they all have a part in what I will create for myself! I can see myself combining my Psychology Degree with alternative health in some context.

      MLMing is simply an alternate distribution method. Companies mislead individuals with their own biased promotions and luring methods but if its something you are passionate about it can be done with alot of effort.

      I admire your strength as a single mother and I have a sense that it would be good to now dedicate that to yourself.


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    • David Wood says:


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      • Custom avatar Janis Seyler says:

        …Just got the book in the mail. I prefer it over the virtual one.
        My score for the quiz on page 22 wasn’t good at all except for “inner freedom”. I really do feel free at my core.
        My story: I’m a single senior who’s upbringing and 45 year career was in helping others.
        The book I want to write is not very “sexy” but has been my passion for 25 years after the suicide of my son. I started writing back then to heal myself, not about that experience, but about everything else. I write poetry, prose, short stories, so on. I’m also an artist.
        Having worked in the medical field for many years, I put my own creative expression on hold while I attended to the needs of others.
        Now, retired but in excellent health, I’m seeking ways to be productive and profitable in new ways. I am not computer illiterate, but I’m not that savvy about the way to earn money online. I’m eager to learn.
        Thank you David, in advance, for your help.

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        • Custom avatar Judy Bennett says:

          Dear Janis,

          What a wonderful person you must be. I am sure you have been an inspiration to many people. I am happy for you that you are now able to pursue your dreams, and in good health also. I am sure you have much to give to others.

          I too hope to work with other people as I have in various organizations and in jobs I have had in the past. If we can all give a little back, what a wonderful place the world will be.

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          • Janis says:

            Dear Judy,

            Thank you for your lovely note. I really enjoy being a cheerleader for those who help others. You seem similar too. Together, in spirit, we will support each other and help others in return. It’s known as the “Butterfly Effect.” The tiny flutter of butterfly wings can cause a strong response in the atmosphere eventually.

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    • gb says:

      boy do I know a lady that can help you. email me if you need her email. she is great.

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  14. Ellie Walsh says:

    Great Resource! Thanks for sharing….

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  15. Custom avatar Carrie says:

    Hello world!

    My marketing communications boutique, Pink Elephant Communications, just turned two last month. The entrepreneurial life isn’t always as easy as my old direct deposit salaried paycheque was but it is far more interesting, rewarding and fun. I picked up David’s book on a lark, and got super inspired.

    In the next three months, I’ll be opening up a newsletter shop – an e-boutique – full of my own articles to make newsletter publishing super easy for other entrepreneurs who might not love writing – or might just be too busy saving the world in other ways.

    I’ll be offering newsletter design services too. And if someone wants a fully custom newsletter, Pink Elephant would love to help with that as well.

    In addition, I’ll be giving away a free worksheet that will make answering “What do you do?” really easy and an awesomely effective way of promoting your business without sounding like a jerk.

    If you’re not ready to hire Pink Elephant for one-on-one consulting, you might be interested in purchasing the special report and workbook I’m currently working on: Guilt-free marketing for the socially conscious – A full marketing plan in one hour. It will be everything I know about cheap and effective marketing tactics for brilliant businesses on a shoestring budget (like mine!). Wish me luck in completing it for fall.

    In twelve months’ time – to answer your kind question, David – I will be working four days per week, I’ll be making $90,000, I’ll be helping socially-conscious small businesses across the globe (and, by extension, the nice people they help). I don’t know yet where I’ll be living. That’s a giant question mark. But I will get to travel, for certain. Paris again. And… whatever inspires me. Maybe India? Australia? Any suggestions?

    Thank you all for being a part of this project and for your support. Seeing all of your ideas is beautiful encouragement!

    And thank you, David, for putting finger to keypad and giving us your thoughts.


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    • Custom avatar Carrie says:

      I just re-read this and eek! – sorry, folks, I’m not trying to market TO you… it kinda reads that way in spots. It’s hard to describe ambitions for a marketing business and the offerings therein without sounding sales-y. 🙂

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  16. IngridG says:

    I am so glad that I joined your lovely community. I’ve been a life coach for a long time, before certifications were sought after, and just started my business at the end of 2009 based on an inner urging and the economy. What I have struggled with the most is defining my target audience because I wanted to be all things to all people and couldn’t think through how to focus it down and lock into a niche. Your worksheet on this page was well worth joining the community. Although it is so simple, sometimes it is the simplest things that trip us up in our thinking and progress.

    Thanks so very much David. And to think I have been seeing your emails in my inbox for so long. 🙂


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  17. Custom avatar Gina says:

    My mission statement:

    Improving the lives of animals through education, training and support of the people in their lives.

    I know, sounds like a non profit, probably because I’ve worked in the non-profit animal care industry for most of my adult life. And that’s what excites me, making a difference in the bond people have with their animals. I have a lot of knowledge in this arena, and by sharing that knowledge, I can complete my mission.

    I own a pet care business that currently only provides services (dog walking, training, dog and cat vacation visits). I love what I do, but it is definitely a 365 day/year business. I would like to earn more money through creating dog training products I can sell on my website. I’ll be helping dog owners strengthen the bond they have with their dogs (i.e. not pull their hair out when the cute puppy grows into a big untrained adolescent dog! 🙂

    In 12 months I want my online business to be creating $50K per year. This income will allow me to hire others to deal with all the yucky admin stuff I hate, and spend more time with the animals and their owners, and our Pet Caretakers.

    My final vision is that everyone who comes into contact with my business is helped in some way, their lives are better because of it, and so is mine! 🙂

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    • Custom avatar Lisa says:

      Would you please let me know how to contact you?I have a similar mission,and a complementary service that prevents homelessness of pets.

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  18. Custom avatar Angie says:

    My vision:

    1. Finish my website.

    2. Establish my tutoring business.

    3. Develop enough revenue to retire from public school teaching in 2 years.

    From the beginning, the one thing I always said that I did not want to be was a teacher. Funny thing is, that’s what I have always been and in everything I try I’m always teaching. I have the soul of a teacher. It turns out that what I did not want to be is a teacher in a conventional classroom. I become bored very easily and teaching the same subject, following the same routine everyday is just not for me. That just does not let me be who I am as a teacher. Early on I found special education and it challenged me and made me think and change routines and subjects constantly. It stretched me to look for and take advantage of any teachable moment. The other part of public school teaching that really was not for me was large schools. I eventually found an alternative school with fewer than 250 students from 7th grade – 12th grade and have been happy.
    I really want to continue to teach for the rest of my life, but do it more and more on my own terms. So I am using David’s book to help me realize that vision. I am not very good at self-motivation, so this is going to be a challenge for me. But I’m on my way!

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  19. We work with inventors and designers who are ready to take their creations into mass production for retail. It is fun and rewarding to be their manufacturing and packaging source and share all the insights we can to help them succeed. We have a fun group of clients who are making their dreams come true. People usually find us by word of mouth, so our vision would be to become better known nationwide, over time.

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    • Custom avatar Kimberly says:

      I love what you are up to! Thanks for creating and making it happen!

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  20. I would love to support women in releasing their fears, eliminating shame, guilt and regret from recovery, discovering and being empowered by their truth in purpose and in passion and truly embrace the amazing woman within.

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  21. Georgia says:

    I write about “LOVE” in all sense of the word.
    Love Lost and Love Found.
    I write about passion and also devoted love.
    Motherly Love…Spousal Love.

    I hope to share inspiration with many that no matter what “LOVE” conquers all!

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  22. Hi David,

    Firstly, thank you for writing such an awesome book!

    And secondly, in answer to your questions, I would like my online business –
    to have expanded into an income generating business of $2000/month or more, in 12 months time.

    I help inspire, motivate and educate shift workers to lead healthy and happy lives all around the world.

    I will be working jobshare in my current role – and 2 days a week dedicated to my ‘Healthy Shift Worker Online Business’.

    I can’t wait for the day to come when I can work from home!

    Kind regards,

    Audra Starkey

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  23. Custom avatar nichole says:

    i would like to help educate our world about real food and how to get it. how to get it into our young people’s minds what real food is instead of processed big industry food. get in school lunches, gardens, etc.

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    • Custom avatar Kimberly says:

      Yes, yes and yes! I love it! I am also trying to educate so when I have children…I can be the example for healthy living through Real Food!

      Thanks for bringing this amazing gift in the world!

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    • Susan says:

      Yes – even exposure to great food would have an amazing impact. If kids get a taste for great food, it lasts a life time.

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  24. Custom avatar Luke says:

    Just got the book in and I am excited to jump right into it. I got laid off of work just two days ago, but it was exactly what I wanted to happen. A decent severance package and just the kick in the butt I needed to move on from the five-day-a-week-cubicle environment.

    I’ve been a writer for a number of years and made a few small ripples in the water on a couple projects, but I am still working on that real “foot in the door” moment to happen.

    My goal is to be writing full-time in 12 months and have the only debt left be school loans (possibly not even those).

    I also completed a memoir a year ago and I want to get that edited, tightened up and transformed into e-book fashion and online for purchase.

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  25. Cheryl Bates says:

    Hi! c-r:

    Sorry I got back to you so late.

    I think it’s possible to become buddies.
    I’m a wannabe writer – it’s possible we could figure out something to work out with each other so, keep me posted, O.K.?

    I just haven’t figured out what my main focus/passion that I could take action on yet for when I set up my website finally. I’ll probably use Weebly.

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    • Custom avatar c-r says:

      Hey, Cheryl,
      Not to worry. Things have been holding me up also. Primarily getting on the internet is challenging for me at times.

      I am also a writer, a cook, and a volunteer (in Tucson)so I keep busy. I think we could keep in touch by direct email, if you like. You could set up an email account just for the purpose of corresponding with the rest of your team. This will make it easier to stay in touch and remain accountable.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

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  26. Custom avatar Matt Pirofalo says:

    Well, very new to this. Got my book, performed step one, and now completing step two. I am still in beginning stages as to what exactly I am going to step up but I know I will make six healthy figures in the next 12 months, being of service to a community, working three days a week. I cannot wait!


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  27. Custom avatar Michael Maaskant says:

    In 12 months I would like to be assisting 10 – 15 clients per month with services ranging from energy healing, transformation, to assistance with careers and employment. I have a passion to assist others to wake up to who they really are.

    I’m helping people of all ages and all situations.

    Currently I work 5 days per week in an office job as a Career and Employment Consultant. I will be focused on my new career for 1.5 day per week.

    Thank You,

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  28. Custom avatar Richard says:

    Enhance and expand my range of skills and talents through a challenging environment and continue to help people achieve their hopes, dreams and ambitions.

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  29. Technical professionals (a.k.a. “techies”) often have a tough time transitioning from a purely technical role into a leadership or management role — where communication, organization and people skills are critical. Their technical prowess just doesn’t cut it when the Human Factor comes into play. Although I’ve been coaching, mentoring, and educating techie leaders to greater levels of success for years, I’ve felt something was missing. My goals this year?
    1. Launch “TechLORC(TM)” — Technical Leadership Online Resource Center — to provide education and support to techie leaders 24/7.
    2. Reach a broader audience of techie middle managers, helping more of them realize their leadership potential.
    3. Expand my income back into the six-figure range without having to sell my soul.

    A tall order, but goals worth pursuing.

    Wish me luck!

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  30. Cheryl Bates says:

    I know I’m very late getting started, but here are my three lines:

    1) to be who I REALLY am meant to be
    2) to make an extra $1,000 -$2,000 per month
    3) to aquire a buddy so we can empower and impact others.

    Looking forward.


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    • Celia,
      I like your response and it sounds nearly identical to what I’m thinking. Good Luck with yours and much success.

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    • Custom avatar c-r says:

      I, also, am late in getting started. My goal is to brainstorm my way into leaving a lasting legacy for my friends and family (pretty much the same thing actually…) I am a Polish food lover and a closeted writer. I need a buddy or two to help keep me focused. I am using the library computers to keep in touch at this time and wonder if you might be the buddy to hold me accountable for my plans. Get back to me if this is amenable and we can get each other caught up.

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      • Charkin says:

        If i remember correctly, you are a great writer and fantastic cook. I’d love to keep in touch with you on this project.

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        • Custom avatar c-r says:

          Thanks, Charkin, working on my passions has taken 2nd place for so long I felt I needed focus. You KNOW that whatever you need and tell me about I will promise to do my best for you. I welcome any insight you might have into getting me back on track and helping me stay there.

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    • Custom avatar c-r says:

      1.Bring Polish food back into mainstream
      2. Tithe 90% of earnings
      3.Fund retirement accounts for family
      4.Fund medical savings accounts for family
      5.Fund education accounts for family

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    • Custom avatar Kimberly says:

      I love it! I totally get you! Good luck!!! Have fun too!

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  31. To inspire people to embrace inner resilience and connection to one another and to this planet.

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  32. I love getting paid for doing what I do. And… love the yoga of efficiency in action: more people, less time, greater income, BIG GRACE. Yes. Let’s co-cre-acitvate THAT!

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  33. Custom avatar Carol says:

    Hi David:
    My 3 step vision:

    1. Finalise my idea for my new product by the end of the week.
    2. Create my fabulous new info product.
    3. Sell 1,000,000 copies and make a profound difference in the lives I touch.

    Thanks for the book.

    Namaste Carol xx

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    • Custom avatar Jeremy says:

      I am feeling excited to have a way to share my passion and skills that will really pay!
      My vision is to be teaching people how mechanical things work, (power steering, for example), thus helping them to work on, and or communcate efectively with who is working on their stuff.
      My revenue will be 200,000 plus, and I will work 1-2 days per week.

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  34. Custom avatar Vivian says:

    Thanks for the book! Working through it chapter by chapter. Learning resources and picking up skills as I go.

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  35. Custom avatar marlene says:

    I am from the caribbean,I enjoy cooking,i would love to teach others how to cook the foods of the caribbean in simple ways.

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    • Celia Dias says:


      I will be the first one to buy it.

      Bring it on. We always need some new flavors in our lives. 🙂

      Much Love

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    • Custom avatar c-r says:

      marlene, it sounds as if part of our goals are companions. should you care to be a part of my team, i would be honoured.

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    • Custom avatar Kimberly says:

      I would totally buy your e-book….I love cooking yummy stuff and would be so estatic to try cooking from other regions. = )

      I am totally behind you and think its an awesome vision!

      And if its simple, I’ll love it even more!

      Go get ’em!

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  36. Custom avatar Brett says:

    Hey David/Everyone,
    I’m an Aussie also and have been a professional musician, a lawyer and finally I have found my true calling as a Holisic Health Coach (in training) with the help of the amazing Institute of Intergrative Nutrition. This book has come at the perfect time (I must be in the flow) as I’m currently setting up my business and web presence and this resource will be invaluable. Thanks so much for your generous offering.


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  37. Pamela Geer says:

    My vision is to become a well-paid international speaker, transformational coach and author, using Seizing It as my vehicle. I am passionate about helping others realize that they can begin Seizing It – that they can move towards their dreams, goals and possibilities. I have created a 6 step intentional transformation model, and now want to create product, workbooks and cd’s around it. I also do a lot of speaking to professionals about growing executive presence, leadership skills, and project management skills. i want to integrate all of my transformation topics and create products to sell.
    More than anything i want to travel and share my message, being well compensated for it, so that I can leave my confining 50-60 hour corporate cube career behind! I have learned powerful messages from that environment and am grateful to everyone, but I want freedom.

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    • Celia Dias says:

      Hey Pamela

      You sound you are ready. You found a great resource here. David’s book will catapult you to the real thing. I am cheering for you. 50-60 hour corporate cube, no more. You go Pamela.

      Would you participate in our mastermind ‘freedombuddy’, just a new word?’ teleconference?

      I am sure you will have valuable things to contribute and also you will meet with real people who wants the same freedoms you want.

      We have a web page and get the information on when and how you can participate.

      Much Love

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  38. My vision is for the expansion of my essential oils business; educating individuals and groups about the uses and benefits of therapeutic grade oils and products; how these oils and products can improve their life as they have mine. As a nurse healer I have a great interest in improving the lives of others by non-pharmaceutical means.
    The expansion of my business wit increasing income, along with the knowledge that I am helping others, will enhance my life as well
    This is my goal!

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    • Custom avatar Kimberly says:

      I would love to know about those things! I have to pick very specific oils but don’t know what I am allergic to or what helps and soothes me. I would love to get your e-book!

      I am super excited for you and can’t wait to see what you do next!

      I love your goal!!!

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    • Susan says:

      Hi Patricia!
      I am an aromatherapist and have a home business called Aromahealing Aromatherapy (see web site above). I just recently got my web site up and going but want to have articles educating people about aromatherapy accessible on it eventually. Right now I am only offering 2 products – a moisturizer and cleanser, although I have created over 20 blends for different areas of emotional and physical support.
      I have a passion for wanting to offer individuals products that will minimize their toxic exposure – that is where the alkaline, ionized water and essential oil products come in – but could be extended to environmental and food too.
      Let’s keep in touch! I live in British Columbia and spend multiple months in Glendale, AZ in the winter months.

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  39. Custom avatar Kristen says:

    My vision is to see my practice in full swing with loads of clients, both people and animals. I am using BodyTalk on all of my clients and helping to facilitate the healing process on all levels of the bodymind complex. I also envision myself working in zoos and helping the animals in those environments to have a better living space and to have a voice through the use of animal communication and BodyTalk/AnimalTalk.

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  40. ps. i like the Celia chick who comments. She ROCKS

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  41. Ah need product! I know I need to write more too; I’m still a bit new to all this internetty stuffs but I learn fast! And I need to spruce things up, get more readers, traffic and I need more help! What to tackle first? Please visit my site and offer some advice if you so feel inclined.

    this is most serendipitious timing for this book THANKS ALL Y’ALL INVOLVED

    Best wishes on the hundred thou mark!

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    • Custom avatar Kimberly says:

      Hi Natalie,

      I love your picture on your website! I love the name/title “Life as Art!” Yes, I was immediately excited and thrilled!

      As for feedback the articles didn’t captivate or even spark enough to start reading. Even though I love the subjects you picked.

      For me personally, I like a little more white space when I am skimming or reading things like David’s book.

      If you have good stuff in there not sure I would get that far. The front page is a little overwhelming.

      I hope this helps. I do love what you are doing and excited for your amazing journey!

      I have been reading and visiting this website: I thought you might find some helpful insights from this amazing book and stunning website.

      You are definitely on the right track! Keep going! Thanks for being brave enough to ask for feedback!!!!

      Eat! Dance! Play!

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  42. Cheryl Kling says:

    Hi David,
    It just occurred to me that I never received the book and I know I paid for the shipping. It’s been four weeks. Could you check that out for me?

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  43. Sherronda Johnson says:

    I’ve worked as a wedding consultant for about nine years. I have two main connected visions. The first is a wedding planner (book)/workshop that actually walks brides through planning her wedding, based on the system I use. The second is a romance consulting service that helps people(mainly men) plan romantic celebrations and marriage proposals. I’m about half-way complete with the first draft and excited!

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  44. My vision is (1) to release who I am truly meant to be, (2) to achieve energy self sufficiency, and (3) to lead others to do the same.
    Short and sweet but encompasses a lot. My interests include alternate energy, accelerated learning, and personal growth… hopefully the areas that will help me see my vision come to fruition!

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  45. Custom avatar Maha says:

    Over the last year and a half I’ve been reading and setting goals and trying so hard to work towards them, but it seems that everytime I take a step forward I end up taking two steps back. After participating in this forum by just submitting my comments I’ve come to realize that my most important goal is to find a way (financially) to leave this area of the world. Once I achieve that I will maybe be able to focus on my other goals.

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  46. Celia Dias says:

    Hello Everybody, I hope you had a great weekend.

    I started a group of business women focused in Empowering and Transforming our lives. The purpose is to go beyond just business networking. We empower each other to achieve our dreams. To transform ourselves into that person we always wanted to be. We bring our hearts to the meetings and we cheer for one another.

    The group started here in Naples, Fl but now that I am moving to Dallas, Tx I will re-start there.

    The problem I found is to have the people showing up. They say RSVP to be at the meeting but to REALLY be there is another story.

    Some people say like this: I’ve got this on my calendar and hope my crazy work schedule doesn’t interfere!


    It is OK. because not everybody is really looking for transformation. Everybody “wants it” (if it falls on their laps), but a few seek and are willing to make sacrifices to obtain it.

    I am seeking and I will find. Example: Some people are afraid that their product won’t reach everybody, but they forget that we only need to reach to the right crowd. They will come, they will love what we have to offer. Plus, Heavens are always interesting in helping those who wants to help.

    That is my take.

    Much Love

    PS.: I cheer for every single one of you out there seeking to bring transformation to the hurting people.

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    • Judith says:

      Engaging people emotionally is the key that I have found to eliciting their commitment (which is the action of continuing to participate when the original emotional surge has faded).

      And that requires ongoing participation on my part… not always easy (or possible) to sustain 🙂 Desires come and go. Even for transformation… Even for me… and I’ve built my entire life around transformation and spiritual growth since 1972…

      May good fortune dog your footsteps, and may your your projects always feed you 🙂

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      • Celia Dias says:

        Hey Thanks you so much.

        How do we engage emotionally if the person is not open to. Is like I am here willing to share but they are to busy with their schedule?

        Some people will jump in right the way others won’t.

        Like I said in another comment, we can’t reach everybody, if they are not willing to receive. It will take them some more time, some people can see the vision other can’t. And it is OK too.

        Much Love

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      • Yes. The ebb and flow is embedded into the emergence. I dance with this, too. And… actually support it in myself and my clients. Finding the feminine balance between constancy/consistency and change-ablility/authentic expression of ever changing emotions and energy.

        It is the greater dance calling us into harmony with what is.

        “Out of the Box.”

        Blessed Is,

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    • Custom avatar Carol says:

      I love what you are planning and saying. For me when I am unable to attend a planned event the reason usually is it is not quite the right time. Something better is available, I need to change something within me or the right group is not yet there for me to connect with. Like attracts, so if the group for a particular talk or event doesn’t resonate then I usually have something come up that blocks me. When the event is right it is last minute and falls out of the sky into my lap and is fantastic.
      Keep up the fab work.

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      • Celia Dias says:

        Hey Carol

        Thanks for helping on that. I guess it takes time to connect to the right people. I have a problem and I need correct it. I get soo excited and I think that everybody is going to be the same and show up, and get it going, engaged. But, I am learning how to be more “calm” and accept that out of 5 people that comes to the group may be 1 willing to get out of the normal life and give up some little comfortable habits and prepare for a transformation that is ahead. It took me some time too.

        Thank you for the feedback.

        Much Love

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    • Susan says:

      Hi Celia!
      Your idea is commendable and powerful for sure.
      A team can work miracles and I am always on the lookout for like-minded, creative, determined women that could unite for each to pursue their individuals dreams.
      All the best with your meetup – the ideal would be for it to be virtual.

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  47. Custom avatar Maggs Ferris says:

    HELLO VIRTUAL WORLD SELF-REALISERS. Over the past year or so I have been gearing up to ‘blast-focus’ my energy into what feels like my best work.. something to do with shareing my experiences of various kinds in ways which might support (or simply amuse) others. Last year I made a short “digital story” DVD about some of my interactions and experiences helping dad care for my mum as she faded away into dementia over 4 years to her death in 2005. Feedback was very positive, whilst softly tearful (from strangers as well as family!) so I’d like to write more voiceovers. I have started notes for a book..(and /or a theatre piece) having a great urge to find a way of comunicating some of those virtually indescribable ‘spiritual’ experiences such as occur during some of my meditations (what in certain psychology frameworks are known as ‘peak experiences’) and their impact on and integration into my world view. So this generous E-book and website is timely…if I can only find a way around the toxic brain-drain I experience through working on computer!!..and then create a helpfull product around that..I suppose.

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    • Celia Dias says:

      Hey Maggs

      You gonna do it. Have you thought about outsourcing some of the computer work so you can have more time to set you mind free?

      Just a thought.

      Much Love

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      • Henry Pena says:

        Soooo totally agree! Outsource as much as you can afford, free your mind and your creativity will flow effortlessly!

        In Love, Light and All that Jazz,


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    • Judith says:

      for what it’s worth, I find grounding myself and having some really upbeat music in a foreign language helps while working on the ‘puter… less draining. Gypsy music really does it for me 😀 (and music can communicate some of those states that don’t translate into verbal/logical terms)

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  48. Custom avatar Martyn Wood says:

    Jeff your goal is both admirable and inspiring. Your passion for providing self empoweremnt through information and education is vital.

    There is a growing gap between the have and have not’s and as we grow as a society, work such as your’s helps to level the playing field and provide the opportuntiy to give back dignity and hope to many who are in need.

    Way to go and don’t stop dreaming or beleiving. Your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself.

    I belive you have already seen yourself fulfilling your desire take that image hold to it and persevere until you are able to transform your vision into your reality.

    You are on the right path don’t concenr yoursefl with the distractions stay true to your course and you will reach it.

    Martyn W

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  49. Jeff Bell says:

    I have been a part-time, self-employed holistic health researcher and practitioner for more than 25 years. This is layered on top of a substantial background in hard sciences and a host of pre-med course. (I had originally planned to become a physician, until I got too disgusted with the health system, and its rigid “standard of care”, as exists in the U.S.) I have been able to help a significant number of people, doing this work, part-time. I seem to be really good at it, and I seem to have a gift for solving serious and difficult helath problems. I am also good at finding out the answers when I don’t already have them.

    I would like to build up my practice so that it is financially sustaining and so that I can do this work full-time instead of part-time. If I am able to go full-time with this withint the next 12 months, I will be able to greatly increase the number of people I help. I love this work. I want to do it for as long as I am alive.

    To get an idea of what I am about and what my work is, please visit:

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    • Celia Dias says:

      Hey Jeff

      I went to your web site. A lot of content. Way to go. Two things I suggest.
      First put a twitter plugin in it. I will follow you in a heart bit. Let me know. The twitter is a great tool to get traffic.
      Second put a “sign up” for newsletter in your site. This will help you get people coming back to your site to read what you have to say. And it won’t be like email spam, because you will have their permission to email them. I will sign up. I love information about living a better life.

      Your site is good, you are ahead of a lot of people because you have a lot of content and it shows that you are committed and passionated about helping.

      PS.:When you say ” If I am able to go full-time with this withint the next 12 months, I will be able to greatly increase the number of people I help.” Just take the “if” out of it, and it will become a goal not a dream.

      Much Love

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  50. Jill Peters says:

    I envision
    an affectionate loving independent life partner
    that I get Oprah’s job when she retires and be Brendene Media Queen
    an orderly spacious beautiful home

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